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What has this got to do with the persecution of a woman who has got PTSD because of being put in a "Place of Safety" Pindown children's home in Staffordshire (that was being run by pimps) 40 years ago?

Well, I think the same people who are involved in persecuting us Pindown child abuse victims are the same ones who are persecuting this man, Kevin Galalea.

It's all beginning to make sense now. The creepy way the politicians treated me when I told them all about Pindown and the secret family courts.

Why did they do it? Why didn't they leave me alone? Why didn't they let me be healed of all the pain? Why did they keep persecuting me every time I tried to get help?

Just look at this.

ACTIVIST FLEES CANADA IN TERROR - Request for Interim measures by Kevin Galalae
Sunday, 27 May 2012 13:44
Kevin Galalae - Human Rights Activist, Canada
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Petition of Kavin Galalae




Request for Interim measures by Kevin Galalae

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The situation I am bringing before the HRC is urgent and requires immediate action under rule 86 of the rules of procedure. I therefore request that the Committee’s Special Rapporteur on New Communications issues a request to Canada and other respective state parties for interim measures so that irreparable harm to me and my children can be avoided.
I, Kevin Mugur Catalin Galalae, hereby request the following interim measures:
1. the immediate relocation of my wife (Cynthia Anne Marshall) and children (Benjamin Alexander Marshall-Galalae, 7 years old, and Oliver James Constantin Galalae, 2 years old) from Canada to Geneva, Switzerland, or to any other location the Court deems appropriate and that I approve;
2. the granting of safe passage to me from the USA to Switzerland, so that I can join my wife and children at a safe haven;
3. paid accommodation suitable for a family of four and financial assistance for the duration of the assessment and court process;
4. The preservation of all evidence held by the Canadian authorities and the immediate release of copies to me so that I can know the facts and prepare for court
These extraordinary measures are necessary because my family and I face a real risk of serious, irreversible harm in the form of further retaliatory actions and because the children have been separated from me, their father and main caregiver, for one year with dire emotional repercussions. The justifications for these measures are as follows:
I. Britain’s and Canada’s secret service agencies have falsely and without cause designated me a threat to national security and are using the powers vested in them to subject me to electronic surveillance and other measures under the pretext that I am being investigated for state subversion. They have also destroyed exonerating evidence and then allowed Crown prosecutors to charge and convict me for destruction of electronic data. They are also preventing the Information Commissioner from opening my file so that I cannot know the facts and properly defend myself.
See Exhibit 15 (CSIS Response, 22 September 2011). Also available online at: and also at
II. In retaliation for exposing an illegal program of surveillance and censorship, the authorities have conspired to destroy me by using the criminal code. The British and Canadian authorities, directed by high-level politicians, are abusing the law, misusing the institutions of state, coopting public servants and fabricating evidence to imprison me on false charges and deny me a fair trial.
See Article 16 (The Kingston Hillbillies). Also available online at: and also at
III. The authorities are waging psychological warfare on me by fabricating medical evidence (see Exhibit 16) and altering my medical record (see Article 16) to create the impression that I have mental problems so as to destroy me emotionally and undermine my credibility and the validity of my articles exposing illegal state activities. All psychological assessments that prove my mental health are ignored (see Exhibits 17-21).
See Article 13 (Doctors for Sale). Also online at: and at
See Exhibit 16 (Hospital Discharge Summary). Also online at:
See Exhibit 17 (Bruce Cook Forensic Report, 14 June 2011). Also online at:
See Exhibit 18 (Dr. Beharry Report, 20 June 2011). Also online at:
See Exhibit 19 (Letter from Psychotherapist Jan Dallugge, 19 October 2011). Also online at:
See Exhibit 20 (Dr. McIlquham Letter, 25 October 2012). Also online at:
See Exhibit 21 (Bruce Cook Progress Report, 18 October 2011). Also online at:
IV. The Crown has corrupted the legal process to achieve predetermined legal outcomes that leave me no way to defend myself. My own lawyers have been coopted to serve the interests of the police state rather than defend me in good faith. My appeal, civil lawsuits, request for help from the Information Commissioner, as well as the investigations I have started with the Law Society of Upper Canada have all been frozen by the government.
See Article 14 (Response to David Sinnett). Also online at:
V. Corrupt judges have altered court transcripts to create the illusion that I received a fair hearing and have distorted the facts to justify denying me habeas corpus and the presumption of innocence.
See Folder 2 (Affidavit for Appeal and 44 Exhibits)
VI. All appeals for justice I have made to higher authorities have been followed by more repression and renewed arrests. The Attorney General of Ontario, the Minister of Justice, the Prime Minister, the RCMP, and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights have refused to help since they are either involved in the attack on me or are prevented by the UN Security Council’s CTC and CTED.
See Exhibits 10-16 in Folder 2.
VII. While in custody I have been subjected to staged attacks. During transport to court proceedings and while waiting in the courthouse bullpen, the government has placed
