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I know this might seem a strange video to post, after all the posts I have made recently, but as I said in this video, I know where I am going, and I just really hope that the people who persecuted me - and some of them moniter this blogsite - will finally realise what they have done, what they have been participating in, and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive them for what they have done, and be saved from the wrath to come.

Jesus said, as he hung on the cross dying, in excrutiating pain, "FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO", and that is the same prayer I am expressing by posting this video. When I became a Christian in 1984, I realised that Jesus Christ really did rise from the dead, and that he really is alive. It was a massive awakening for me, because although I knew some of the Bible stories and I knew what the Bible said about Jesus dying then being risen when they came to roll away the stone, it was already rolled away and they found the grave clothes, and he kept appearing and Thomas didnt believe he was alive until he appeared and let Thomas see the nail holes in his palms.

If God had not spoken to me himself I would not have believed that he is alive. He spoke to me when Yorkminster was burning, he knew I had been listening to Radio 4, when the Bishop ofg Durham said that Mary was not a virgin when she concieved Jesus. I heard him say that on national radio, and I thought it was a very strange thing for a bishop to say, because I had been told that Jesus's mother at the time of his conception was a virgin, all children in the UK were taught that, it's in the Bible, in the gospels and in the Old Testament prophesy as well. So when Yorkminster burnt down, Ias soon as I heard the news I just thought "GOD DID IT!". And that is how I began to start reading the Bible and talking to Jesus Christ. Some other Christians told me that I could actually talk to God, and so I tried talking to him and discovered they were telling the truth.

God hides his face from the wicked. He hates evil. Thats probably why some people can't hear his voice. You have to come to him with a pure heart. You have to be truly sorry for any evil you have done, and really want with all your heart and soul to put things right. I had to put a lot of wrong things that I had done right as well. I had to repent of some cruel behaviour to a Christian woman who had been a friend of our family, I had joined in mocking this woman as she attended Church, because it was a "cool" thing to mock Christians, and I so desperatly at that time wanted to blend in with "cool" people. That is the way the crowds behaved at Jesus'sw conviction and crucifiction, the baying mob, who had never been harmed in any way by Jesus Christ, but he had come to try to save them from going to eternal destruction at the end of their mortal days, and offer them everlasting life, because thats the reason Jesus came to be born on this earth. So I cant claim never to have done anything wrong, by jeering at that woman my neighbour all those years ago I was doing exactly the same thing as the people who booed and jeered Jesus Christ as he was led out to be executed. What I can say, with confidence, is that I know where I am going, because Jesus has told me that repentant sinners can be with him in heaven. And that is the good news of the Gospel.

So this might seem a strange video to post up, but I do not think it is so strange.


Zoompad said...

David Edward Jenkins (born 26 January 1925) is a Church of England cleric and former Bishop of Durham, a post he held from 1984 until 1994. Born in Bromley, Kent, and educated at St Dunstan's College, Catford, Jenkins had been a lecturer in theology at the University of Oxford, Chaplain and Fellow of the Queen's College, Oxford and had worked for the World Council of Churches and the William Temple Foundation before his controversial appointment. He had written numerous books on Christian theology, given Bampton Lectures on the Incarnation at Oxford, and had been Professor at the University of Leeds from 1979 until 1984.[1]

His selection as Bishop of Durham was controversial due to allegations that he held heterodox beliefs. His "conjuring trick with bones" was criticized in particular, though some have argued that he was misquoted. The original line appears to have been "[the Resurrection] is real. That's the point. All I said was 'literally physical'. I was very careful in the use of language. After all, a conjuring trick with bones proves only that somebody's very clever at a conjuring trick with bones." [2] He had stated on other occasions his view that the resurrected Christ lacked a physical body, but the paraphrase of his quote as "just a conjuring trick with bones", while common, is unfair.

Three days after his consecration as bishop on 6 July 1984, York Minster was struck by lightning, resulting in a disastrous fire, which some interpreted as a sign of divine displeasure at Jenkins's appointment.[3]

As Bishop, Jenkins was known for his willingness to speak his mind. After leaving office in 1994, he continued to voice his opinions, such as in a BBC interview in 2003.[4] In 2005, he became one of the first clergymen in the Church of England to bless a civil partnership between two homosexual men, one of whom was a vicar.

In 2006, Jenkins was banned from preaching in some of his local churches after reportedly "swearing" in a sermon.[3] (The words used were "bloody" and "damn".)

His daughter Rebecca is an author of crime novels set in 19th-century Durham[5]

Zoompad said...

