Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I was treated in a foul and utterly disgusting way at Stafford and Wolverhampton Secret Family Courts, they forced me to be cross examined by the man I have formally complained to Stafford Police to about grooming me while I was suffering from acute depression (caused by child abuse) raping me and molesting me for almost 5 years, to the point where I was hospitalised for trying to commit suicide, because of what he was doing to me. They forced me to be cross examined without a screen by him, they forced me to be cross examined by his wife, those evil people actually said in court that they both wanted me to be his unpaid prostitute! They treated me like a lump of meat!

They kept me imprisoned for 2 hours with the rapist outside the door. They tried to force me to sign documents against my will. They kept me there for 2 hours and bullied and threatend me over and over again until I started crying, then they mocked me and I started screaming and eventually the security guards on the reception desk came rushing in with a glass of water for me. I was in a dreadful state.

They did plenty of other things too. They put me through hell.

So I am very very pleased to see this video. How many people have been treated with the same contempt and cruelty that I was? How many people have they driven to suicide? I dread to think!!!! I ended up in hospital with pneumonia because of the terrible stress I was under, the threats, the stalking, the bullying, it was all too much for my health, it broke down and I ended up in hospital. All the mums I know who have gone through these evil secret courts have got health problems, those wicked people are making people ill! You would not believe how cruel they are unless you see it for yourself.

Thank you Roger Hayes for what you are doing, may God bless you!

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