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And the name of the game is GUESS THE JERSEY POLITICIAN

It's really quite simple. All you have to do is read through the latest drivel er post off the Blog of Doom, and try to guess which Jersey politician is responsible.

The prize for the winner is a Plastercine copy of the relic of the Saddam Hussain statue which is being auctioned for charity.

The Jersey Haut de la Garenne Murder Farce
"It's not brain surgery, anybody, any reasonable person could see that the way in which the initial press matters were handled was totally and utterly wrong. Anybody with any common sense can see that." - Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand, 14/10/2010.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011An open letter to Stuart Syvret
Dear Mr Syvret,

I write to you as a very concerned Jersey resident.

I came from a working class Jersey family, went to St Brelades’s Primary school (now long closed) then on to Rouge Bouillon (now part of police HQ) then on to Hautlieu in the days of Headmaster Brown. I started my career as a junior at Barclays Bank, Les Quennevais and climbed slowly up the ladder until I left some years later to start a family. I am now retired with young grand children.

My reason for writing to you is because I’m not sure what you’re up to? I voted for you when you first stood for Deputy in St Helier No 3, I voted for you again when you first stood for Senator.

You appear to want to destroy the island which we all love. You claim it’s a dangerous place for vulnerable children, that’s simply not true. You still claim (along with your blogosphere followers) that children were murdered at Haut de la Garenne.

But there’s simply no concrete evidence. Lenny Harper found some teeth, animal bones and something which turned out to be an old piece of coconut. He didn’t find any bodies or come up with any missing children’s names. I have an acquaintance that was at Haut de la Garenne in the 60s and 70s. Not only did she love being there - particularly the summer camps - but also she did not hear of any children going missing without reason.

After Lenny Harper came Detective Superintendent Mick Gladwell from the Lancashire Police and Northumbria Police’s Deputy Chief Constable David Warcup. These senior officers had no previous connection with the island and so had no axe to grind. They said the whole investigation had been extremely badly handled by Lenny Harper and Graham Power and wound down the inquiry. This whole exercise cost we tax payers many millions of pounds.

You couldn’t seem to accept the Gladwell and Warcup findings so started a very vindictive campaign against them. I was disgusted that several States Members (Bob Hill, Trevor and Shona Pitman, Montfort Tadier, Mike Higgins to name but a few) chose to do the same. Eventually, both officers, not surprisingly chose to leave the island due to political interference.

We’ve wasted many hundreds of thousands of pounds on more inquiries, all of which have supported the original findings that the investigation was badly handled.

You’ve callously claimed that innocent (until proved guilty) people - long since dead - were child abusers. The upset you have caused the blameless families of these people is simply disgraceful.

Incidentally, you claim you were sacked from ministerial office, that’s not true. The chief minister of the time brought a proposition to the States to remove you because you were bullying members of your team at the Health Department. The States as a whole, democratically decided to remove you for good reason. A later independent report (more unnecessary money wasted) also backed up the bullying claim.

My point Mr Syvret is simple. We have laws in Jersey. You may not like the laws, or the people that administer them, but we have to live by the laws of the land.

You broke the data protection law. You broke motor traffic laws by not renewing your driving licence for several years. And no matter how or why you got caught, you were very clearly guilty. You then treated the Court with Contempt and in so doing broke the law again. You then did a runner from the island (probably also against the law) and so lost your seat as a Senator whilst we taxpayers were paying you nearly £800 per week!

The rest of us would have gone to court and accepted our punishment. But you have decided to draw this out as long as possible, again costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We are all worried about what will happen to us now that the Governor of the Bank of England has told us we’re about to go through the worst recession ever. We are hoping that our political leaders will somehow get us through. We need every resource possible to pull through, but you are costing our island much money and much wasted resource simply because you can’t accept the normal rule of law.

Millions have been wasted on Haut de la Garenne. Hundreds of thousands wasted on bringing you to justice and probably a lot more on yet more inquiries which I suspect you, and the States Members who support you, will no doubt necessitate.

In the meantime, due to the global downturn, (not due to our elected members) many of our family members and friends are struggling. They’re struggling to pay mortgages, buy food, pay their bills and are worried about their futures.

Whilst you and your followers are wasting so much time and resource, the Jersey authorities are not able to put their-all into moving the island forward.

And what would happen if you were elected?

Are you going to go running off to Westminster, Brussels or other global authorities? What will happen if these large jurisdictions start to restrict what we do. What happens to my pension? My hard-earned house? The prospects for my husband, children and grandchildren?

With all due respect, it’s ok for you. You don’t seem to have accumulated anything from the hundreds of thousands of pounds we as taxpayers have paid you over the past few years as a States Member, so have very little to lose. You have not invested anything in the island and can hop on a plane and go and live wherever you choose.

My family and I don’t have that option. Everything we’ve worked hard for is based here in Jersey. We know it’s not perfect here, but it really is one of the greatest places in the world to live and bring up children.
I’m really worried about what damage you intend to do to the island. Your blog incites hatred of authority, you happily badmouth us to the national papers (including the erroneous comments you made about the recent tragic murders) and you’re costing all islanders a fortune by exploiting every loophole you can to avoid natural justice.

