Monday, 29 August 2011


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Zoompad said...

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray for these people, these "stars", most if not all who have been abused from childhood. I beg you dear Lord, please show them that they have a choice, they do have a choice, to reject the evil and to turn to you to be forgiven and cherished as children of you. You never wanted any of those people to be sucked into this evil, I know you will have tried to speak to all of them, but we dont always listen to you, we stick our fingers in our ears and refuse to repent when you gently chide us to turn away from arrogance, pride, and anger.

You spoke to me today, oh Lord, I am an imperfect being, and a child had to remind me of your will, we are all imperfect beings, we all need to hear your voice.

Please have pity on these "stars", who have been sucked in to evil, and help them, so that they can turn away from their sinful ways, so that they can escape.

Please help them dear Lord Jesus.

Love Barbara xx