Friday, 26 August 2011


This brave man, Corey Feldman, has decided to speak out about this horrible crime.

I don't think he should be so frightened to name the names now though, because people will be able to work it out for themselves, and other victims will come forward.

"I think I just figured out who he's talking about. I now understand why he's so afraid to say who it is. Feldman & Haim were born in 1971. He said that the hardcore molestation started when he was 14 and Haim was 14 1/2. In 1985 Feldman started filming "Goonies" (written by Stephen Spielberg & Directed by Richard Donner) and in '86 Haim was filming "Lost Boys"(directed by Joel Schumacher)both films made by Warner Brothers (CEO Barry Meyer) These super moguls are a good suspect list."

Well done Corey!

My advice to all these Hollywood stars who have been abused by paedophiles is this: have a good look at your birth cirtificates, and get DNA tests to make sure your parents really are your birth parents, because the Secret Family Courts have been stealing children from many countries, using psuedoscience invented by paedophile "doctors" and you may just find you are not the person byou were told you were. The DNA tests will reveal the truth.

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