Friday, 30 November 2012


Dated 26th November 2012. An invitation to make an appointment with a Community Mental Health Nurse.

Paragraph at bottom of letter states that if I fail to contact them by 19th December 2012 they will assume that I do not want their services.

I consider this letter to be yet another layer of abuse. I have waited a almost a month for this, and it is not what my GP said I would be offered. I have repeatedly asked for an appointment with a specialist in a particular field, I have even offered to pay for the appointment.

I will be writing a response to this letter. Bearing in mind the shabby and downright abusive treatment I have already recieved from EMERGE I think I would be putting myself at risk to place myself into the hands of this Community Mental Health Nurse whose qualifications and fitness to practice I cannot even verify!


Zoompad said...

The letter is from someone calling himself Phil Cheadle Pp Duty Secretary.

I have absolutly no idea who that person is.

All I am getting is being passed from one unaccountable person to another.

Zoompad said...

The only Phil Cheadle whose professional records I have managed to find so far is Philip Cheadle the Independant Consultant of Lloyds Banking Group.

I don't suppose it is the same person though.

Why are all these people in positions of authority allowed this sort of anonymity? Patients should be able to vet the qualifications of the people who are being paid to treat them, has no-one learned anything from the Harold Shipman fiasco?

Zoompad said...

Its horrible having people trolling round spying on me, on my social networking. It is actually cyber stalking, which is a criminal offence.

The victims of Pindown child abuse have been harassed and persecuted to kingdom come, and its about time this crap ended.