Monday, 4 July 2011


I got abused as a child and tried to run away from the abuse. For that I was punished more harshly than if I had been a robber.

So then I grew up, and becuse of the stigma of them having restrained me by putting me in a psychiatric hospital I could not get a good job. I was also suffering from really chronic depression, because I was always trying to work out why I had been punished. I could not understand why I had been locked up in a childrens prison, in a cell, and then locked in a ward on a psychiatric hospital.

Other things have happened since then. I have been reabused, had my computer hacked, been stalked at my home, had people siytting in cars outside my house watching me (then zooming off as soon as they see me watching them) had disgusting comments left on my social networking sites and worst of all, been dragged through the secret family courts and had the full weight of the so called justice system hurled at me. They never would leave me alone.

Anyone who has been subjected to Malicious Vindictive Persecution will know exactly what I am talking about. Fotr a long time I thought I was being paranoid. That was before I fopund out anything about the Freemasons, and Common Purpose. I had thought the Freemasons were a bunch of old men who liked to go to a gentlemans club and do strange but harmless things, all I knew about the Freemasons at that time was the Laurel and Hardy film at Honolulu, the Stonecutters.

The Secret Family Courts experience was one heck of an education! I had no idea that corruption such as I experienced happened in this country. I believed the propaganda that British justice is the best in the world. Well, maybe that is correct if you are talking about the Criminal courts, but it certainly does not apply to the Star Chamber, the Secret Family Courts. Those courts are like Frank Kafka's book, "THE TRIAL". They are like black holes of injustice.

God looked after me though, as he promised to look after his children. God never breaks his promises.

All I ever wanted was an apology and a chance to have some peace, tand they put me in a corner, I had them all ganging up on me, trying to break me. God doesn't like to see his children being treated in such a terrible way. God is smashing up the paedophile ring. God used me in some small ways, simply by telling the truth of what they did to me, and how it feels to be abused. A lot of other people are speaking out now, and I dont know if there is that much more that I can do now.


Anon said...

You deserve a happy and peaceful life.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

sending love and peace friend, be strong, be truth.