Thursday, 25 August 2011


What a ridiculous waste of taxpayers money, shoving an 86 year old WW2 hero into a prison cell meant for serious offenders, when there are plenty of paedophiles virtually begging to be locked up!

Norman is a true gent, very kind, very brave. It makes me sick to see this man treated in this shameful way.

I am going to post another video I made a few years ago, about the way other people of his generation, to whom we owe so much, have been treated. This is on my turf, there have been three investigations that I know of, yet they are still at it, still murdering them. And Dr Rita Pal, when she blew the whistle, they tried to have her sectioned!!!!

Here are some details of the Free Norman Scarth campaign. Please can everyone do something to help this wonderful old man?

Once again: you cannot believe it, for you can’t imagine it.

Norman Scarth was born in 1926. He proudly wears the medals he earned fighting against the threat of complete Tyranny. Now in his eighties, his latter years of his retirement have been hijacked by constant harassment and targeting from the authorities. This is the kind of tyranny he and so many others fought - and died fighting against. (And still exist in SO many countries across the world).

Links below set out the history of his case. The Help Norman Campaign calls for sending him things to prison.

He is now imprisoned for 6 months and we fear for his welfare (when detained previously he was roughly handled and injured). His ’CRIME’: AUDIO RECORDING IN COURT.

To get him to tell you what happened, send him your phone number and cash so he can ring.

To send him an email, quote the prisoner number A1903 CF and Leeds Prison with Email a Prisoner.

If you would like to help this “old warrior’, please send mail, a note or a card to him at the address below. All mail is vetted and read, so this is a message from ‘concerned’ friends who are worried about his welfare while imprisoned (and on release). – We need the authorities to know there are many many people from across the world watching out for him.

LS 12 2TJ


Zoompad said...

And if anyone thinks its inappropriate of me to mention paedophiles in my title of this blog post, let me enlighten you as to why I labelled it like that.

One of Norman's corrupt judges is David Bently QC. He is the same judge who threw out the Operation Ore investigation.

That is why I chose that title. It is very apt.

Zoompad said...

The prisons are supposed to be full. They are supposed to be used to punish criminals.

Norman Scarth fights corruption. He hates child abuse and he hates criminality.

This stupid country, we are having our bravest and best murdered, imprisoned, persecuted, but the most disgusting men are feted and fawned upon and treated like royalty.

I think this country is as bad, if nor worse, than Sodom and Gomorrah.