Wednesday, 28 November 2012


it doesn't take a lot of working out to figure that Carol A. Valentine, zoompad (& her other names) are the same person
which when zoompad is not going to post on your blog [although still take the time to read it] is a little strange that she comes back under an "assumed" name"



Zoompad said...

And of course I am going to read it! I need to see what people are saying about me, and to defend myself!!!!!

Zoompad said...

I can understand someone like Dognamedblue, who is a victim of abuse, jumping to such a conclusion, what with the blasted mind games that the scumbags play with us all though.

I can also understand child abuse victims being too brain fuddled to read stuff through properly and making hasty posts before thinking things through properly.

What I can't understand, and don't even want to understand is how someone can come out with such crap as saying that people who lust after children make the best child protectors, and especially if they can say such shit when they know darned well that much of their readership is VICTIMS of child abuse.

I find that very hurtful, and dispicable.

I am NOT Carol, but Carol is also a Christian who puts her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, so of course I agree with her on moral issues.

Zoompad said...

I missed this:

"I do think she needs help at the moment as if you follow through on her links she appears to be having conversations with herself, although I could be wrong and they may well be different people"

"Needs help" is usually a euphenism for "needs men in white coats to drag her off to the funny farm"

I have had this crap thrown at me before.

The reason I do soliloquy so much on this blog is because I like things to be out in the open.

If wicked people are going to do bad stuff to me, the least I can do is to post it online so that it isn't just a dirty little secret.

Carol A. Valentine said...

There is a love in going on between those two that I have been following on Dogs blog as well as seeing his comments on Aangirfan.

It has been going on for quite a while.