Thursday, 20 October 2011


What is the Church?

As a Bible reading Christian, I understood it to be the assembly of people who come together to worship the creator of the earth, the universe and everything. I understood it to be the grateful assembly who love Jesus Christ.

This building in London takes its name from a man who once persecuted Christians, who even held the coats for the ones who threw stones at Stephen because they didn't like what Stephen was telling them, they didn't want to hear the truth. So they threw stones at Stephen and stoned him to death, and Paul held their coats for them while they did so. Then Paul met Jesus as he was walking along a road, and Jesus said "Why are you persecuting me?", and Paul went blind because of the brightness of Jesus. Jesus sent Paul to the people Paul had been persecuting, and they looked after him, his sight was restored and Paul was so overwhelmed by actually meeting Jesus risen from the dead that he spent the rest of his life travelling the world telling people the good news, that they could have eternal life if they wanted it, and that Jesus had risen from the dead. For this Paul himself was beaten up several times and he spent many years in jail because he refused to stop preaching.

No I know I am going to get the usual "YOU ARE A NUTTER" comments at me, because of writing this, but the truth is, this is doctrine, what I have just posted is not only in the Bible, it is also the very foundation of the Church, the Monarchy and the Common laws of this land.

St Pauls Cathedral takes its very name from this man, a Roman soldier, who lived 2000 years ago.

So what do you suppose God would like the Church's response to this anti corporate greed movement to be? Well, I believe that the Lord would want the Church to be overjoyed that so many people had felt drawn to this building, that is built for God. What a golden opportunity it is, to have such a big crowd to tell the good news of eternal salvation to! Charles Wesley would have given his eye teeth to have such a big turnout!

There is talok of closing St Paul's down, because of the big crowd of people camped outside. What are they so afraid of? Didn't St Paul tell God's children to be bold, and not afraid? Did he not tell the children of God to love one another, and to put spiritual things first? These people are sleeping in the damp and cold, because they are so outraged by the wicked crimes and corruption of 1% of individuals who are doing the V sign to God by robbing, pilfering, raping and killing.

A few years ago Rowan Williams did speak out about the Brotherhood of Freemasons who are undermining the justice system, by putting their oath of allegience to other Masons before their duty to God. Rowan Williams was attacked for daring to raise a whisper against the Freemasons.

So what should the Christian response to this be? I can't answer for other Christians, but if I saw a load of tents every morning when I came to work, I think I would want to make all the people a nice hot cup of tea to warm them all up a bit.

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Anon said...

Bravo for a nice cup of tea.

- Aangirfan