Thursday, 7 July 2011


I have just been reading chapter 2 of your book "That first naked glory".

You are a very clever man, Mr Rothery, but you might be too subtle for your own good. By trying to persuade people that incest is ok you are directly challenging God, who told Moses to tell God's people that is is NOT ok. Challenging God is fine so long as you understand that God always wins every disagreement with mankind. God is always right. That's just the way it is.

I have been reading your books. God has read your heart.

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Zoompad said...

"Brian Rothery" is the man who wrote the book THE APPALLING VISTA that outlines how a group of scumbags discredited the police Operation Ore investigation.

Hohoho, what a jolly time those scumbags had making up funny names about the police investigators! What jolly japes!

I expect the police will get their own back though, because when the paedo ring finally gets busted and all the little paedos brethren are sitting bin their jail cells they will probably have a few choice titles for the Joker of the Paedo Brotherhood, Mr Nigel Oldfield!