Friday, 29 July 2011


The Blog of Doom has posted this very ironic remark today:

"Anonymous said...
I hope he gets help if he is going inside because some of the things he has written about people on his blog is not even normal. How long will it be for a person with his profile completely cracks with all this bottled up hatred of the Government, the Police, the Civil Service and anybody else he thinks has done him injustice before he goes out and does a Norway massacre? Its serious, the material he is writing profiles a very unstable man sometimes and if he did do something crazy, people will be saying the signs of a madman were there all the time but people failed to act. "

Stuart Syvret is no more likely to harm any of Gods creatures than Jupiter is to start circling round the moon.

But these sinister people the Doom bloggers have allied themselves to in their ongoing and futile quest to cover up institutional child abuse, the Searchlight gangsters, well, all I will say is if I were a Norway policeman I think I would be asking for extradition orders for certain people involved in that creepy organisation.

I think mass murder is a much more serious crime than breaking any EU data protection laws!

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Zoompad said...

Mass murder is a much more serious crime than breaking this EU data protection law, by posting important information about a very dangerous nurse to try to save lives of patients.

The Blog of Doom paedoscum really have made some dubious friends. Searchlight Magazine is a very nasty organisation.