I now see in today’s JEP (Wednesday 12th October) that you’re in court again because you’ve not done any of your Community Service. Why not?

You had no driving license, you had no insurance, you were very obviously guilty.

You leaked a confidential police report about an individual who the police decided - along with an independent review from another police force – had not committed any crimes. As result you breached Data protection laws, so again you were guilty.

You’ve been served the compromise of Community Service, you’ve failed to do any of it, you may well end up in jail… Why do you think that none of this is reasonable?

Mr Syvret, if you really care about the people of Jersey you claim to represent, please stop what you’re doing. You’re wasting our hard earned resources on a fight with the authorities which could end up costing us all very dearly.

May I politely suggest that you come to terms with the very mild punishment served on you by our courts, you should deeply think about what you want from Jersey, its people and its ways.

This is an amazing place due to our history, culture and the bloody-minded determination of our hard working people. I hope your own determination will not bring down all that we have worked for.

You’ve done the crime… please now do the time.
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Anonymous said...
How so true this letter is.

In the old days I used to vote for Stuart Syvret to ensure an eye was kept on the establishment. There's no way I would risk doing that again.

If he ever manages to get re-elected, imagine the damage he could cause! He could just turn up in the States now and again to avoid being nullified due to absence. Then he would be free to seriously damage the island’s reputation overseas whilst we were paying him £800 per week. This man has also admitted he is suffering from mental illness. Why is he allowed to stand??!!


October 12, 2011
Anonymous said...
So he called Magistrate Shaw a biased judge, well fancy that! A man who wants to represent the people in making laws acts like a anarchist! He will go insode, have no doubts about it and it's all his doing.

October 12, 2011
Anonymous said...
Among Syvret's many, many problems, a major one is a total lack of understanding of a concept which is totally alien to him personally - that of "professional detatchment."

He simply cannot conceive that justices, magistrates, journalists etc. are more than capable of setting aside any and all personal opinion, emotion and belief when acting in an official, or professional capacity.

They're trained and schooled to do this, irrespective of the situation, or circmstances, and are fully aware of the dangers and penalties should they allow the "personal" to impinge upon the "professional."

He is so wrapped up in himself that he cannot believe, for an instant, that everyone else is not as self-centred and self-serving as he is.

This is why Ms. Shaw was, in the past and today, perfectly correct to refuse to remove herself from the proceedings. What she thinks of Syvret in private is anyone's guess and her business, but when she is on the bench, she must and does set aside any such thoughts.

Syvret cannot understand that anyone could be capable of doing this. He also believes - totally mistakenly - that any form of personal contact - means that the people involved must be co-conspirators. or, at best like-minded and mutually protective, or that one is subservient to the other and receives instruction therefrom.

Since Syvret is incapable of grasping the fact that individuals can perform their professional duties independent of their own beliefs and opinions and totally divorced from their private-lives, he must find another reason for their thwarting of his wishes and desires and not totally agreeing with his warped view of the world.

There are only two other possible reasons:

First, that he is simply wrong.

Of course, as we all know, SS cannot be wrong (despite his insincere protestations of being fallible.) As has been evidenced ( one of his favourite words) many times in the past, he will squirm and manouevre and obfuscate till the cows come home rather than admit that he is wrong (unless, of course, his being "wrong" puts the blame on someone else - e.g. he was wrong to trust so-and-so.)

Second, the person, or persons who are not letting him have his own way must be actively working against him - and since so many people have not done as he wanted, they must all be in it together and he must be the victim of a huge conspiracy, whose members grow with every new individual who opposes him, or doesn't do what he wants.

As the saying goes "more to be pitied than reviled."

October 12, 2011
Anonymous said...
In August the former senator accepted 80 hours of community service instead of spending 10 weeks in prison.

Enough of this clown just put him in La Moye.

October 12, 2011
Anonymous said...
I could just imagine a string of letters/posts like this appearing on his own blog over the years yet he never publishes them because the truth hurts.

October 12, 2011

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Zoompad said...

Can anyone mistake the ponderous measured tones of that politician's prose? If there is one good thing that has come out of going virtually blind it is that I have to have the Kindle on robot voice, which really enhances the prose of writers such as this charecter. In fact, I would go as far to say that the Kindle robotic voice is far less droning than the prize chump who wrote "Second, the person, or persons who are not letting him have his own way must be actively working against him - and since so many people have not done as he wanted, they must all be in it together and he must be the victim of a huge conspiracy, whose members grow with every new individual who opposes him, or doesn't do what he wants" drone drone drone

Oh dear, if it wasn't so serious it would be funny!

Zoompad said...

"The rest of us would have gone to court and accepted our punishment."

Oh, you would would you? Then why the heck are you persecuting Stuart Syvret for blowing the whistle?

For heaven's sake! Talk about rubbing salt into open wounds! You have the cheek of the devil!