Thursday, 28 July 2011


They have written yet another insulting comment using my name:

"Anonymous said...
Muppet feeding frenzy, he he he, thanks, guys for making me chuckle, Lenny and the Team muppets snigger, luv you lots and will be dedicating a song to you all soon oh and p.s., up yours coppers! x x x


July 28, 2011"

This is harrassment. They know they are hurting me, they know exactly what they are doing. The worrying thing about all this is that these people are not naughty little children, they are grown men in positions of authority. The person who runs the Jersey Haut de loa Garenne Murder Farce Blog does it with the full support and patronage with some very twisted and evil Jersey politicians.

Yes, I think it is time for another piece of music.

I am dedicating this song to Ian Le Marquand and all his Blog of Doom pals. Enjoy.

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Zoompad said...

I know this blogsite is read by Stafford police, well, if you read Brian Rotherys book THE APPALLING VISTA you will plainly see that the paedophiles who disrupted Operation Ore are laughing and joking and high fiving about how they outwitted you people.

COME ON! or as Delia Smith once said, LETS BE HAVING YOU! You are the police! You shouldn't put up wityh bbeing mocked by a bunch of paedophiles and scumbags! Surely you didnt do all that training and hard work just so that murderers and paedophiles could wreck the country you wear that uniform for?

I had a bad time with Stafford Police as a child, but I'm no anachist, I am a christian and believe in law and order, its biblical, and if you people who wear that uniform dont start taking stock of the situation soon it wont just be Jersey that is being run by paedophiles and murderers, it will be the mainland as well!