Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Yesterday I attended the first session with my new Emotional Wellbeing councellor. The first one I had left after 4 sessions.

This is the only service my GP can refer me to apparently, which seems a bit strange to me. They can only offer me 8 sessions, then I have to go back to my GP, who I don't trust any more since he tried to persuade me to take anti depression pills that have 28 serious side effects, and insisted in the surgery that they were safe, I had to find out myself that they weren't safe at all. How the heck am I supposed to trust people who lie to my face about something like that?

Anyway, I told the new councellor, who seems very nice, what has happened, the Pindown cover up, that took up virtually the whole session.

She didn't ask me outright the question "What exactly do you want" but she mentioned in a roundabout way closure. I told her that I have less rights that the homosexual community as Stafford Crown Court have glued me to the husband that I left 17 years ago because he abused me and my daughter, by blocking my divorce. So them saying "Get over it" and be glad for what you have is all bullshit, as they won't leave me alone, I don't know why Stafford Court blocked my divorce, my solicitor at that time could not understand it either, all I can think is that they blocked it out of sheer spite.

Waste of time telling someone to "move on" when you've got a big bunch of gangsters blocking the exit!

Anyway, she got me to fill out the Core 10, PHQ-9 GAD 7 form, (I call it the Sectioning Enabling form, lets face it, thats what its being used for, certainly not to help the abuse victims)) and she was kind enough to remind me that if I write anything that might be a risk to me committing suicide or endangering other people she is obliged to call the authorities. But I didn't need reminding, as I am a Christian and Christians are barred from taking the law into their own hands anyway. Besides, I don't have a death wish at all, just a fear of being murdered by the gangsters.

Isn't it funny though, that I have told this lady and the other lady and many other people all about criminal activity, provable traceable criminal activity of paedophiles and murderers, yet the only power they have is to investigate me, a victim of crime!

Funny that.


Zoompad said...

And they're STILL intercepting all my emails and everywhere I go on the computer is tracked. They are monitering everything I do.

Anonymous said...


Yes they are monitoring you, all of us are monitored, secretly, and they sneak their way into our lIves, being aware means we can be proactive, this is also costing them huge amounts of money, and they will have to account for that spending one day.

Think of the chaos we can all cause, suddenly going for a picnic unexpectedly, going somewhere we haven't been before and admiring the scenery, it will cost a lot.

I told you, Chris Bergdahl has files on you, and he is currently pretending to be someone called 'Suffolkmason' on twitter.

It's all very sad, there's an antidote I found for the persecution, say the lords prayer, many times a day if needs be, it will keep us all safe

A friend

Zoompad said...

Theres another very creepy thing I have noticed lately. I am finding that after I have played an obscure piece of music, suddenly it gets airplay on BBC Radio. I think my houswe has been bugged.

Anonymous said...


Yes it probably has been, I have a device that scans for bugs, I'll try and get one to you.

Don't go to London tomorrow as you discussed on needle blog, it's too easy to attack you, although you know friends will watch over you the entire time if you do decide to go, we have gathered round you once again, you lead us in our god lead battle against this.

Local BBC radio is full of pedophiles and abuse, there was a case in Nprwich today, radio presenter, scout master and freemason.

Simon Warr in suffolk, freemason, radio presenter, friend of mark Murphy, freemason who knows Matt Porter (web designer) and chris bergdahl, (zoompad persecutor) a huge Masonic and radio link to people persecuting zoompad.

I suggest synchronized lords prayer saying, 10.00 tomorrow morning we all say the lords prayer for ourselves and abuse victims.

Let's keep going and win.

A friend

Zoompad said...

"I suggest synchronized lords prayer saying, 10.00 tomorrow morning we all say the lords prayer for ourselves and abuse victims"


Zoompad said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please don't allow any wickedness to be covered up this morning at Southwark Crown Court. Please do not allow victims of crime to be persecuted harassed and tormented any more by the cover uppers.

Please let scales fall off peoples eyes in regard to these wicked crimes, let the people of this country see what has been happening, just please let them see all the truth.

Love Barbara xx

Zoompad said...

BBC contributor Simon Warr accused of sex offences Simon Warr will appear in court later this month to face the charges
A teacher and BBC contributor has been charged with sex offences as part of an investigation into abuse allegations at a school in Suffolk.

Simon Warr, 60, of Great West Road, in Hounslow, west London, is accused of indecent assault and gross indecency with a boy.

He worked as a teacher in Suffolk and was a part-time contributor on BBC Radio Suffolk.

Mr Warr will appear before magistrates in Bury St Edmunds on 24 September.

Police said the charges related to an ongoing investigation into historic allegations of abuse at St George's School, in Great Finborough, in the 1980s.

Newspaper columnist

He is also charged with two offences relating to the Royal Hospital School, in Holbrook, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Mr Warr is accused of one count of indecent assault and one count of gross indecency with a boy in relation to the Royal Hospital School.

He has appeared on radio and national television, including The One Show on BBC One as a social media commentator and also as a BBC Radio 2 contributor.

Mr Warr also featured in Channel 4's That'll Teach 'Em, and was a columnist for the East Anglian Daily Times.

A BBC spokesperson said: "We can confirm that Simon Warr is currently not contributing to BBC Radio Suffolk and hasn't contributed since his arrest. As this is an ongoing police investigation we cannot comment further."

A Royal Hospital School spokesman said: "I can confirm that a former member of staff has been charged over his conduct regarding a pupil at the Royal Hospital School some 20 years ago, and a pupil at a previous school over 30 years ago.

"While the alleged events happened a long time ago, the school takes pupil welfare very seriously and is doing what it can to help the authorities."


Zoompad said...


And I notice that this company is sponsoring the National Autistic Society. Aspergers people are having a hard time right now, because the places they are turning to for help aren't helping them, and actually blocking them even getting diagnosis. I know that because I have Asperger Syndrome, but didn't realise that I had already been diagnosed with it 6 years ago, and I have been treated in a really shitty way by Regent House.

Thanks friend for the info about these creeps, and I didn't realise you can get a bug detector gadget so easily.

Zoompad said...

I see Mark Murphy is followed by Stephen Fry and Alastair Campbell.

Zoompad said...

Is this the same Chris Bergdahl?


Anonymous said...


We shall alll be praying at 10.00am.

The bergdahl, Matt Porter and Mark Murphy connection all fits, they are experts on the web.

Bergdahl did have a company called blu strawberry, in Ipswuch and also he has a chs security van parked outside his home every night.

Expose them Zoompad to all who will listen

A friend