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The Secret Truth about
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey champions a cult which praises Nazis and

Oprah Winfrey embraces a fake priest with ties to convicted
Nazi War Criminals and convicted terrorists and which fake
priest is an apologist for a terrorist who ordered bombs
planted in Washington against Justice Dept. officials and
threatened FBI agents and their families.

Oprah Winfrey endorses and (everyday on her radio show)
promotes a book whose co-author/scribe headed a section of
a criminal pedophile organization known as MK-ULTRA
which allegedly used illegal drugs on children and used
children as sex slaves and for other inhuman experiments

We are all very familiar with the celebrity personality known as Oprah Winfrey. While Oprah's show does have on guests
who have knowledge and wisdom such as Doctor Oz, there are other guests on her show who have the opposite. The
question is when does a show like Oprah's talk show cross the line from education into the arena of propaganda.
Another question, when does a talk show host cross the line and endorse or even champion some of her guests and
their schemes when those schemes are clearly fraudulent or represent something ghastly, as has happened with the
Oprah Winfrey show.

First, a little history on Oprah Winfrey:

In the mid 1980's, a new television personality hit the air waves--it was Oprah Winfrey. She conducted herself in a
humble and concerned fashion. She had different personalities on her show and some of them were rather nefarious
such as members of the Ku Klux Klan. These yahoos were not given a forum on her show for propaganda as Oprah
zealously challenged their dogma. Oprah also had experts on self-help on her show. People often had a opportunity to
make some kind of challenge to what they heard if they disagreed. Oprah's and her show became a smash hit and
Oprah became very wealthy as well. Oprah was even handed and showed that she did not let her fame and fortune go
to her head. However, in the mid 1990's, something changed in Oprah and her show. Oprah started down the same
road that many others had followed. Oprah started from modest beginnings, but as she became more wealthy,
influential and powerful, she started losing her moral edge. Many had done the same thing such as Reverend Jim
Jones (of Jonestown massacre fame) whose ministry was originally aimed at helping people, but he changed into
something else as he too became more powerful. In Oprah's case, more and more, Oprah lost her humbleness and
showed more arrogance. Oprah even started making frequent boasts about how much money and material wealth she
held. Oprah started showing unabashed affection and pandering to those of Hollywood celebrity status, while generally
exhibiting more detachment toward ordinary folk. The show started going downhill, but her ratings either rose or stayed
the same. Oprah started exalting guests, who held wide popularity, but who's intellectual honesty was dubious at best.
Finally, matters hit a new low as Oprah started championing people with not only dubious credentials, but with even
more dubious practices. More than that, Oprah decided that fair and balanced was passe as she started
propagandizing for these favorites of hers, ignoring damning evidence about her exalted guests, and stifling dissent
whenever possible. Oprah's show became as stale as old donuts--a show that was once sweet has now gone stale. This
is now the new Oprah show but unfortunately, not the better Oprah

On her February 2007 show, Oprah hawked their Secret book and DVD. In addition to the half-truths and outright
falsehoods of these people, they praised another Nazi in their book. They praised Henry Ford. While Henry Ford did
build cars, he was also a fervent admirer of Adolf Hitler and provided material aid to the Nazi war effort (against the
United States). Ford spent millions of his own money to promote Nazi propaganda and anti-Semitism in this country.
Ford even received an award from Adolph Hitler himself. Yet, this is the person that Oprah has allowed to be implicitly
praised on her show.
Ellen DeGeneres
Wernher Von Braun in the center but not wearing his Nazi officer uniform
Hero from "The Secret" people, Henry Ford receiving his Nazi medal given to him by Adolph Hitler
through Nazi diplomats.
Oprah's daliance with Nazis and Nazism did not end with "The Secret". Oprah has also entertained fake religious
leaders with ties to convicted Nazi war criminals and mass murderers, officers and members of Hitler's elite Death
Squads, convicted terrorists, repressive and murderous dictators. In 2001, Oprah venerated fake spiritual leader, "The
Dalai Lama". Which brings us to the second secret of Oprah's.
The Secret did not stop there in just praising Nazis. The Secret, with Oprah's help went on to make many tens of millions
of dollars. They did this through their book, DVD's and a pyramid-type scheme called "The Secret Briefcase". While
perhaps legal, The Secret people said there was a 100 million dollar pot for everyone to cash in on, if they spent about
$2,000 to buy "a Secret brief case". (The details can be found on the internet). At this point, some of the Secret
schemes and some of the people associated with "The Secret" are the subject of world wide criminal investigations and
lawsuits for fraud). One of the "stars" of "The Secret", James Ray, who was relentlessly promoted by Oprah Winfrey, is
James Ray. James Ray had a search warrant served on him by Arizona police who accuse him of negligent homicide in
the so called Sweat Lodge Murders.