Tuesday, July 13, 1999 Published at 20:57 GMT 21:57 UK


The vicars who don't believe in God

Up to 50 Anglican priests are in the Sea of Faith network in the UK

For many people, the word "heretic" conjures images of witch-hunts and burnings at the stake, Joan of Arc and the Spanish Inquisition.
But strange as it may seem, the term could be making something of a comeback, if a proposal at the Church of England synod makes it into law.

Ronald Pearse explains his belief in God
Tribunals would be held - behind closed doors - to ask allegedly heretical priests if they believed in the central tenets of the Church.

It is some years since David Jenkins, then Bishop of Durham, hit the headlines for saying he did not believe in the physical resurrection of Christ, or the virgin birth.

But the bishop was not alone in thinking things which Church authorities find unpalatable.

There is in particular one group, called Sea of Faith, which has attracted names such as "Godless vicars" and "atheist priests". It claims it has up to 50 vicars and some Roman Catholic priests in its membership, as well as rank and file church members.

Anthony Freeman, who lost his job in 1994
It is easy to see why the organisation has been controversial. Although it has about 700 members in the UK, it draws on several denominations and also other religions. But what binds the members together is that they share the view that religion is a "human creation".

Some of its members go further and believe that God is also a human creation - a metaphor for human values such as love and forgiveness.

In other words, some of them believe there is no such thing as God in the traditional sense of an independent being.

The group is all the more controversial because some of its members decide to stay within the Church, even as vicars, and to continue to call themselves Christians.

Zoompad said...

Understanding of themselves

Ronald Pearse, 72, a retired Church of England priest, is one of those who does not think of God as being an independent being.

He said religion was people's attempt to "try to reach an understanding of themselves, the universe and maybe God, if God is a relevant word to them individually".

Mr Freeman's book, God in Us, which led to the row
The Sea of Faith has its roots in a 1980s BBC television series in which the Dean of Emmanuel College, the Reverend Don Cupitt, discussed the decline in religion.

The series took its name from a Matthew Arnold poem, Dover Beach, in which he spoke of declining religion as being like the sea of faith going out with a "melancholy, long, withdrawing roar".

Mr Pearse said although in his younger days he believed in the conventional God, i.e. a supernatural, all-knowing, all-powerful creator, his views had changed as he got older.

He said: "For me, God is the sum of our ideals which we've inherited in the long and valuable Christian tradition, God is the symbol and focus of our spirituality, and of our acts of worship and consequently God is a means of expressing reverence for other people and for the whole of our environment."

This did not include God being an independent being, he said. But he still thinks of himself as a Christian, and occasionally celebrates Holy Communion.

He stayed in the Church, he said, because that was where he chose to interpret the meaning of spirituality.

Zoompad said...


David Boulton, a member of the group's steering committee, writes on their Website that some members were determined to stay within their churches because they refused "to abandon it to the fundamentalists".

Some of them only hung on in their church by their fingernails, he adds.

Although the proposed tribunals for heresy would, according to the proposals, be held in private, any such trial would doubtless inspire huge interest.

David Jenkins, former Bishop of Durham, said he did not believe in physical resurrection
The last trial for heresy in the UK happened in 1847, although there were accusations that David Jenkins was heretical. The Reverend Anthony Freeman lost his job as priest of Staplefield in 1994 when the Bishop of Chichester withdrew his licence.

Mr Freeman, a member of Sea of Faith, was the first Anglican clergyman to lose his job in this way this century.

But Professor Lloyd Geering was tried for heresy by the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand in the 1960s for his uncompromising views. He had maintained, among other things, there was no immortality of the human soul.

It attracted huge media interest, as heresy tribunals in the UK undoubtedly would.

Zoompad said...

Sea of Faith Network
"Exploring and promoting religious
faith as a human creation..."
2011 Conference Audio Recordings
Recordings of the 2011 Annual and London Conferences are now available from Chris Avis. Purchasing details

SoFiC Conference 2012
Sea of Faith in the Churches (SoFiC) is a special interest group within the Sea of Faith Network that explores the interface between church and SoF and is open to anyone who is interested.

Saturday 10 March 2012
Kensington Unitarian Church, Notting Hill, London

Sea of Faith Oxford Conference 2011
Saturday 19 November 2011
“Reinventing Religion”
Friends' Meeting House, 43 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LW

Our principal speaker will be Don Cupitt

Life passes in a torrent of electronic communication and cultural change. Through the metaphor of the fountain, 'atheist' theologian Don Cupitt proposes a deeply original means for reconciling ourselves to time and the transience of life.

For more information, contact the Rev David Paterson Sea of Faith, Oxford

Sea of Faith National Conference 2011
Friday 22 – Sunday 24 July 2011
“Brain, Belief and Behaviour”

Principal speakers were: Professor Colin Blakemore, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson, Professor Alan Allport and Don Cupitt

Full details can be found on the conference website

Audio CDs of all speakers' plenary talks and workshops are now available to purchase. Purchasing details

Zoompad said...

