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dognamedblue said...
it doesn't take a lot of working out to figure that Carol A. Valentine, zoompad (& her other names) are the same person
which when zoompad is not going to post on your blog [although still take the time to read it] is a little strange that she comes back under an "assumed" name

the first thing I read on your blog is the disclaimer at the top of every page but I can see how things are difficult for zoompad as where ever she turns to get some answers she currently hits a brick wall

I do think she needs help at the moment as if you follow through on her links she appears to be having conversations with herself, although I could be wrong and they may well be different people

keep up the good work A.
after all people are strange, when you're a stranger
3:14 PM


Zoompad said...


Zoompad said...
This is the last post I am going to make on your blog, and I am reposting it onto my own blog just in case you dont publish it.I feel disguasted and betrayed by this comment:

"People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned."

That is a lie.

I don't want to be associated with your blog any more because of this, Aangirfan.
9:32 AM

Zoompad said...

I am glad this person has attacked me, it's helped me to see the truth.

I won't be posting anything on Aangirfan's blog any more. I don't want to be associated with a blog that is wilfully allowing lies to be published, and I don't want to be associated with a blog where the blog owner thinks that people who lust after children make the best child protectors either.

Zoompad said...

I won't be posting on Aangirfan's blog any more, but I will be reading it, in case Aangirfan allows any more lies to be printed about me, or allows any more people to attack me.

I am not Lord McAlpine, so won't be taking anyone to court for libel, as I don't have enough money to have access to the libel laws!

Instead, I will just republish the lies on my own blog, and show all my friends.

Zoompad said...

The person who wrote this is another victim of child abuse, and I can understand someone being so messed up inside that they put two and two together and come up with six, I can understand that.

But why has Aangirfan allowed this, and not told the readers that this is wrong?

Why has Aangirfan allowed this to be published on his blog, and not made any effort to put things right?

I am NOT Carol!

Zoompad said...

If I post soliloqueys on my own blog, it is not a sign of madness!

Why should someone, child abuse victim or otherwise, be allowed to make nasty bullying comments to that effect about me?

Some people just want to shut me up.

Zoompad said...

I just found this:

Anonymous said...
Oh boy Aangs on holiday so we have to put up with this well poisoner again. The last time this impostor sat in we had a hug the Illuminati lecture. Folks dig in sense will return in a week or two just don't take the bait.
3:49 AM

This is the reason I keep warning anti child abuse campaigners never ever ever to allow anyone else have access to their blog dashboard.

I WILL be posting on Aangirfan's blog, once the creep who is presently running it is evicted, presumably that will be when the real Aangirfan gets back from his holiday!

Carol A. Valentine said...

Hi Zoomie,

Yes it all makes for interesting reading and an interesting series of events.

I am with you about all this 100%.

As any reader of your terrific blog will confirm from even a glance at my blog: Zoompad and Carol are not the same person.

Dog was wrong to insult you by his suggestion lol !

Anyway I know that my comments are being censored from Aangirfan at the moment so I will sit back and watch for the time being.

Interesting theory about Aang being on holiday.

If that is the case then that is in some ways positive news.

BUT a significant question about the Judgment of allowing someone else to post on the blog while being away has to be asked.

Over and out!

Carol x

Anonymous said...

I dunno about that scenario, I find it rather suspicious. The sites a bit too lurid anyway. I think I'll just stay away permanently. I don't see how an imposter could just move in like that, seems unlikely.

Zoompad said...

Anonymous, I don't either. I am just trying to work out what has happened. That other poster seems to think this has happened before.

I certainly would never allow anyone else to take over my blog!

A13 said...

HI Zoompad..this has happened on Aangirfan before..maybe a year or so ago..people were all confused and wondering if it was in fact the same Aang..but anyway, i've ducked down and won't be commenting either for a while.
All the best A13

Zoompad said...

Did Aangirfan explain what had happened the last time?

I think if he doesn't have a really good explaination for all this crap I will be steering a wide berth away from his blog for good.

Carol A. Valentine said...

With reluctance after putting a certain contention to the blogger concerned directly and getting no response i have been compelled to address this subject in my most recent posting.

I hope to be disproved but i am not optimistic in this regard.

Time will tell as they say.


Anonymous said...

