Saturday, 15 October 2011


SAFARI have posted this in their newsletter

remember that SAFARI’s ‘job’ is solely to
produce a 2-monthly newsletter and
communicate with those who have the power to
help make changes in the legal system. We
can’t assist people on a one-to-one basis. It’s
always great to hear from our readers but
please remember that SAFARI is run by only
two people (and sometimes only one is
available!) so we have little time to read pages
and pages of paperwork."

This wicked organisation is a double edged sword, they use False Memory Syndrome (invented by the paedophile Ralph Underwager) to claim that children complaining of being abused are lying, and at the same time they help people to make malicious complaints about innocent people.

MI5 is involved in the network of journalists who are deliberatly undermining the justice system.

Please dont let these wicked people get away with what they are doing any more. Please, please please, you police officers also have children, please break up this gang of paedophiles.

Mary Whitehouse was trying to stop them all, this is a network of wicked people that has been like a cancer on our society, wrecking it from within. They need stopping for once and all.

I have faith in the British Police to do this.


Zoompad said...

I am reading about SAFARI now, they are only 2 people, but are networking with other Government funded organisations! Its all there, in their own newsletter!


I want to work for the police, I think I ought to be paid for what I am doing, I am going to push ahead with trying to get help with the PTSD and my eating disorder, and see if I can get a job working with the police, because I am very good at spotting stuff other people seem to miss.

These paedoscumbags have got away with this nonsence for too long already! They have laughed about the police being stupid in their horrible book of how they got away with Operation Ore, THE APPALLING VISTA by Brian Rothery. All the police need to read that horrid book and all his other horrible books as well.

Zoompad said...

Brian Rothery said in that scummy book that its ok for paople to take erotic pictures of naked children. YOU CAN SEE WHAT A SLIMEBALL HE IS FROM HIS OWN SCABBY BOOK!

Zoompad said...


Carrie has blocked me from Facebook over the Brian Clare fiasco, but she is a good person, and she is the very best of people to represent other abuse survivors. Its not her fault that there are spooks and creeps and double crossing backstabbing phonies trying to use "divide and conquer" tactics all over the place.

Now those disgusting creeps are attacking her and there are Jersey politicians posting on that blog which was set up by a man convicted of issuing death threats to Stuart Syvrets landlord!

The police need to smash up that paedophile ring really quickly now.

Anon said...

I am not sure that I have faith in the British police.

- Aangirfan

Anon said...

The 'British' police have a poor record on most things.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I can understand why, Ang, remember, I was raped at Stafford police station it WAS rape, to force me to submit against my will and without my parents consent to a bvaginal examination in front of five men and a woman when I was 13 years old. I still have flashbacks of that awful day, its left me with massive personal scars, because I thought they were putting knives inside my womb. I didn't know what an internal was until they did that to me. It was a horrific experience. A prostitute helped me come to terms with it, a prostitute in the psychiatric hospital I was sent to, as a "place of safety", God was looking after me even if the people who were being paid good wages were not!

But I know that there are a lot of people in the police force who didn't join up just to become pawns for a little group of gangsters, murderers and child abusers. The police are human beings as well, under that uniform, and when I spoke at the corner of Downing Street a few years ago the MET policemen were listening to what I was saying, and I could see sympathy in the eyes of more thyan one of them. They are being told lies about us, and they are slowly finding out the truth. I refuse to hate the police because of what they did to me when I was a child, I refuse to let go of the voice inside me that is telling me that they are human beings, just as I am.

Zoompad said...

The police did try to smash up the paedophile ring that is responsible for the human trafficking. They also wanted to arrest Tony Blair. The war in Iraq is related to the vile human trafficking all over Europe and America. The police have launched operation after operation to try to stop the institutional child abuse, and MI5 has sabotaged those police investigations.

There are some fantastic people working for the police, remember Lenny Harper and Graham Power were both high ranking policemen until recently, and there are more police just as decent all over the UK. There's a war on right now in this country, it's like a cold war, criminals have infiltrated the whole system, by stealth. Nothing works properly any more. I posted something about SAFARI yesterday, there are only 2 people running it, those Common Purpose/Stafford Beer funny diagrams, that look like circuit diagrams, they are plans showing how to network and inmfiltrate Governments and Councils.

Zoompad said...

We need to work with the police, and not allow ourselves to be falsely labelled as anachists and terrorists. I am not an anachist, I am a Christian, I am not a terrorist, I am a child abuse survivor with PTSD. The REAL terrorists are the ones who are stealing and trafficking children, starting illegal wars and filling our prisons with the wrong people. To put a homeless starving man in prison for stealing a couple of cheese sandwiches is insane, when you have people who steal millions and billions from the poorest people, who are given honours instead of being punished. The police are also victims of daylight robbery, remember. The same criminals who are stealing peoples children are also raiding their pay packets, by their various scams. The police neeed to wake up and realise that they are being illegally controlled by a bunch of criminals, and some of them are beginning to realise that. I have faith in the UK Police because I have faith in Jesus Christ and Jesus is telling me that the police are waking up as well!