Sunday, 11 November 2012


I went to see my GP on 29th October to ask for a specific diagnostic test, and also for something to help for the PTSD symptoms (caused by malicious vindictive persecution of the people who are desperatly trying to cover up the Pindown child abuse/cover ups)

So far I have not heard a peep from my doctor or had any letter, telephone call, email, not a thing.

I also contacted Shy Keenan and Sara Payne, via their Sun newspaper email address (they told me to on Twitter, they were both on there for about two hours this morning) and so far I have heard nothing back from either of them.

I have asked a lot of people to help me. Liberty, Amnesty International, the police (Stafford, Jersey and the MET), various Asperger Syndrome charities, various child abuse charities, every politician in the British Isles, every national newspaper and some international and local newspapers as well, both Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, many bishops and vicars of many differnt denominations, many mental health charities,and the Queen.

Thats quite a lot of people to have written to, I think.

I think I have fallen into one heck of a bloody great hole in the net!


Zoompad said...

In fact, you could say that the safety net was more hole than net!

Anonymous said...

I too suffered from PTSD from abuse.
I wasa premature baby and was always undersized, at the orphanage i was an easy target for the nuns and the playground bullies.
later i took a job and had it there too, how i never knifed anybody i just dont know, because many have deserved it.

Anon said...

A holiday abroad would be nice?

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I don't have a passport, by choice, because if I did have one they might find it a lot easier to dissapear me, and I am certainly not going to help them in any way to do that!

Zoompad said...

I know how much they hate me, and want me off the face of the earth.

Zoompad said...

Still not been contacted by my GP, Shy Keenan or Sara Payne.

Will wait a little while longer before jumping to any hasty conclusions, give them the benefit of the doubt.

survivor said...

some other sources of help -
NAPAC (Pottergate centre - dissociative diagnosis & resources)

Zoompad said...

New one to add to the useful as a chocolate teapot list, Savanna.

Zoompad said...

NAPAC, well, if you don't mind Peter Saunders having a go at you and trying to falsely accuse you of being aggressive, but thats not my idea of good child abuse councelling services, thatks very much but no thanks.

Zoompad said...

Finally a letter off NHS offering me a completly useless and inappropriate appointment with an unnamed Mental Health Community Nurse.

Not at all what my GP told me that she would arrange for me.

But, I am used to asking for bread only to recieve a stone. Used to it.