Monday, 25 July 2011


I couldn't handle posting about this awful massacre until this morning, it was too shocking. It didn't remind me of 9/11, it felt more like Dunblaine.

I feel sickened about the BBC's subversive reporting of this awful tragedy.

Two questions the police should be asking:

1) Where did Anders Behring Brevik obtain his weapon from, and who sanctioned his gun licence?

2) Why did he choose these children as his target? What exactly was the agenda on that Labour camp, that caused a gunman to go on the rampage?

May God be with the police who are investigating this horrible tragedy, and may there be no cover up, as there was with the Dunblaine massacre of children.


Anonymous said...

"Why did he choose these children as his target? What exactly was the agenda on that Labour camp, THAT CAUSED A GUNMAN to go on the rampage?"

The victims did not cause this!!! He is a misguided, mentally unstable, pathetic, angry, hate-filled, Christian, far-right Conservative. Nothing those children did or did not do caused him to do this, his own warped mind did.

and on and on....
Sad and tragic, and the victims and their friends and families deserve the focus not him

Zoompad said...

Noones accusing the victims of this massacre of causing their own massacre! What the heck have you come here posting nonsense for, wordtwister?

The police need to ask why the murderer of all these children did what he did. We are not being told the full story in the media, the version we are getting makes no sense! We are being told the gunman had a mission against Islam, well why the heck did he shoot these kids, who from what I can gather were nothing to do with Islam? Why didnt he target a mosque if he hated muslims?

Dont you come trying to bully me and do wordtwisting, to make out I meant something I didnt mean! You can try but you wont get away with it. Who are you anyway? Any malicious coward can post crap as Anonymous.

Zoompad said...

I don't think paedoscum should have the right to abuse me any more on my own blog, so I wont be posting your malicious comment scumbag.