Sea of Faith London Conference 2011
In association with the philosophers’ magazine and

Saturday 26 March 2011
‘The Lust for Certainty’

Speakers were: Doctor Kenan Malik, David Boulton, Doctor Julian Baggini and Doctor Mark Vernon

Full speakers' details can be found on the conference website.

A transcript of Kenan Malik's talk is now available on the following link

A 4-disc audio CD set of the conference is now available. Cost per set of 4 discs including P&P is £11 from:

Chris Avis, 37 Clifton Road, Exeter EX1 2BN

Please make your cheque payable to C. Avis, not SoF.

Alternatively, save on stationery and stamp by using Paypal to send £11 to Chris Avis. For Chris Avis' email address to input with your payment on the PayPal site, please contact the Webmaster.


Agenda for Faith re-issued

Stephen Mitchell's original 'Sea of Faith' book, Agenda for Faith, has been re-issued as a free e-book with a new introduction.

Download and read it now!

Zoompad said...

Opinions expressed in Sea of Faith booklets are
those of the authors and should not be attributed to
the Sea of Faith Network or its Steering Committee.
8 Stephen Mitchell, 1997
Published by the Sea of Faith Network (UK), 15
Burton Street, Loughborough LEll 2DT
ISBN 0 9523930 6 9
Designed and produced by Graft Publications,
Cover photograph: Werner Bischof

Zoompad said...

But I also adopt this strategy in the light of fairly
recent publicity. In 1992, I appeared on a BBC
Heart of the Matter programme broadcast on
Easter Day. Joan Bakewell set out to see whether
clergy who did not believe in the physical
resurrection were honest enough to admit this in
their preaching. The programme hit the headlines
even before it was broadcast. "Clergy question truth
of risen Christ". "Doubting clergy must quit". Jill
Parkin reviewed the programme for the Daily
Did you see that amazing Joan Bakewell
programme on Easter Sunday about some of
today's clergy who can hardly muster two
beliefs to rub together?
She interviewed a whole clutch of radical
reverends who don't believe in the divinity of
Christ or that he rose from the dead.
They make the Bishop of Durham, a mere
virgin-birth doubter, look like John the
"The tomb was empty, but I don't know what
happened to the body" said one, rolling away
a corner stone of Christianity and taking the
Gospel out of the gospels. I suppose it makes
reciting the apostles' creed quite a bit shorter -
none of that stuff about rising on the third
day. But you're left wondering what's left.
It's shocking enough for us non-believers to
have men and women of the cloth turning the
wine into water like this.
Heaven knows - or maybe they would say that
was overstating the case for heaven - what
their congregations think.
It must be like discovering your local doubleglazing
pusher lives in a tent.
(Daily Express, 22nd April 1992).

Zoompad said...

Stephen Mitchell
Deputy Director of BBC News and Head of Mulitmedia Programmes

Last updated September 2008
Category: News
Printable version

Stephen Mitchell was appointed Head of Multimedia Programmes in October 2007 and in addition became Deputy Director of News in April 2008.

The Department of Multimedia Programmes was created to meet the new challenges posed by the revolution in the ways in which audiences consume the news today.

It brings together all the major daily and weekly current affairs brands, investigative journalism and major interview programmes including Panorama, Today and Newsnight.

The Department also includes services focused on distinctive audiences, including BBC World Service news programmes such as Newshour, BBC Radio 1 news programmes such as Newsbeat and news on the BBC Asian Network.

Prior to his appointments Stephen was Head of BBC Radio News from December 1999, providing the daily national and international journalism on all the BBC's domestic radio networks, local radio stations and World Service radio in English.

Stephen began his career at Thomson Regional Newspapers as a reporter and sub-editor in Newcastle and Cardiff.

He joined the BBC Radio newsroom in 1974 and also worked as a radio reporter and on the Today programme before becoming a chief sub-editor in 1978, then duty editor in 1981 and senior duty editor in 1986.

In 1992 he become Managing Editor, Radio News, and in 1994 was appointed Editor of Radio News Programmes and worked on the set-up team for BBC Radio 5 Live.

In June 1997 he became Deputy Head, BBC News Programmes – a bi-media department which moved BBC Radio and Television core programmes into the News Centre at Television Centre, London – and helped to relaunch the BBC Radio 4 schedule (with former Controller James Boyle) and the One, Six and Nine O'Clock News on BBC One.

Stephen was born in Loughborough, Leicestershire, in 1949 and was educated at Loughborough Grammar School and Manchester University, where he obtained a BA honours degree in Politics and Modern History.

Zoompad said...

