Thursday, 19 September 2013


I'm only posting this so that people wont worry.

It gets too much for me, and I have to just do nice things, the horrible stuff is affecting me too much.

I'm not a leader, I'm just a re-abused victim of Pindown child abuse, and I'm sorry if anyone thinks I am pathetic for being frail, but I just can't help it.

I just discovered Boywiki and reading the posts on it makes me feel sick and angry. They are making themselves out to be victims on that site, here are some of the postings on that site. How the heck are they getting away with this, its just so awful.

I really cant do this any more, I am so exhausted.

I posted about this on The Needle website, since I posted (anout 25 minuites ago) someone has done something barring me access to the threads.

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It hurts doesn't it?
Posted by Sir Sympathy on 2013-September-19 03:16:43, Thursday
In reply to Beautiful Young Boys posted by Amedeo on 2013-September-18 20:36:01, Wednesday
Nobody will ever quite understand the pain that we feel... seeing and longing for something we love but cannot have... and if we reach for it... we are accused of being sadistic monsters who only want to hurt kids. It will not last forever. Things will change.
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Posted by Warrior Star on 2013-September-19 02:31:50, Thursday
Some members here play a sick neurotic game of complaining about the arrests for KP and other persecutions our community suffers, but they refuse to lift a finger to do anything about it.

If you have a problem, the healthy response is to take action to solve it. we have the most serious problem any human beings have ever had to face.

Instead attacking their enemies, they attack people here trying to solve the problem.

One of the reasons is that many of them are not outed and think that if they live like mice, they will not be outed and they will survive. That is like playing a game of Russian roulette.

If you want to live like a mouse, get a set of nuclear dentures.

If you have a problem, not taking action to solve it is dysfunctional. No matter how loud and nasty they shout, never take advice from a fool.

There are many many things we can do to improve our situation and that of our societies. They are safe, legal, anonymous. Outcast groups have devised ways to not just survive but prosper for thousands of years.
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Shrinks surgically planting a bombs in patients
Posted by Hierophant3 on 2013-September-19 00:53:22, Thursday
What shrinks do to those caught with child porn or caught engaging in pleasurable activities with a child is like surgically planting a bomb in their patients. Shrinks know how to misuse their healing art to inflict pain and they do just that.

What shrinks do to children who where caught engaging in pleasurable activities with an adult is almost as bad as surgically planting a bomb in their patients.

Then again shrinks have a long history of abuse. Shrinks have abused gays and lesbians. Shrinks abuse kids who suffer from school is boring syndrome by prescribing them dangerous stimulants. Shrinks have zapped people into vegetables and physically scrambled their patients brains.

The shrink industry hasn't paid out much money in damages for all the misery it has inflicted on its patients. Maybe it is about time they started.
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A Day with the Little Guy
Posted by Bradford on 2013-September-17 21:14:00, Tuesday
I recently had a really nice day with the little guy that I wanted to share. I like to share these moments here from time to time because I can do so without much refrain from my true feelings that I sometimes have to keep private for one reason or another. That's life as I know it so it's nice to have this little digital outlet where I can do so freely, for the most part.

The little guy's parents wanted to spend the day in the city, so being the "honorable uncle" they asked me to look after him while they were gone, a task that I seldom object to. Time spent with the little guy is time not worrying about everything else going on in life and in work. It's a time when I can be a kid again and do things that I can only do while in the company of a little guy. It allows me to be around other little guys, and it's a time that evokes nostalgia and brings a non-stop grin to my face.

Like my relationship with his father, my relationship with the little guy involves very little gabbing and a lot of doing. So I packed his little battery powered truck in my vehicle and we were off.

Some of you may recall the last time I posted here when I wrote about a bad tumble I took playing a sport in the rain. It was incredibly painful. I ended up in the emergency room and underwent several physical therapy sessions to help regain my strength. I'm happy to report that I'm healing well, however I'm still not 100% but I'm close. I felt a little sad when he'd run up to me with his arms up in the air demanding to be flown around like an airplane, something that I always did at least once when I visited before my injuries. The first few times I'd have to explain to him that it would be a few weeks before we could fly together so I thought I'd make it up to him another way. He'd never seen an airplane up close and personal before, so we drove to the local municipal airport where I let him run free and touch all of the airplanes. He yelled "WOAH! COOL," when he saw the first of the Pipers and Cessna's near the entrance gate. He was in heaven. I found a small step stool that he could climb up so that he could look into the cockpits, and he kept saying, "Let's fly this one. Let's fly this one. No no, let's fly that one."