To sell their dubious claims, "The Secret" people made outrageous claims about Physics and particularly Quantum
Physics which they say proves their claims. It sounds nice...but it is simply not true. For example, they claim that "the
Law of Attraction exists in Physics. They claim that "likes attract likes". Unfortunately, there is no proven theory in
existence today of that. Likes Don't attract likes, in fact they repel each other. Such as two of the same electric charges
or same magnetic poles. Oprah raised no questions about this junk science.

The Secret people recommended that in order to stay healthy that you avoid associating or even looking at people who
have health problems. The same advice for overweight people--don't talk to them.

"The Secret", on Oprah, primarily focused upon making large amounts of money in almost any way possible--seemingly
without any regard to ethics. This is of course consistent with their glorification of Nazis. No protest from Oprah about

Much of the debunking of "The Secret" was witnessed in a spring episode of Nightline with Cynthia MacFadden
To many people born well after World War II, titles of SS Officer and Storm Trooper may seem
almost like cartoons out of Star Wars. However, those born before or just after World War II
know the horror associated with those members of Hitler's elite killer organizations, to which the
Dalai Lama's top advisors were officers in. Below are some scenes to remind us of just what the
Dalai Lama's close associates and were about when they became officers in Hitler's SS.
In the pictures below, in the center is Oprah Winfrey embracing the Dalai Lama.

Top Right: Dalai Lama with convicted terrorist Shoko Asahar, whose cult placed poisonous Sarin gas
into the Tokyo subway injuring 5,000 and killing another dozen more people. The Dalai Lama only has
praise for Shoko and his dangerous cult particularly after receiving over 1.3 million dollars in gifts.

Top Middle Top: Augustine Pinochet. He was the military dictator of Chile who murdered many
thousands of people. He is also the same person who with the aid of his friend, the Dalai Lama was able
to avoid being prosecuted for these crimes.

Left Top: The Dalai Lama with Miguel Serrano whom he often visited. Miguel was the head of the
Argentina's Nazi Party and who wrote anti-Semitic books praising Hitler as a god.

Middle Lower Left: The Dalai Lama embracing and promoting the book of convicted Nazi War Criminal
and Mass murderer, Dr. Bruno Beger. Bruno Beger was an officer in Hitler's elite SS Death Squads and
performed inhuman medical experiments on inmates at Auschwitz Death Camp and then had each and
every one of his "patients" gassed to death.

Middle Right: The Dalai Lama with his top advisor and friend, SS Death Squad leader, Heinrich Harrer.

Lower Picture: The Dalai Lama's friend and top advisor,Heinrich Harrer standing next to his friend and
idol, Adolph Hitler.

Picture in Middle: Oprah Winfrey embracing Heinrich Harrer's friend, The Dalai Lama.
The scenes above concerning the guests championed by Oprah are very grim. Does Oprah championing these people
mean that Oprah is necessarily a Nazi sympathizer? No. If Oprah Winfrey was aware of what some of her guests were
and are involved in or whom they had close association with, or just what kind of people they praise, she would be
unlikely to be their champions. So what happened with Oprah and why did she champion these people and even not
permit dissent on her show about them, and allow herself to be used as a propaganda tool? The simplest explanation is
that Oprah has very poor judgment and does a very sloppy job of doing her homework before she endorses someone.
There are other poignant cases of this, such as her hiring of child molesters to run her African school. However, Oprah
has apologized for this and almost anyone could be scammed by a clever child molester. The November 11, 2007 issue
of Access Hollywood has said that Oprah recommended people to fake doctor Jan Adams, who later killed his patients
through malpractice. However, Oprah has denied those charges.

However, the other claims here of Oprah's endorsing and championing fake religious figures with terrorist and Nazis ties
and her championing and infomercials and propaganda promotion of people who praise Nazis and promote fraudulent
claims to sell their dubious products is unmistakable. Moreover, Oprah has never apologized for her behavior. Worse
than that, Oprah has even tried to justify the fraud of these people by saying that using any means possible they were
able to spread information, (that others developed before them). In other words, Oprah is saying that the ends justifies
using any means, foul or otherwise to gain an end. Therefore, when Oprah speaks on behalf of Barack Obama, she is
likely to apply this same doctrine and say anything at all, just to get her candidate elected.

