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If it were not for brave people like this wonderful man Stuart Syvret I don't know if I could have got through the horrible horrible abuse I was put through in the Secret Family Courts.

When you are being persecuted and abused you feel so frightened. When the State sets people on to you to bully you, it makes you feel like jelly inside. I cant describe well enough the frightened feelings I had during my seven year ordeal of persecution in the secret family courts, but I am sure Stuart Syvret must know the same feelings.

He was a well paid rfespected Senator until he started to help the victims of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal. But he was too honourable a man to do what he was expected to do, sweep all the abuse under the carpet and forget about it. He was expected to do that by the rest of the Senate. He was called a "Maverick" for caring more about justice and decency than the facade.

Some people think all this big struggle for justice and decency is all a waste of time. I have had 3 people in 24 hours tell me that I should go with the flow. I remember that Jesus Christ also was tempted three times, and I remember his responses.

I'm hurting inside of me, the pain of the abuse I suffered as a child, I can't heal, how can I when I am still being classed as the "nutter"? How can I heal when I don't have access to the Justice system of this country? How can I heal when I am still living in fear of more stalking, more persecution? People say to me, "get over it; put it behind you". How can I, when I am forced every 6 months to recount my entire life history by my government? That has the same painful effect on me as if I were picking a massive scab off a wound. It opens it all up again, and I am back in the horror of my childhood!

They wanted to force me to have NLP councelling, the secret family courts, instead of leaving our family be, to just leave us alone, oh no, they had to persecute and persecute me, forcing me to submit to a bullying old witch called Joanna Simpson Blake, trying to force me to go to near where I was abused, to have NLP brainwashing, which was devellopped by a man who was accused of murdering his wife and a television hypnotist. For a start, the Bible forbids Christians to allow anyone to hypnotise them, so for the secret family court to try to force this "treatment" on me was breaching my g=human rights to follow the Christian faith! The other thing is that my GP was not involved in this arrangement TO MY KNOWLEDGE. Of course I cannot rule out that my GP might not have been approached without my knowledge, as there are many secrets in those secret illegal courts that we are never told about, but, to my knowledge, my doctor was never consulted, and I certainly was not advised by my GP to submit to NLP "councelling". I have been told since then that NLP is useless and even dangerous for PTSD, it is the wrong treatment!

I went through hell, being persecuted to kingdom come. I do not know anyone who nwas a victim of Pindown who has not been persecuted by the state!

So, in my eyes, Stuart Syvret is a hero. He has also been persecuted, and has stood his ground. He has been put in jail, threatened with violence, had his relationship broken up, been hacked mocked persecuted and physically attacked. I hope he wins his seat in the election


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There is a non stop torrent of abusive comments attacking Stuart Syvret and anyone who supports the victims of the child abuse at Haut de la Garenne, it is on the blog titled THE JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG. The man who set that blog up is a convicted criminal and he was fined £200 for making death threats to Stuart Syvrets landlord.

I will post a sample of the things that they are saying on that blog.

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Anonymous said...
In the very unlikely event of the nutter getting re-elected.
How's he going to have time to devote to the States when all his time is and has been taken up in the last three years with legal cases. And it's looking like it will go on for years, yawn.
It's obvious he just wants back into the political areena for financial reasons as his £175 a week doesn't go very far, especially when there taking £25 a week towards his fine.
I take it he's been paying his fine?

October 13, 2011
Anonymous said...
This Island has so many challenges being thrown at it from outisde the jusisdiction that we need certain political stability. The threats to us coming from the UK and EU are real and tangible. So, when we have a man like Syvret with his supporters breaking the law, criticising our judges and legal system, attacking our Attorney General and Deputy Bailiff, then we have a form of latent anarchic behaviour. We saw this type of behaviour in Germany in the early 1930's when a misfit with a bunch of thugs gained power. This man needs to be dealt with quickly. First, he needs to fail miserably in the election, then he as to be hauled before the courts and then he is made accountable for his words and actions. He must take responsability for his actions like anyone else on this great Island and accept that what he has done is wrong and that he will be punished. This Island faces huge threats from outside and our elected politicians have to face this head on. There is no vision for Jersey with Syvret. He paints a future of anarchy.

October 13, 2011

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Jersey politicians are posting on that blog, which is surprising really, as the person running that blog has havcked and intimidated victims of child abuse again and again and again. People have complained to the police about that blog but nothing has beenh done. As I said, Jersey politicians are posting their, the police could easily veryfy this, if they checked IP addresses.

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Good videos.

- Aangirfan

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British government starts an inquiry into child abuse 14th October 2011

Looks like Brian was right after all.

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"Anonymous said...
Stu is giving the courts no other choice with his persona and god knows what parents think of his attitude in court on Wednesday if they have children they want to steer out of trouble."

Hmm, I hope this is not another cowardly threat from a Jersey politician.

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My advice, to any Staffordshire freemasons, i9s to steer well clear of and Jersey corrupt politicians who ask them to do "little favours". They may be your brothers by oath, but they, to put it bluntly, are in the shit, and you would not want them pulling you into it as well! Just my advice, take it or leave it, your choice.

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The Police are reading this blog, not just Staffordshire police, I am very glad to say.

I don't blame Stafford Police, but the sad thing is that very corrupt people have been wangling their way into key positions in organisations all over the UK, and the fraudulent "charity" that has enabled them to do this is called COMMON PURPOSE. They use brainwashing techniques to grab power. The people they have brainwashed, I don't blame them, but the ones who did it to them, the ringleaders.

Their days are numbered, the British Police earned a reputation for vbeing the best police in the world, well I am going to enjoy seeing them live up to that title! They have got a massive, seemingly impossible task, but by the grace of God they will succeed, this is what I have been praying for, not anarchy!