Sunday, 30 October 2011


Some members of my family have suffered criminal attacks, and I am being spied on in my home again.

I suppose someone is paying Rentamob to trash my life.

Well, it's worked. I have had enough. I won't put my mother's life in danger. I suppose the people who orchestrated the cowardly attack on her assumed that I would not care, well I do, I love my mum, although the stinking secret family torturers did everything they possibly could to destroy my natural love for my mother.

I am stepping out now, I can't do anything to protect children from child abusers, the police will have to do that, all the good police need to get together with other good police from other forces, because quite often its the people they have at the very top who are failing to deal with the paedophiles who are tearing this country apart. The whole country is being wrecked up by a big international paedophile ring, and the police should be rounding these people up, never mind letting themselves be dragged into acting as bailiffs for a few folk wanting to get rid of a few gypsies, the police have enough to do without doing other peoples jobs for them.

I can't do anything, I am like a baby trying to fight a pack of wolves with a rattle. The police need to do their duty. If they don't, the whole fabric of law and order will collapse, because the paedophiles dont care about anything apart from their own selfish selves, as long as they get their sexual kicks, thats all they care about.

So what I am going to do on my blog from now on is to post articles for mums, because the secret family courts destroy people, so I am going to post some nice things to calm the mums who are suffering so much while trying to defend their children. The secret family courts make the mums ill, I dont know anyone who has gone through one of those secret family court trials that has not suffered mental and physical illness, and if they go to the doctors, even if they have a good GP the doctor is not able to helop them, because if they put on their record that they have suffered illness the paedophiles and human traffickers who are in the system use that as an excuse to steal their children.

So I am going to post some things that have nothing to do with secret family courts, or paedophiles, or anything horrible. But I won't stop praying for the people who are being hurt, and for my country.

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