Tuesday, 23 August 2011


That horrible man, he let me be persecuted in the secret family courts for years. I begged him to help me, they tormented me, they tortured me in the secret family courts.

I got no help from anyone in Parliament, the police, the justice system, nothing, , and I turned to God, I prayed, and found out about Gibson Dunn and Crutcher's involvement in the forced adoption industry. I found out about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, I found out about the Haiti Orphanage scandal, and Lifeline and lots of other things, I knew the Catholic Church was involved, but now this video is filling in some of the gaps.

The truth is coming out. The BBC wont touch it, the BBC is corrupt, but the truth is coming out nevertheless.

It makes me feel really sick. This has got to stop right now. David Cameron, you do something about this. I am sick of having to nag you and other Government officials about this. This is on your watch now, sop do something to stop this scandalous human trafficking. This is justr as bad as slavery, you better tell your friend William Hague to write another book, he wrote one about William Wilberforce, but he needs to write another one, because this horrible human trafficking is just as wicked as that slave trade. Some of these poor kids are falling into the hands of paedophiles!

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