Monday, 19 November 2012


It's been three weeks now since I went to see my GP about the depression.

I still have not had a letter of referral to a specialist, or any phone call or anything.

My GP knows all my medical history, all about the abuse, and all the horrible way I have been persecuted as well.

Three weeks is a long time to wait.


Zoompad said...

I already have evidence that the military secret services have interfered with my medical documents.

What the heck business do these people have to ferret around in child abuse victims medical records, and alter them?

When are these creeps going to get off my back?

Anonymous said...

only three weeks? Six months or longer is not unusual round here. Have you phoned/visited your GP to ask her how long the waiting list is from her referral to first assessment appointment?

Zoompad said...

Excuse me, but how the dickens did you know my GP is a woman?


Anon said...

Maybe a short holiday is in order?

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Excuse me - do you have to be so aggressive?
You said you went to see HER and told HER how you were feeling - somewhere on your blog... so no need for rudeness or paranoia.
Hope you contact her and see what's what and then hear something positive soon.

Zoompad said...

"Excuse me - do you have to be so aggressive?"

Don't mistake diligence in backstabbing mole watching for aggression.

"You said you went to see HER and told HER how you were feeling - somewhere on your blog"

So if you are scrutinising my blog why are you being so shy about your own identity - who the heck are you?

"so no need for rudeness or paranoia."

Don't mistake being pissed off with the Military Secret Services masonic stalking for paranoia, if you doubt it happens then read what they did to Ian Puddick

"Hope you contact her and see what's what and then hear something positive soon"

I don't believe you give a monkeys, and I do not want you posting on my blog any more, if you do so then as far as I am concerned you are a malicious vindictive stalker.

Zoompad said...


I had another fit yesterday, and the exma is so bad that my hands and head are bleeding, and that is stress related, so I think you are right.

Anonymous said...

You do yourself a huge disservice - have you looked at how many times you call normal average people horrible names? Are you incapable of engaging with anyone without calling them a paedophile? Or nasty or malicious or vindictive, or a stalker? And so on... You do it repeatedly, to all sorts of people, throughout your comments.

Do you understand that if you do that so indiscriminately about people who are not any of those things it will make people not believe you about people who are those things?
And how dangerous is that?

Why so abusive? Just because you have been abused it is no excuse to treat others so appallingly.

Why write a public blog if you do not wish people to read, comment and (try to) interact with you?
I am sorry you have so many problems and do hope you get help for them.

(You can not know another's feelings, reasons, or if they care or not, to say otherwise is pure arrogance.)

Zoompad said...

I wasn't going to publish any more of your comments, but decided to after all, just to show other people the sort of obsessive stalking crap I have had to put up with for so long.

Go away and stop bothering me.

kris said...

Hi Zoom- visited your blog before. My name's Kristin (from Arizona) does anyone know what's going on with Aangirfan site?? Did you read this crap??
"People who are sexually attracted to children often make the best teachers and girl-guide leaders and often look after the waifs and strays that families have abandoned." I've heard of sites being hacked before, but NOT this badly. I've never seen a person(s) go into such detail and write into a hacked site. Usually it's just nonsense posted. Does anyone know what the H3ll happened there?? Some people think "aangirfan's changed" um, I think hacked is a better word. Sorry for bothering YOU about it, just wondered if you had anything to add? this is terrible.

Zoompad said...

Hi Kristen,

What can I say? What can any of us say or do? I feel like a lamb bound and gagged and waiting to be slaughtered. I wondered why Jesus refused to speak under interrogation, and now I know.

I can't say what I really think nowadays, as to do that would be classed as being illegal, and I would have the police bang bang banging at my door.

The victims of institutional child abuse are now classed as troublemakers, fantasists, liars and potential terrorists. We dont have access to the justice system, I dont even have proper access to the NHS. I feel like a leper.

I feel like weeping reading that crap on Aangirfans blog. It feels like being stabbed through the heart, reading that. I'm glad you've reposted it here, because it made me feel numb and betrayed.

I feel that what has been written on Aangirfans blog this last few days is a vicious attack on the victims of child abuse.