Monday, 29 August 2011


Once again the hackers have targetted me.

Well, you people may be able to silence me for a few days, whatever.

You won't achieve anything with your illegal activity. I am just a woman who has been abused, actually you have done me a favour by hacking me, because it means I can't use my social networking any more, so I will have be forced to have a break from the computer.

No use you using my accounts to send out any more messages to other people, because people know I am hacked so they will know who it is.

I pray that every time you people attack me he will use other abuse survivors to achieve 100 times more of the dark secrets you people are trying in vain to cover up.

You can't gag or hack the Holy Spirit, the Pharasees tried to 2000 years ago by murdering the Lord Jesus Christ, all they achieved was to make sure the Word of God spread all over the world!

Praise the Lord!


Zoompad said...

I have been told my Facebook account is being used to say nasty things about gay people.

My position on homosexuality is this:

I am a Christian, and the Word of God tells me that homosexuality is wrong.

However, I understand that a lot of gay people are abuse victims. Also, I believe that sexual relationships between adult people is something that is between themselves and God, and none of my business. If people perform obscene acts in public then it is my business, because I have a right not to have to witness private sexual acts. I also have a right to be able to use a computer without having obscene images invading my personal space by coming up unwanted on my computer.

I campaign against paedophilia and human trafficking - I do NOT campaign against homosexuality, as that is none of my business. I have never campaigned against homosexuality and never will. My agenda is paedophilia.

I repeat, I do not campaign against homosexuality and never will, as it is none of my business.

Zoompad said...

I hope that makes things clear.