the same psychopath on three different occasions with the clear intent to cause an altercation with me so as to either harm me physically or give the police new grounds to incarcerate me. When he failed because I requested protective custody from the police, he then used the drugs he was allowed to bring in (half a pound of marihuana) to endear himself with the other prisoners and then to incite them to attack me by telling them that I had molested my children and beaten my wife. This individual was clearly privy to privileges not given other prisoners and was receiving police assistance to pass drugs from one cell to another while in the courthouse bullpen awaiting court appearance.
While in police custody I was also given spoiled food to make me sick. If I were to be in custody again, there is no telling to what lengths the authorities will go to harm me now that I have exposed the names and actions of high level politicians.
VIII. The last arrest warrant was issued because I refused to abandon my constitutionally protected rights to free speech, freedom of conscience and the right to self-defence. Knowing that if I allow the authorities to re-arrest me I would never make it out of prison alive, I left the country by crossing the Canada/US border in the dead of night by swimming over a river. I am now a dissident in exile awaiting political asylum. I have no legal status in the US, no documents other than my passport, no right of abode or right to employment, no source of income, and no housing. I therefore survive from day to day. Since I left the country with only the clothes on my back, I also have no proper clothing or footwear. During three years of harassment and repression by the governments of the UK and Canada, everything was taken away from me: my children, my home, my belongings, my intellectual property, my employment, my freedom and even my country.
See Exhibit 13 (Counteroffer).
See copy of my passport as evidence of my identity.
IX. Since May 2011, the authorities have used my children as leverage to force me to abandon my defence of human rights and stop exposing illegal programs and policies. My children are being held hostage and I have not been allowed to see them or to even talk to them since June 2011 even though I have always been their main caregiver, as I worked from home. As a result, my children are suffering. My oldest son is being subjected to immoral social workers who are telling him that his parents
are bad and that his father has abandoned him. I have also been told that my son was being medicated to mask his depression and anger over the fact that his father was taken away from him and to get him to forget his father. As for my youngest son, Oliver, who is not yet 2 years old, he is stuck in a daycare facility because I am no longer there to care for him at home, as I have always done.
Unless my sons are urgently reunited with me, they will suffer lasting and irreversible emotional and psychological trauma. More importantly, the more scrutiny I bring upon those who have broken international law in order to fulfill a political vendetta, the more likely it is that they will harm my children to punish me for it. Evidence shows that the governments of Britain and Canada have no concern for my children’s wellbeing and are in fact using and abusing them without mercy.
X. My wife, who has always been emotionally and mentally fragile, is at a breaking point. She has a hard time coping alone with two young children, a full-time job, no second income, a large house to maintain, constant police pressure and intense manipulation from lawyers and family members who are acting out of self-interest or in order to fulfill the government’s hidden agenda. My wife needs to be taken out of Kingston and brought to me so I can help her. Irate and irrational phone messages she left upon calling my family in Germany and Canada show that she is no longer in full control of her emotions. Although we now communicate over the phone and email on a daily basis, I am unable to help her and she feels trapped because she does not know how to reunite the family and get out of the situation she is in as a result of state interference, manipulation and coercion, as well as her inability to make rational decisions.
If my wife and children are not brought out of harm’s way, the British/Canadian authorities will turn their vengeance on my family and will attempt to make my wife responsible for their crimes by pretending that they have been misled by her. At the very least, the authorities will continue to hold my children hostage and to cause them irreparable harm through our forcible separation. It should be noted that my children and I have been prevented by the government from seeing each other for over a year.
Voice Message 1
Voice Message 2
Voice Message 3
Concluding remark:
It is my hope that the HRC will grant me the above interim measures to ensure that justice is served and not circumvented to maintain the appearance that the international judicial system is working as it was intended and as the people expect it to work. If the HRC cannot do so because it is impeded by a higher power, I hope it will at least have the courage to state so clearly and unambiguously.
Kevin Mugur Galalae


Zoompad said...

And now they are despereatly trying to cover up the Jimmy Saville child abuse scandal.

Jimmy Saville wasn't just abusing girls, he was also a go between for high class perverts to get into secure childrens homes, Pindown homes.

What a disgrace that this is happening! What an absolute disgrace!

How can anyone want this to be kept covered up. IT IS DISGUSTING!

Even Hitler didn't act like this!

Our country has sunk to such a bad level of filth, if the leaders can be compared to someone like Hitler and come off worse!

Anon said...

Interesting story.

- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I am having massive problems on my social networking, my computer slowed right down. Several peoploe have added themselves as friends on facebook onto my account without my knowledge and consent, one of them called Ghod Sue has an owl avator, I have blocked her now, another called Ronald Groves I have now managed to block but I had to try several times and was unable for a while to even log off my own facebook account. He is blocked now, but I know I am being targetted by the paedos.