Great sympathy from here. This idiot is posting that gay people are ipso facto brighter. So men who don't appreciate female biology are ipso facto brighter and more talented are they? What idiocy!! And what ignorance about the proper use of statistics. When Channel 4 put a gay questionnaire in gents loos, one quarter were filled in by public school educated people. Because single sex boarding institutions notoriously have more of this behaviour. I hate this type of mysogyny.

Zoompad said...

Playing trecherous tricks on folk isn't a very smart thing to do.

Praise the Lord, for He promised the truth would be revealed, and He never lies!

John Ephraim Bull said...

Hello Zoompad

I am about to start a blog (the page is set up) re Exposing End Time Disinformation agents and aangirfan is top of my list.

Do you happen to know anything about him/her?

Zoompad said...

I think Aangirfan isn't just one person, because when I was on Facebook Brian Clare, the man who played a creepy trick on me with Ian Evans at the Trafalgar Square anti child abuse rally, I think it was in 2010, before he did that, he tried to get me to commit perjury for him by being a character witness for him in a secret family court case. He wanted me to make a false statement claiming I knew him when I didn't, but he kept saying that I did know him and made me think perhaps I did know him from somewhere, so I asked him where we had met, and he said we'd met in a childrens home in the north east, but that wasnt true as I'd never been in any childrens home in the North East, the one I was put in was Chadswell Assessment Centre near Lichfield.

He told me he was one of the Operation Rose Pindown child abuse victims and I believed him, but after he did what he did to me, trying to bully and trick me, I dont believe he was telling me the truth, maybe there was someone called Brian Clare and he'd stolen his identity, because I just dont believe that any victim of a Pindown home would treat another victim of Pindown in such a horrible cruel way. I never met him, as far as I'm aware, he just befriended me on Facebook. Chris Wittwer told me other women had been befriended by him and that he'd tried to get them to commit perjury for him as well.

He told me Aangirfan was his blog, sort of, he told me he wrote on Aangirfan, but that he wasn't Aangirfan, he said he'd had his own blog but it was closed down.

I think genuine child abuse victims are having their identities stolen then other people, bad people are pretending to be them.

John Ephraim Bull said...

Thanks for posting my comment and coming back

I understand that all manner of devious stuff is going on, especially to smear good people.

My main suspicion with aangirfan are all those gratuitous snaps of young boys he puts on his page. Many of them are boys from the Far East and we know how the Far East is favourite for British paedophiles.

One or two recent posts he made were of a school for the slum kids out there and they were listed as if they were in a catalogue for paedos to make their choice from.

I do not trust him at all and I was wondering if he was Mossad, MI5 or CIA. To me he's certainly spooky.

Zoompad said...

"we know how the Far East is favourite for British paedophiles"


Still not a word about COLIN TUCKER from John Hemming and his friends. I find that very strange, as he is a Birmingham MP, so what the ex Director of Childrens Services for Birmingham has been up to is certainly his constituents business!

Zoompad said...,d.bGQ

13 May 2011 Last updated at 13:11 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

ShareFacebookTwitter.Birmingham council children's manager Colin Tucker goes Colin Tucker was paid £104,000 a year and left his post in April
The director of Birmingham City Council's children's social care has left his post by "mutual agreement".

Colin Tucker was suspended in January partly over concerns, the authority said, about the slow pace of change and he left in April.

Children's social care was given a poor Ofsted rating in December 2010 after it was judged to be failing in July 2010.

A senior council source said Mr Tucker's department had not improved quickly enough.

They said that because of that, the council's future plans would not include him.

The source said Mr Tucker had not been disciplined because the council accepted he had done nothing wrong.
"He simply didn't work fast enough and children's welfare is so crucial we had to move faster and quicker and that did not involve Mr Tucker," the source added.

Mr Tucker joined the the council in 2009 and took over a department that had twice been put into special measures in seven years. His salary was £104,000 a year.

He has declined to comment on his departure.

The council is currently run by a Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition.

Zoompad said...

Thursday, 13 September, 2001, 18:34 GMT 19:34 UK
Ethiopian orphans to sue charity

The 1984 drought left many children orphaned

By Nita Bhalla in Addis Ababa
A group of orphaned Ethiopian boys is demanding a formal apology and compensation from a Swiss children's agency under whose care they have been living.

The 30 boys claim they have endured almost 15 years of physical, sexual and verbal abuse while under the care of Terre Des Hommes, which runs a home for Ethiopian children orphaned by the 1984 drought.