"Maybe one day soon buddy," I told him. There's an idea. It's not a very large airport so we only had the privilege of seeing one plane land while we were there. He probably would've ran right into the taxiway if I didn't hold him back. After the plane parked on the grass the little guy ran up to the pilot and asked if he could take us up. I didn't say anything because I wanted to do the same thing! The pilot smiled at me and told him, "Sorry buddy but I have to get home for dinner. Maybe another day." We were both disappointed but I said, "That's OK, we were just going to the farm to check out the animals, weren't we?" The little guy looked up at me with a huge smile on his face, then looked at the pilot and said "thanks anyway," and ran to my vehicle.

When we pulled up to the farm, the first things that caught his eye were the tractors. There was a Catapillar, a Kabuter, and a Case that he fell in love with. He was more fascinated by the heavy machinery than he was the ducks, pigs, mules, goats and sheep. We had a good laugh at the pigs though because... they were pigs. We fed them apples, corn, and the little guy threw in a pretzel while I wasn't looking. The pigs happily devoured everything. I vividly remember going to this farm when I was his age. I wondered if some of the animals were the same animals, and if they remembered me; if they knew how different I am now, and how I'm still the same.

When we exhausted that farm I asked him if he wanted to go to the orchard to pick apples and pumpkins. "YEAH! Let's GO!" Long story short, his parents now have two bundles of apples and 3 different sized pumpkins to eat/decorate.

"What now," he asked me. This boy is non stop. The only time he's not moving is when he's in front of a television or asleep. Absolutely non stop, it's amazing the energy he has. "Well, how about we go to the park?"

10 minutes later we were at the park that my dad used to take me when I was the little guy's age. I did with him what my dad used to do with me. We'd race to the swings and I let him win. Once we got to the swings, I'd say nearly the same thing that I remember my dad saying to me, "Uncle Bradford's going to the glue factory!" I never understood what that meant then, as I'm sure the little guy has no idea either. He'll get it one day. While we were there the ice cream truck came and per his request I bought him a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles. We both shared that and a choco-taco, something I used to love when I was his age. A funny thought entered my mind while talking to the ice cream truck guy - I wondered if he was a Boychat visitor! It wouldn't be that far-fetched.

Both of us were still hungry so we went to "Timmy's" Pizza Shop on our way home. We had a few laughs over a few slices during our attempts at impressions of Nickelodeon characters.

On the way back to his house we drove past my old elementary school. The sun was still a few hours from setting and nobody was there so I decided to pull in. I haven't been to that elementary school since I was in elementary school, and MY GOD was it nostalgic. The same swings were there, the same see-saws were there, the same slides, the kickball field, the basketball hoop by the gym, almost everything was exactly as I remembered, only a lot smaller.

Even with my injury I was able to climb the slide. This was a serious slide. They don't make them like this anymore - all metal, maybe 20 feet high and none of that soft plushy stuff around it. If you fell, you were gonna get hurt. The little guy loved it. So did I.

I had to peek into my old K - 3 windows. It was a bittersweet feeling. Part of me felt accomplished over my achievements since then, part of me felt sad. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I miss the simplicity and innocence of the "good old days"? Maybe it was because of the memories evoked of friends who I've since lost touch with or who have since passed on? Maybe it was a little bit of everything. I don't know. I remembered the time my friends and I got into snowball fights by an old creek bridge. I remembered my first crush, twin boys who were in second grade while I was in third. I never said anything to anyone about that. I didn't even know what I was feeling, really. I remembered the first time I kissed a girl by the cafeteria entrance after the lunch monitor blew the whistle. She was my first girlfriend. Despite my deep feelings for most boys I've come to know, and attraction to older pre-teen boys, I've always dated girls. I think part of my sadness stems from this too, but it wasn't a deep-seeded sadness I felt, if that makes sense. Anyway it faded as soon as I saw the little guy driving around on his battery powered truck. It was too cute, too funny. We left after his battery died.

Once we got home, exhausted, both of us plopped down on the couch in front of the television and eventually fell asleep. It was a long, fun day of running around and doing things. I didn't even give him a tubby or tuck him in. When his parents walked in they saw "the boys" asleep, the little ones head resting under my chin. I'll never forget that day.
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• Re: A Day with the Little Guy - Hieronymouse 2013-September-17 23:45:04, Tuesday (0)
The Karate Kid (2010) surprisingly good
Posted by kabouter on 2013-September-17 21:51:29, Tuesday
OK I know there has been a lot of chat about Jaden Smith on here some of it negative but I thought his performance in this film was very good and that the film as a whole was entertaining and worth the 2.5 hours.