Contact Information:

The First Secret about Oprah Winfrey Revealed:

"The Secret" (or rather how to be greedy and promote hate while
pretending to be spiritual)
Above is a scene from Dora Concentration camp
where inmates murdered by Von Braun's guards
lie rotting on the ground. This was the "Secret"
that Von Braun tried to keep covered up.
"The Secret" people championed by Oprah give
much attention and fan-fare to those who they
believe were successful financially regardless of
how it occurred. Above, Werhner Von Braun
reaped huge financial rewards through this
development of rockets using slave labor.
Those men and women and child laborers are
seen above as Von Braun disposed of these
people when they no longer served him.
Mainly because "The Secret" people appeared on Ellen and Oprah and they praised WernherVon Braun who was a
brutal slave owner and mass murderer who was an officer in Hitler's terrorist organization known as the Shutzstafel or
SS. Von Braun was the lord of life and death at a Nazi concentration camp known as Camp Mittlebau-Dora. Von Braun
was responsible or the very least in complicity with the deaths of over 20,000 men, women and children who were either
worked to death, starved to death, tortured to death or outright executed. This was the person praised on the Ellen
DeGeneres show and then the Oprah Show. Below are some of the pictures of the handiwork of the man praised on
Oprah and on Ellen by "The Secret" cult. There were almost no survivors from "The Secret's" hero, Wernher Von Braun
Death Camp.
As gruesome is are the pictures above, to this day, Oprah Winfrey nor Ellen DeGeneres will not criticize "The Secret"
people for their veneration of mass murderer, Wernher Von Braun.

In fact, instead of criticizing "The Secret's"passion for mass murderers, Oprah decided to have two full television shows
in early 2007 (later 3 more radio shows) dedicated to propagandizing for these Secret people and ex-Secret people.
More than that, she endorsed what they do and even championed it and turned her shows into cheesy info-mercials for
these people.
Below is a picture of Oprah Winfrey hawking "The Secret" , a book which praises Nazis.
They claimed that they had some secret knowledge passed to them from ancient sources, never before revealed to the
world. They called this Secret, "The Law of Attraction" (which was originally coined by Christina Rosetti many years
prior). On Ellen's show, they praised Nazi SS officer and mass murderer, Wernher Von Braun, as they had also done
in their book, by the same name. Ellen DeGeneres (and later Oprah Winfrey) said nothing about this adoration of Nazis
then or now in any kind of protest. Why should Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey protest the praise of Werner Von
Oprahs Second Secret Truth--Oprah embracing the Dalai Lama
who has terrorist and Nazi war criminal ties.
To find out more about the Dalai Lama and his ties to Nazis and terrorists,
then Click Here
Oprah Winfrey
It is noted that while Oprah says she champions abused children, she had nothing to say about those "The Secret"
people on her show, who have nothing but praise for one of the worst child abusers in the history of the world. The
hpocrisy of Oprah Winfrey is nothing short of breath-taking. This is the same Oprah Winfrey in her campaigning for
Barack Obama preaches positive change through Obama. If allowing a forum for those who praise evil without
permitting criticism of that evil, is what Oprah is speaking about, then one should consider carefully as to whether to
vote for Obama or not. Oprah would be better off campaigning for George Bush instead, if this is how she thinks.
Click Here to view a video
about Oprah Winfrey and Barack
Obama entitled:

"Voting the nightmare into reality"
Oprah Winfrey
The following pages, with pictures and references will show that Oprah Winfrey's show has a much darker side to it
than Oprah is willing to admit. The talk show hostess has been playing a major role in the Barack Obama campaign.
But is that role one of control? Is Oprah's close association with Obama a strong negative for Barack Obama? Many
people might at first blush say that her role will help Obama. However, the dark secrets (un-secrets) that plague Oprah,
to be revealed here, may show that Oprah may actually scuttle Barack Obama's campaign instead of helping it.

