Monday, 8 August 2011


Jonathon Sumption QC has declared Stuart Syvret to be guilty of all the charges that were trumped up against him by a desperate gang of paedophile protectors.

Jonathon Sumption is, as I discovered today, the QC who was involved in the Binyam Mohamed press leak scandal in which Dinah Rose was forced to apologise for leaking one of his letters to the press:

I understand that Stuart Syvret's origional sentence of 10 weeks in jail has been commuted to community service, no doubt to reduce unwanted press coverage. It certainly wont be a decision made out of any consideration to the child abuse victims that Mt Syvret has valiently championed these last few years, which bis the real reason Mr Syvret was dragged through the courts, and why he had his home illegally raided by Jersey police on a fishing expedition.

So that's that then. The paedoscum have used all their big guns that they will be allowed to use. We all know they have one more, the MI5 *licence to kill" trump card that they use in desperation to silence people for ever, ie Dr David Kelly, but they will never be allowed to use that one, for Almighty God would strike stone dead the person who tried before they got anywhere near Mr Syvret - thus far and no more!

And so now that they have done their very worst that they will be allowed to do, their turn is at an end. It's not Stuart Syvret's turn to move now though - it is the turn of Almighty God.

I kept telling the Bloggers of Doom to stop their wicked ways and repent. I kept quoting the Holy Bible to them, the Psalms, Leviticus, Isaiah, Daniel, the Gospels of Lord Jesus Christ, and the Revelation given to Jesus's friend, John on the Island of Patmos. I kept begging them to stop insulting God with their wicked behaviour, but none of them wanted to listen. Instead, they made fun of me, and insulted God by doing so, because God loves me, and looks after me, as he looks after all the persecuted people who turn to him for comfort.

I have no idea what exactly God is going to do, but I do know that he is going to make his move, that the people of the British Isles will know it is God, and it won't be by any bloody chaotic revolution or anything like that, it will be all orderly and proper, because God loves justice and law and order, and hates suffering and chaos. God has His own way of doing things, greater than anything mankind can imagine.

I won't be blogging for a while now. I am going to celebrate the end of the persecution of my friend Senator Stuart Syvret, and take a well earned rest from the Blogosphere, and wait in blessed faith for my God to make his presence felt all over these British Isles. Justice is coming, praise the Lord!

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