I think him a very toothsome boy. I have heard him called arrogant but that is just a simile for confident, this boy does act in a confident way. Thanks to his dad no doubt. I think acting comes easy to Will as well.

Jaden is graceful and attractive in the role and I thought he captured the emotion well. Jackie Chan is a hell of an act to shadow and this kid pulls it off. Well they both do.

I loved this movie. I recently watched "After Earth" and wasn't convinced although again I thought Jaden was OK. That's why I went after this movie.

I am kinda grateful that he is able to show of his athleticism and hot little bod in TKK. I hear that he "plays too much for the camera". Well thanks ghods for that I say. Lucky camera. Lucky us.


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• Re: The Karate Kid (2010) surprisingly good - Sir Sympathy 2013-September-18 01:08:24, Wednesday (0)
• Re: The Karate Kid (2010) surprisingly good - wonder boy 2013-September-18 00:55:48, Wednesday (0)
• I liked it as well. - CottonCandyHandGrenade 2013-September-17 23:41:27, Tuesday (1)
o you got that right! - kabouter 2013-September-18 09:01:36, Wednesday (0)
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Dr. Brongersma, in his classic study, Loving Boys Vol. 2, describes some examples:

Kentler, the German pedagogue, "took part in an experiment in Berlin, tolerated by the socialist alderman Mrs. Reichelt, to entrust run-away boys to boy-lovers. Everyone involved considered it a success but it had to be stopped because of fears of a very stormy public reaction if news of it leaked out." (Schult 1982, 10)

Geiser, an American psychologist, believed this procedure could be
especially effective with neglected boys growing up without paternal love (1979,84). The Danish police chief Jersild made the same recommendation (Moody 1981, 152).

And the Amsterdam judge Cnoop Koopmans stated in a speech given in May 1982 that he had several times put slightly delinquent boys under the care of an honest boy-lover, and in some cases the results had been spectacular: shop-lifting had stopped, the boys' grades in school had risen, they had taken an interest in sports and reading (Nationale Raad
1982,57). The loving man has the capacity to discover the good traits in a child-and also the. . .


It's on p. 312 of the hard copy of the book, or page 158 of the pdf version on the ipce website linked below.

Well actually yes
Posted by andrew_bl on 2013-September-13 09:34:37, Friday
In reply to Relationship ever cured a disease or problem? posted by Warrior Star on 2013-September-13 07:00:11, Friday
Highly respected Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Otto Krappenberger recently surveyed several thousand boys from Vienna who had sexual relations with older men. The study was known as the Strudel Doodle Noodle research.

It was found quite conclusively that 96.3% of the boys had instantly recovered from all previous physical and psychological conditions. The other 3.7% admitted they were still addicted to their Play Station and/or computer games.

In light of this ground-breaking research, the Austrian Government now plans to replace pediatricians with pedophiles. Applicants from BC are encouraged to contact Dr. Krappenberger and will receive generous funding, accommodation, an endless supply of 11 year old boys named Tobias and dare I say Florian plus unlimited meals of Wienner Schnitzel and Apple Strudel.

I hope this answers your question.


Follow ups:
• sign me up - Sir Sympathy 2013-September-13 14:26:09, Friday (0)
• which diseases exactly were cured? - Warrior Star 2013-September-13 10:33:23, Friday (3)
o andrew can't even play his own game - Warrior Star 2013-September-14 10:19:43, Saturday (2)
 Re: andrew can't even play his own game - Sir Sympathy 2013-September-15 01:31:49, Sunday (1)
 Re: andrew can't even play his own game - Warrior Star 2013-September-17 01:08:02, Tuesday (0)
High profile alleged child sex offender cleared
Posted by Eldad on 2013-September-10 19:22:47, Tuesday
An actor in a popular UK soap opera was today cleared by a jury of child sex allegations. It's good to see that sometimes the witch hunters are not successful.

• (http site) Coronation Street's Le Vell cleared of child rape
[@nonymouse] [Guardster] [Proxify] [Anonymisierungsdienst]

Follow ups:
• Re: High profile alleged child sex offender cleared - Fry 2013-September-10 20:23:36, Tuesday (0)
Re: High profile alleged child sex offender cleared
Posted by Fry on 2013-September-10 20:23:36, Tuesday
In reply to High profile alleged child sex offender cleared posted by Eldad on 2013-September-10 19:22:47, Tuesday
It's hard to imagine the trauma and suffering that someone, especially a public figure, who is falsely accused of child sexual abuse must go through. What consequences will the girl face for defamation and making false accusations? Being a minor and non-celebrity, she obviously won't have to face the very public humiliation and scrutiny that he had to put up with.
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Discussions on BoyChat delve deeply into ethical issues. No regular reader could fail to be aware of the ethical issues of his attraction. Victims of sexual abuse find not only support and caring, but also strong condemnation of their abusers. Posters who contemplate anything abusive get very short shrift from the rest.
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Zoompad said...

