Wednesday, 27 July 2011


"Anonymous said...
Well the abuse investigation is closed like your blogger says and thats that. Insulting others is only getting their leader into one place and thats the dock and ruomour is one of his closest admirers will be following the same route pretty soon. "

I assume this comment is aimed at me.

This is harrassment of the worst kind.

This horrible blog site which is supported and contributed to by Jersey politicians JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG has made many abusive and malicious blog postings about me, day after day this abuse has been allowed to go on.

Sometimes the vile things that those men have written about me have reduced me to tears. The Stafford Police know what they have done, and have said to me "We are going to draw a line under this now"

In other words, these vile cowards are being allowed by the police to continue to menace and harrass and persecute me and other institutional abuse survivors, but according to this blog posting they are going to trump up some malicious charge against me, and use the police and the courts to come and persecute me even more.

Well, if they do that, there is absolutly nothing I can do about it, apart from ask my God to protect me.

My whole life has been like a valley of shadows. Its been persecution persecution persecution. My crime was to get abused as a child. It all stems from that. All the sorrow and harassment and abuse stems from corrupt people trying to cover up the abuse I suffered as a child.

I feel so powerless and frightened, because I am human, and although I know that the Lord loves me, I still feel all the fear and have to deal with it every day, by putting my faith in God. Jesus felt the same, he knew that he was the chosen Messiah but he felt all the agony and fear of a human being, and he told his followers that we would share in his sufferings and in his rewards.

The Bloggers of Doom are in a rage because I have exposed them, they have been working with some people even more wicked than themselves, the Searchlight people, who have tried to fool the people in this country, using the Guardian as their mouthpiece, to link the Norway murders with the EDL. The BBC was shouting about that all day yesterday, suddenl;y they have gone as quiet as a mouse about it.

Why dont these people simply leave me alone? I will be the stone that they get broken on, yet I am like a blade of grass! I raged against the Lord my God for a long time, I wept and kicked my Bible to pieces, because I could not understand why he, who sees everything, had let me be abused, and why he had allowed me to be reabused and reabused and reabused. I begged God to explain it to me, I felt like Job, it made no sense, IU had tried to please the Lord my God, and yet he seemed to forget me. But I think I understand now, that he uses a very weak and seemingly useless thing to do something great. HE does it, and to show it is him he chooses a very weak thing, so that everyone can see the power of the Lord!

I put my faith in God. If my persecutors come for me, the Lord my God will be with me.


Zoompad said...

I am not publishing you horrible comment you disgusting bully. God WILL help me, and all your horrible plots and plans will fall on your own hea=d, just like when the wicked bullies tried to persecute Daniel by getting the king to feed him to the lions, well the lions refused to touch Daniel, but the king threw the horrible bullies into the den and the lions soon gobbled them up! You are mocking God by persecuting his children.

Zoompad said...

Thanks Ang, I wont publish yours either, but I will say, praidse God, he gave me the same good advice just a few minuites before I read yours, I will be taking that advice, thank you dear friend XXXX

su said...


Do the only thing I know in situations like this - lighting a candle and praying for your protection.

Anonymous said...

You should contact Jersey Police.

Zoompad said...

Jersey Police already know about all of this. Mick Gradwell and David Warcup have colluded with these wicked people to destroy the police investigation, and Operation Ore as well, which my own MP pressed for.

Jersey Police were really kind to me when Lenny Harper and Graham Power were heading the police investigation, I phoned them and told them that Stafford Police had halted their investigation into the complaints I had made about being abused as a child and also as a vulnerable adult whilst suffering mental illness, and now I have been told that a policeman interfered with the Operation Ore investigation as well. A lady who was abused in another Pindown home told me, she said she had a letter about it from the policeman, and I begged her to show me, but she said if she did things would go bad for her as well, and she had to put her own case first, which made me feel really sad, I wish she had shown me the letter because if the name of that policeman was who I strongly suspect it to be then all these horrible cover ups of child abuse and persecution of survivors might be brought to an end at last

Zoompad said...

I will light a candle, and put my faith in God. The threat they have made might not be to me, but to another friend of Stuarts, I dont know, what I do know is that they have got some very ruthless and wicked people, who dont have any respect for anyone at all and who dont care how many people get hurt.

I just want the abuse to stop and the persecution to stop of all the victims of all the Pindown homes, and all the people who have been kind enought to support them. I'm not an anachist, I like law and order, its Godly, chaos is demonic, and chaos is what is happening right now, with criminals and gangsters and paedophiles in so many top jobs. They wriggle their way to the top, and what can people like me do about it except cry out to God and ask Him to remove them? Sometimes there is absolutly nothing you can do except to pray to God and wait for him to move those mountains.

Anonymous said...

You should stop reading blogs that drive you mad and reading the comments I do not think they are directed at you but more at someone closer to home.

Zoompad said...

Oh I know, I suppose you are right. But them threatening other people who are opposing child abuse upsets me as well. But perhaps I should stop reading their horrible comments. They will get their just desserts one day.

Anonymous said...

I need to speak to you, how do i contact you

Zoompad said...

If you leave your email addy on here I wont publish it but I will contact you. Alternatly I am Barbara Richards on Facebook