See the pictures below of one the "heroes" of "The Secret", which is championed by
Oprah Winfrey. They include Nazi SS Officer Wernher Von Braun. Other pictures
include the handiwork of Von Braun at his Death Camp.
Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and "The Secret"
In November 2006, talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres had guests on her show which called themselves: "The Secret".
Click Here to visit a website about Oprah Winfrey and what she calls her daily lessons from a book A
Course in Miracles, reportedly written by a person who collaborated in writing the book with someone the head of
program in the CIA on drug and mind control experiments to create a perfect assassin, who personally spoke with Jesus
Christ...supposedly. The collaborator of Oprah's prized book headed an organization MK-ULTRA, which leaders of the
group allegedly forced children to take illegal drugs and sexually molested children as young as 7, in the interest of
national security, or so they were allegedly told. For more on these alleged atrocities and Oprah's championing of the
book co-written by the head of this perverted organization, Click Here
Oprah Winfrey's Third and perhaps worst
Oprah Winfrey has announced she will spend everyday for a year starting on January 1, 2008, promoting a book
entitled, "A Course in Miracles". This book was scribed or written in part by Dr. William Thetford, the head of a section of
the notorious MK-ULTRA program for the CIA. This program was designed to create perfect assassins, by the use of
torture, drugs and mind-control. There is an avalanche of evidence that leaders in that program indulged in sex slavery
of young children and performed inhuman medical experiments upon them. For Oprah to be pushing a book written in
part by such a person heading such a sinister organization is shameful. Because of the huge amount of documentation
of these atrocities, other pages here will be cited for further scrutiny. Click Here to be linked to another page
detailing Oprah's newest fascination and the worlds' horror.

Dr. Wernher von Braun
First Center Director, July 1, 1960 - Jan. 27, 1970
Wernher von Braun (1912–1977) was one of the most important rocket developers and champions of space exploration during the period between the 1930s and the 1970s. As a youth he became enamored with the possibilities of space exploration by reading the science fiction of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and from the science fact writings of Hermann Oberth, whose 1923 classic study, Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen (By Rocket to Space), prompted young von Braun to master calculus and trigonometry so he could understand the physics of rocketry. From his teenage years, von Braun had held a keen interest in space flight, becoming involved in the German rocket society, Verein fur Raumschiffarht (VfR), as early as 1929. As a means of furthering his desire to build large and capable rockets, in 1932 he went to work for the German army to develop ballistic missiles. While engaged in this work, von Braun received a Ph.D. in physics on July 27, 1934.

Von Braun is well known as the leader of what has been called the “rocket team” which developed the V–2 ballistic missile for the Nazis during World War II. The V–2s were manufactured at a forced labor factory called Mittelwerk. Scholars are still reassessing his role in these controversial activities. Click for details.

The brainchild of von Braun’s rocket team operating at a secret laboratory at PeenemĂĽnde on the Baltic coast, the V–2 rocket was the immediate antecedent of those used in space exploration programs in the United States and the Soviet Union. A liquid propellant missile extending some 46 feet in length and weighing 27,000 pounds, the V-2 flew at speeds in excess of 3,500 miles per hour and delivered a 2,200-pound warhead to a target 500 miles away. First flown in October 1942, it was employed against targets in Europe beginning in September 1944. By the beginning of 1945, it was obvious to von Braun that Germany would not achieve victory against the Allies, and he began planning for the postwar era.

Before the Allied capture of the V–2 rocket complex, von Braun engineered the surrender of 500 of his top rocket scientists, along with plans and test vehicles, to the Americans. For fifteen years after World War II, von Braun worked with the U.S. Army in the development of ballistic missiles. As part of a military operation called Project Paperclip, he and his rocket team were scooped up from defeated Germany and sent to America where they were installed at Fort Bliss, Texas. There they worked on rockets for the U.S. Army, launching them at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico. In 1950 von Braun’s team moved to the Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Ala., where they built the Army’s Jupiter ballistic missile.

In 1960, his rocket development center transferred from the Army to the newly established NASA and received a mandate to build the giant Saturn rockets. Accordingly, von Braun became director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the chief architect of the Saturn V launch vehicle, the superbooster that would propel Americans to the Moon.

Von Braun also became one of the most prominent spokesmen of space exploration in the United States during the 1950s. In 1970, NASA leadership asked von Braun to move to Washington, D.C., to head up the strategic planning effort for the agency. He left his home in Huntsville, Ala., but in 1972 he decided to retire from NASA and work for Fairchild Industries of Germantown, Md. He died in Alexandria, Va., on June 16, 1977.

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