I'm sorry but I really feel very sad and exhausted, it's horrible because the wicked double dealing of these people makes me feel so sick, I can't understand it, I don't want to understand it, I don't want to understand these people, I just want to be as far away from them as possible, but they infiltrate everything, they infiltrated Mothers for Justice, they slimed their way on and wrecked the site, they slime their way into child abuse survivor sites, they slime their way into everything good and healing and wholesome, it makes me feel sick, what they do, sick and angry.

They won't leave us alone, they won't even let us "get over it". They mock us saying "Get over it" and call it historic abuse, they mock us saying "You need help" all the time knowing full well I have been to my GP over and over begging for help, and just getting sent to 8 session wonders, with most of the sessions being taken up by having to explain the whole horrible past, after which that therepist is off, and heres a new one, that in itself is bloody abusive!
They know what they are doing, and its sickening, they put up this front of being victims, all the time cruelly crushing the real victims of the abuse them and their friends have orchestrated.
I can't do anything, I feel so powerless! God help us all!

Zoompad said...

I am going to do some drawing painting and nice things. I've done more than my bit.

The Lord will have to sort this bloody mess out, because I can't!

Anonymous said...

Barbara its you that have kept us going, many of us abused as boys could not have contnued without you.
women can talk about it men cant.
i hate homosexuals for the abuse i endured from these people, and these lads who through no fault of their own end up on the street fall right into the hands of these abusers. only some one as eveil as the zionists could have made homosexuality legal

Anonymous said...

The singer Frankie vaughan who died in 1999 had a bit to do with boys clubs and noted who was sexually using the boys, this info was passed to lord Arnold Goodman and Leo Abse two high level jewish apparatchiks
so they knew who to blackmail. one of those blackmailed was Frankie howard a compulsive pervert who liked them very young. the theatrical society wanted to send hom to psychiatrist Joyce Fleming who had much succes with helping gays back to normality
but i dont know if he ever went

Anonymous said...


Keep saying the lords prayer

This sickness must stop.

Trust no one.

Operation gladio continues everyone

A friend

Anonymous said...

Rabbi condones child abuse, does not harm little boys !

Zoompad said...

I'm sorry, its just the horror of what they have done and are doing. It really gets to me, theyre so absolutly and utterly shameless, they're like bold rats in the sewers, ther're two faced and one minuit coming over as pathetic victims of opptression and the next drooling over little kids, its just gut wrenching.

They've got creepy psychologists "normalising" paedophilia, at the same time the creepy psychologists are attacking victims of paedophiles, and especially Asperger Syndrome people. Its terrifying what they're being allowed to do, in broad daylight - not even bothering to cover up what they're doing, they just surround everything with a barriage of words that most people can't understand, but Asperger people have obsessions, and mine happens to be finding out about paedophile gangsters, thats how I found out all the stuff, plus the Lord, its because I am obsessive, I feel like the Little Mermaid, walking on sharp knives, my life is painful because of what I can see, like that film The 6th Sense, other people can shut it all out, I cant, I wouldn't want to even if I could, I don't want to fall asleep as Jesus warned about doing in the Bible, I'm just yelping with pain!

Zoompad said...


Keep saying the lords prayer"

That's very good advice, and I will, thanks

Anonymous said...


Keep saying the lords prayer, all of us need to be doing it.

Everyone feels the pain you speak of, you have articulated it well.

In recent days much has been acheived, there is much left to do.

Some of us will not live to see the end of this, but some of us will, and we will all have a place with Jesus once it's all done, so feel no fear, because we have the lord, with Jesus beside us we can withstand any amount of torture and pain.

This will be tested soon enough, already it's happened to me, I recovered from the physical beating received, and will be more careful now

A friend

Zoompad said...

I will, and I'm so sorry xx

I will try to be braver, but its hard because they are so scary. Jesus got scared as well, because he wept in the Garden of Gethsemene, but he was very brave.

Anonymous said...

