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John Hemming

Mr John Leech

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That this House notes the inquiries into Jimmy Savile and others such as the Paedophile Information Exchange; believes that, although it is important to concentrate on ensuring that such cover-ups do not happen again, we should be concerned about the effect of such inquiries on the victims; and calls for consideration as to how the victims may be heard, if they wish, through for example anonymous statements, so that as part of the process they can feel supported and achieve closure given that Jimmy Savile will not be prosecuted.


Zoompad said...

we should be concerned about the effect of such inquiries on the victims; and calls for consideration as to how the victims may be heard, if they wish, through for example anonymous statements

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Zoompad said...

VICTIMS of child abuse have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of at all.

So why the dickens should this Secret Service agent be calling for the VICTIMS to be shrouded in secrecy?

Some of us have been banging on for decades about the Pindown abuse we suffered, and not at all wanting to hide our faces.

Some of us have had to deal with further harassment and persecution ie false and malicious claims made against us, ie of malicious emails that didnt even exist, resulting in the police being sent bang bang banging at the door, the same police who have consistantly refused to do anything about the systematic abuse we have suffered, and I have even been told by Stafford police that it is perfectly legal to falsify someones medical records,which is absolute nonsense, IT IS A CRIME TO DO THAT!

Zoompad said...

John Hemming MP, the Secret Service agent who pretends to care about institutional child abuse victims, then lets horrible people like Nigel Oldfield harrass the living daylights out of them for finding out all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager and trying to tell other people.

What a blasted hypocritical liar!

I am not in Parliament, so I can call a spade a spade and say the word LIAR!!!

Zoompad said...

I will tell everyone what effect the Jimmy Saville abuse enquiry is having on victims of the Pindown child abuse cover up.

Joy and relief.

What is causing the distress is the blasted MI Lodgekeepers and propaganda merchants keep trying to squeeze all the dirt back under the carpet again, and kick peoploe like me into the gutter!THATS what is hurting so bad!

Anonymous said...
Is Brian Gerrish a shill ?

Zoompad said...

I hope you don't mind but I am going to publish this on my blog comments, I will delete it if you do. It's just that its more likely people will read it all rather than just a link:

10 Reasons Why I’m sure Brian Gerrish is a Shill

By wmw_admin on November 4, 2012

diggerfortruth – Sept 27, 2012

Having met Brian several times and spoken with him at length, I have always found him to be a gentlemen. It saddens me to come to these conclusions. But this unfortunately is part of the fabric of the TM.

Why should it matter about these shills? Well I feel it is crucial to out these gatekeepers. They are seriously dangerous to the Truth. Lets be direct and honest – these people are indirect murderers.

Anyone who stands in the flow of Truth, is indirectly helping towards death, destruction and suffering.

Zoompad said...

1/. Brian apparently gets funding from Sheila Butler, the daughter of Lord Kitchener, who set up (genuine) concentration camps in the Boar War.

2/. Never mentions the JCN throughout his whole body of work. And like these shills propagates rhetoric of Nazi state. That should ring alarm bells with any true Truther.

3/. Has a Jewish woman working for him (Kate) who propagates anti-Islamic posts. What on earth is going on there!?

4/. He attended a dinner suit award ceremony at a Scientology centre in Sussex, to receive an award ‘for his efforts’. I have a reliable contact who witnessed this and said there were envelopes passing hands (£££).

Why on earth would anyone who is aware of this agenda attend such an event, knowing the amount of suffering it entails? Why would he accept an award?? Surely the Truth is not about this.

Not only that, anyone even slightly aware of this agenda should be aware that Scientology is a mind control sect and would have no association with it.

5/. He has been on the Alex Jones show. Dodgy!! Anyone worth their weight in the TM should know to stay well away from that king of shills.

6/. Has associated himself with Mr Lizard (David Icke). Alarm bells are ringing!! These shills love to slap each other on the back.

7/. He is the top speaker at the British Constitution Group pulling in thousands of people. And a top speaker at the controlled opposition event ‘The Alternative View’. He has his own newspaper – The UK Column…..why is it called the column – ‘the fifth column’ perhaps? He appears on alternative TV. How does this happen? You and I would not be able to do this. One thing I’ve learnt is these ‘events’ and publications always always start from top down, never from grass roots up.

8/. He is associated with the Hollie Greig hoax. I’m sorry it now turns out this whole sick story has been fabricated!! Another evil distraction using a mentally disabled woman. These sick bastards, where does their cruel deception end(?)

9/. Brian is also associated with the seriously dodgy Belinda McKenzie; the leader of a British 9/11 Truth campaign and a fundraiser for the MKO a terrorist organisation which was illegal in the Britain and was involved in a campaign of killings and kidnappings in Iran.

At one stage she was investigated by the UK Charities Commission and found to have been money laundering a sum of £5 million which she could not account for but which had passed through her account.

But instead of being jailed for funding terrorism or money laundering she is still running around starting up new campaigns. Indeed far from being in prison she is not the head of the Association for Charities.

10/. The logo of the British Constitution Group is a Union Jack with a dove – Venus the occult symbol of sacrifice, for crying out loud.


1/. Dodgy funding

2/. Tight lipped with regards to the kosher control, just distributing half Truth

3/. His colleague propagates Islamophobia

4/. Attended a Scientology event to receive an award

5/. Guest on the Alex Jones show

6/. Associates himself with David Icke

7/. Top cat in all the right places, with his own newspaper

8/. Associated directly with the Hollie Greig case – which now turns out to be a hoax

9/. Associated with dodgy Belinda Mckenzie

10/. Associates himself with the dove occult symbol of sacrifice

Zoompad said...

I am still not convinced that the Hollie Greig abuse claims were a hoax, I did meet Hollie and Anne Greig at Stafford and they seemed completly genuine to me.

But I find Robert Greens behaviour very strange indeed. I could not understand why, for example, he was not interested in the Colin Tucker situation.

Zoompad said...

"1/. Brian apparently gets funding from Sheila Butler, the daughter of Lord Kitchener, who set up (genuine) concentration camps in the Boar War."

That is frightening.