Saturday, 10 November 2012


Dear Lord Jesus,

Please protect us from the paedophiles and the protectors of paedophiles.

People say "Get over it", but we can't do that by ourselves, because we live in fear.

They do all sorts of things to us, under cover, and call us paranoid nutters when we try to tell other people what they are doing.

You have looked after me, dear Lord, and when they all ganged up on me on Mothers for Justice you gave me courage and stamina to keep fighting them. You showed me all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager and the FMSF and the BFMS and the Kinsey Institute and how these creepy organisations had wormed their way into the Child Protection authorities. Judith Reisman has been fighting the Kinsey paedophile agenda for decades, but then the horrible ones started creeping around her pretending they were anti child abuse campaigners, please protect Judith Reisman as well, and don't let her get fooled by bad people.

You told us we have to forgive those who hate and persecute us, and not want them to go to eternal damnation. You want us to seperate ourselves completly from the powers of darkness, and to always remember that although we live in this world, this is not our home, this world is doomed, and that you are coming back to take those who have faith in you. Like in the opera The Magic Flute, we have to walk through fire and water whilst on this earth.

The media does not tell the truth, and bad people have got theirselves in top positions at media organisations, and so the Pindown child abuse cover up goes on and on and on.

I hurt so much inside of me, Lord. It really really really hurts, the abuse and the persecution, and the way they have sought to isolate us Pindown victims. It is like walking on sharp blades, like in the Little Mermaid, but I know that you feel our pain, you are never far from us dear Lord Jesus, you never break your promises. I know that you feel all my pain, you feel all the pain of the afflicted.

Please help me never to let go of your hand. The wicked ones keep trying to change the Holy Bible, they keep pretending to have found new things, to change your words, to pretend you were homosexual, or married, and other lies. Please help me to endure, to have courage, to rest in you, and to never let go of your hand. Please take the scales off the eyes of the people of this country, and help them to see the actual truth, to see through all the lies and propaganda, and please expose the wicked ones for all to see.

Thank you for hearing my prayer Lord Jesus,

love Barbara


Anonymous said...

while i care very much for you and others, we have to understand something.
That these people 2who run the country are psychopaths, they tell us saddha hussein has WMDs and can destroy us in 45 minutes if we dont go and f*ck up his country and kill loadsa people over there, they said the same in W W II
and W W 1, they spray us with chem trails poson our food with GM, put poisons in our tap water, they are laughing at our suffering,.
evenWinston Churchill threatened his staff with death if they spoke about his sexual preference for young boys.

Anonymous said...

Zoompad said...

You have hit the nail on the head with that comment, the people who run the country are psychopaths.


Zoompad said...

I won't forget the horrible time at Stoke on Trent just after I had had an eye operation and all the people treating me as if I was a nutjob troublemaker.

And the threats to punch my lights out from people on Facebook if I turned up at the Skegness Brian Gerrish conference.

I am not a paranoid trouble maker, I am a victim of the Staffordshire Pindown childrens home abuse, and secret family court abuse.

I daren't go to any of these conferences any more, as I just end up being ganged up on for telling the plain truth, and I cant deal with it any more, dont feel strong enough to cope with it any more.

Anonymous said...

Well done, girl. Persist, calmly

Zoompad said...

Will try my best, thanks xx

Anonymous said...

Zoompad how can I send you a private message, i have a question about 1970's abuse involving myself

Zoompad said...


If you put NOT FOR PUBLICATION at the top I will read it and not publish it.