Hi zoompad,

Let's all stand up and fight, we have Jesus, we fight and struggle because that's our place, our calling, it is so because god has decreed it, I have no choice, I will never fully recover from the injuries I received being abused, both mental and physical, I have been beaten and tortured since, as we speak, people plot to harm me and injure me, they speak against my good name, they do to me what they do to everyone, but I carry on, injured and hurting, screaming inside with pain and hurt, I do this for the people who cannot speak out, the dead, the soon to be dead.

I have seen my death, it will be harrowing for everyone, but perhaps it will help in the future.

We shall all meet up in heaven.

For now, everyone get up and fight on, protect zoompad, she's the key to this, god has spoken there.

A friend

Anonymous said...

I always feel at home on this site with other people who have been sexually abused.
I was a boy of 9 when i met jimmy saville through the cub scouts
at first we thought he was a hero, and then him coming to camp with us, but we soon found out what he was about, and he was right when he said if you tell no one will belive you, they didnt
only now do they listen, but us boys have been shut out, only the girls are being listened to

Anonymous said...

The Christian owners of a bed and breakfast in Cornwall, who became infamous for refusing to let a couple of Homosexuals stay at their guesthouse, are being forced to sell up.
Peter and Hazelmary Bull, whose Marazion business gained national attention in 2008 when the couple declined to allow Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy to stay in one of their double bedrooms, said that the controversy has forced them to put their £750,000 Chymorvah Hotel on the market.

Peter and Hazelmary Bull are being forced to sell up after threats.

The hotel operated a strict policy of letting only married couples share a bed, a stance the owners said was due to religions reasons. However in the case of Hall and Preddy, the restriction violated the 2007 Equalities Act, for which the hoteliers were forced to pay £3,600 in damages.
As such, the Bulls said they have been left with no option but to sell up, which left the couple unable to pay the mortgage on their nine-bedroom property, as well as a need to cover ongoing legal costs. At the time of the controversy, the couple argued that their policy of restricting double rooms to married couples was not targeted at sexual orientation but sexual practise, believing that sex outside marriage is a sin.
"We have had a better summer than we thought but nowhere near good enough to pay our way," Mrs Bull said". "Last winter was terrible. We were actually shivering and were hungry. In 2013, two people who worked all their lives at this have ended up cold and hungry. It's not right." She added: "This is like a death in the family. I never thought it would end like this."
The Bulls have been at the end ofa long heterophic attack by elements of the homosexual community and In October, the Bulls are due to have their case heard in the Supreme Court, after an initial appeal was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.
Please email in your support.

Zoompad said...

"she's the key to this"

No I'm not, PLEASE don't put me on a pedestal, remember what happened in Lord of the Rings, I am just a smashed up woman, like so many, only thing thats special about me is that I have turned to the Lord Jesus Christ for help and He showed me all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager!

PLEASE don't harm yourself in any way, you don't need to be a martyr, be a survivor, keep the faith and keep alive, thats what I intend to do, the Lord Jesus Christ gave up his own life for us, He died so we could live, the wicked ones don't believe in him, they pretend to but they only do that so they can trick us, and use the name of the Lord to enslave other people, which is wicked, they will fall into their own trap, they will eat each other.

Keep strong, never harm yourself, and dont put any other human being on a pedestal, certainly not me, I am just a weak woman with a broken heart, its the Lord you need to follow and cling closely to, remeber His promises, and have faith, thats what I try to do.

Zoompad said...


Please dear Lord, open the eyes of the people, your followers are under attack in this country which once professed to be a Christian country.

Please just open peoples eyes to the truth.

Anonymous said...

This man puts up large sums of money for lawyers to protect jews charged with having seex with boys.
He has an appaling record of using women and casting them aside, and pressed sinita into an abortion, but this was all Ok becuase he is marrying lauren silverman a jewess,
how can these people treat non jews in this way ?
BTW at the BBC those who had sex with boys were seen as good chaps ha ha, and the victims were called "boychicks" many of them underage

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Barabara i wa ssickened by the hatred shown by homosexuals to that christian couple, christianity used to be about good moral sexual behaviour but now we have so many perverts within the church
god save us

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My first husband was a detective Constable, we were ata meeting when a senior policeman said
"almost all pedophilia material in the UK comes from Brighton in sussex,and much comes in from israel"
well if they now this why cant they stop it ?
these men who abuse thes eboys in brighton call themselves "buggarologists club "
how sick

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Hello Barbara, its only you who keeps most of us going, those who have been through what you and i did, need a place to share and you have given us that.
reading through the comments, thes epedos dont cal themslves pedos or gays now, its buggarologists, how sick ! but my doctor said to me recently only 2% of the population are perverted and it helps to remember that 98% are good normal people