The boys, who call themselves "TDH Victims", say they now plan to hire a lawyer and take the organisation to court.

The boys, aged between 13 and 22, say they have spent almost all their lives in the orphanage.

Psychological problems

A British national who ran the Jari Children's Village from 1994 to 1997 is currently facing charges of paedophilia.

But the boys claim there were also other alleged paedophiles, which the organisation failed to report to the Ethiopian police.

The boys accuse the organisation of offering little rehabilitation, support or compensation to the children under their care and say they are now suffering from deep psychological problems.

Living in a society where boys are blamed for their own abuse, TDH victims say they have been accused of homosexuality and are now ostracised by the community.

Standing up

22-year-old Berihun Kebede says that although the boys are poor and have little chance of standing up to such a large organisation, they will do whatever it takes for the truth to prevail.

Colin Tucker, who represents Terre Des Hommes in Switzerland has denied the charges of neglect levelled against the organisation.

Mr Tucker however admitted that abuse had taken place at the orphanage, but claimed that proper rehabilitation and support was available to the abused children.

He said that the boys have been manipulated by detractors of the organisation to demand compensation.

Zoompad said...

Ethiopia arrests deported British paedophile


Audrey Gillan

The Guardian, Saturday 18 August 2001 01.18 BST

A British paedophile exposed by the Guardian for abusing orphans of the Ethiopian famine is under arrest, after an apparent attempt to open another centre for children in Zambia.
David Christie, 59, was arrested under an international warrant in Lusaka, and was in the process of being flown to the UK when he was arrested by Ethiopian authorities in Addis Ababa, who took him off a transit flight bound for London. He has been detained in connection with charges of trafficking in Ethiopian children and their sexual abuse, and will appear in court on Monday.

Zoompad said...

Christie was the subject of a Guardian investigation in July 1999. In Ethiopia he targeted an agency helping orphans of the famine, and moved to live in a children's village at Jari in the southern Wollo region. He was sacked by the agency, Switzerland's biggest charity, Terre des Hommes Lausanne, after admitting an "improper sexual relationship" with one of 300 children in his care. Many others in the village of under 16-year-olds have made allegations of abuse.

Five children have given statements to Ethiopian police against Christie and his paedophile associates, three saying they were abused by him.

Following his sacking, Christie returned to London. After the Guardian printed its allegations, he changed his name to David Allen and obtained a new passport.

He could not be prosecuted because the offences pre-dated the 1997 Sex Offenders Act enabling British courts to try UK nationals for such crimes.

Terre des Hommes says it received information that Christie planned to leave the UK to work with children, and alerted the various authorities. The charity admitted it had made mistakes in dealing with Christie when it failed to tell the Ethiopian authorities of his activities.

After this, it "kept an eye on him" and prevented his recruitment as a project manager with a Pakistani organisation, Acbar, but he was not arrested.

A spokeswoman for the British embassy in Ethiopia said that a David Allen, previously known as David Christie, had had a consular visit yesterday morning. He has yet to be charged.

Christie was in a group of paedophiles who targeted charities and aid agencies in order to gain access to children. They travelled to Jari children's village, set up in 1974 to give the orphans an education and a sense of family. When Christie arrived in July 1994 - becoming Terre des Hommes' representative in Ethiopia - the village became a target for predators.

In early 1997, Christie was dismissed after taking one village boy to his bedroom. The staff and children had been having a Christmas party when his absence was noted. These disappearances had been commented on before, and staff visited Christie's room where they found a semi-naked child trying to jump from the window.

It was not only in Jari that children were abused. Christie had ready access to young boys in Addis Ababa, where thousands live on the streets, begging and accepting acts of charity. Christie had at least a dozen street boys living at his house at any one time, and would pay boys 40p to come to his house for a shower.

He allowed known paedophiles to come to his Addis house and the village to abuse children.

An internal document written by Christie's replacement, seen by the Guardian, said Christie "confessed to sexual abuse" and"admitted to having a single improper relationship with a project beneficiary". Christie was dismissed, and details of the incident passed to Scotland Yard.

Last night Colin Tucker, spokesman for Terre des Hommes in Ethiopia, said: "We are the first to admit that we didn't deal with Christie very well when he was here. I have spent the last 18 months making sure he would no longer be a threat to children. He is looking at a serious jail term now. The destruction he has left behind is terrible. Now these kids will get the chance to face him in court and take the first step towards rehabilitation."