Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I don't believe these riots were spontaneous. They stink of Rentamob to me. Look very carefully at all the footage of the different incidents. There is something missing, can you spot it?


Zoompad said...

Ahimsa, you have it sussed!

Like I said, Rentamob.

Zoompad said...

And now they are calling us mothers to help stop the riots.

The secret family courts have demonised us mothers for years, and I cannot help but wonder how many of these off the rails young people have been fostered out to all and sundry.

The PC Brigade (led by the Gay Rights bullies) have tried to destroy the moral values of this country for years, and WOE BETIDE any parent who tries to bring their kids up with Christian values and teach them the way Jesus Christ showed us all how to live!

Here is the result of the Marxist/Common Purpose/Eugenics meddling, the streets of London all ablaze, looting and smashing, and all the police and Parliament unable to take a rest from duty.

Well, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, we mothers have done our best to bring our children up to respect other people, and so now will you please bring about a U turn on the disgusting social policies on smashing up families and persecuting mothers (spending £100,000 on letting rapists take good mothers to court for example) and support us all instead? If you have £100,000 to spare, dont give it to the secret fami9ly court human traffickers to torture us mothers, build a lovely park for all the children and teenagers to use instead. That way we might all be able to live in peace and have a better more harmonious future, and you politicians might not get your holidays ruined by the rioters!

Anon said...

False flag riots!

- Aangirfan