Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I don't know how old Maurice is, but Norman is 85 years old. These men are bravely standing up to the cowardly bullies who see nothing wrong with murdering people who get in their way (such as Andy McCardle) and smashing up families in order to steal children for the forced adoption industry - which is stealing UK children and sending them to other countries by stealth. Tony Blair gave backhanders to David Abrahams, who is chairman of Eagle Associates. Eagle Associates are part of Lockheed Martin, and they are involved in the forced adoption industry, along with the Kensington Institute. They invited Richard Gardner to this country. Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager set up the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, to gloss over child abuse. It is wicked as hell what those two horrible men did. And these two good men, Maurice and Norman are opposing this and other vile corruption - and suffering persecution for doing so!

What the hell has gone wrong with this country? How can we have men like these two being persecuted for trying to stop injustice and corruption? These men both fought for Queen and country, and are still doing so!


Norman Scarth said...

PS: We weren't really thrown out, but walked out in a dignified manner, one very respectful Security man carrying my trolley down the steps for me.

Zoompad said...

I am very glad to hear it Norman, thanks for taking the time to comment and put me right about that.

I know you were treated in a disgraceful way recently at Liverpool, bundled into a police van and illegally held for 3 hours and thrown onto the pavement all of a heap. That is common assault and the people who did that to you committed a criminal act.

Thank you for what you are doing. I was kept for two hours in an illegal attempt to force me to sign documents against my will in a court like this one, they terrorised me, just because they thought they could get away with treating me like that, as noone would care, on account of me being a survivor of institutional child abuse. But God cares and He is passing judgement on the people who are doing these wicked things. It is a horror to fall into the hands of these corrupt bullies. People assume that folk get taken to court for crimes committed, but in my case, and I know there are lots of others like mine, I was in that court for being a VICTIM of crimes committed! If I had not been raped as a child and raped as an adult I would not have been dragged through those courts! I was there because of the lifework of a disgusting paedophile called Richard Gardner. I got caught in Gardner's PAS net.

Interruption said...

This is bad and so is the woman that got away with murdering her little girl Cayley here in the US. She was found 'not guilty'. Hard to believe humans will never learn. The world needs help.