You see? The good old BBC again.

The same company that forces anyone who buys a television set to givew their name, address and telephone number to a shop assisstant, even if that person has no intention of ever using that television set to watch broadcasted television programs on. They might want the television only to watch DVDs or play Playstation or Wii games on, but try explaining that to the persomn who refuses to sell you the telly unless you tell them where you live and your phone number! They will not sell you the television unless you hand over your personal information.

It would not be so bad if the BBC actually abided by their contract to broadcast news on their news channels, but they refuse to meet even that straightforward obligation. Instead, they broadcast wall to wall propaganda on BBC news channels. It took them 2 weeks to report on the Wall St protest, and they colluded with the American government to pull off one of the biggest con tricks ever, the 9/11 demolition. The BBC are a disgrace, and this is fresh evidence of their filthy guilty hands. They have colluded to murder Jesus Christ all over again. They have colluded to murder the Holy Spirit!

Zoompad said...

So yes, I forgive those who abused me. I hope and pray that their eyes will be opened, as mine were. We humans have a choice, we always have a choice. We can choose to rage against God, or we can embrace the truth. We all jave free will.

Anonymous said...

You have got a cheek! after attacking a person on Stuarts blog and not even apologising to them you just continue without missing a beat. What would you know about FORGIVENESS you false Christian.

Anon said...

Well made video. Forgiveness is indeed the answer.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Is your christian guilt not getting to you yet? I knew you would'nt post anything that gets at you but its ok for you to use someone elses blog to attack people becaues your too jaded against anything that you can't understand or you think is a disagree's with your point ov view,

people looking at this blog can see that you are always right that much that your the main commentor on your blog.

Thou shalt not bare false witness.

Anonymous said...

We can choose to rage against God, or we can embrace the truth.

its not the truth, its an opinion. A person who gets angry when their faith is challenged does'nt have true faith because true faith can not be rocked.

Zoompad said...

Thanks Ang xx

Zoompad said...

Oh, you paedotrolls! The thing is, you lot would drive a saint to swear, you really would!

Look, I know you're all getting sweaty palms about the prospect of Stuart Syvret getting his seat back in the Jersey Senate, but you really don't have to take out your tempers on me! Why don't you go for a game of football or something, while you have the chance, because I'm not sure if you will be allowed to in prison, I think you only get about an hour to excercise, and I don't think the prison guards will let you have a ball, you just have to walk round and round.

Zoompad said...

Oh, and the next time you get one of your scumbags to physically attack Mr Syvret or issue any more death threats you had better make sure that everyone is strip searched first, after all, you wouldn't like it if the incident turned up on YouTube again, would you?

Cathy Palmer said...

Truly, the LORD Jesus Christ is our ONLY hope!

So very thankful to read that you have put your faith in Him.

Me too!!

My brief story:

Cheers & blessings to you,

Zoompad said...

Cathy, I have just watched your YouTube video and I would like to use it in a future blog posting, if that's ok?

Yes, I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the only one any of us can truly rely on, and we should be very careful of falling into the mistake of worshipping another man or woman. We are human, we aren't perfect any of us, with the best intentionms in the world we let each other down.

We all need a Saviour.

Zoompad said...

Having come back from a really lovely day out, cooked dinner and had a listen to my newly acquired Matt Munroe CD, I decided to have a quick look at my social networking sites, including this blog. Imagine my consternation on discovering that some halfwitted scumbag has left 5 nasty messages in the postbox. Of course I won't be posting them, I think paedoscum have enought freedom of speech in this day and age without thinking they can rule the roost on this anti paedophile blogsite. I haven't looked at Stuart's blog yet, I am pretty sure he won't be wanting to post malicious vindictive crap about me either, so I suggest you stick to your Blog of Doom, because you can post as much malicious crap as you like on that site, it will blend in nicely with all the other malicious crap that is already there.

Zoompad said...

Oh, and by the way, my name is not "Babs" (as well you know) it is BARABAR, there's only one cretin who calls me that, it's not my name, I don't answer to that name.

Zoompad said...

BARBARA. That's my name. BARBARA.

Sammy price said...

Hi zoompad I have just been on a website where they are saying you won't let people post on your blog if you do not agree with what posters are saying, I thought this can't be true? god be with you.

Zoompad said...

If I won't allow paedophiles and corrupt politicians to post malicious rubbish on my blog I don't see why it should be a problem to anyone else. I have to keep up the high standard of this blog, I certainly do not want it to sink to the gutter level standard of the Jersey Haut De La Garenne Murder Farce Blog. Tell the paedophiles and corrupt politicians that they have their own Blog of Doom to post on already. They're not going to trash my blog.

Anonymous said...

Brain dead babs calls everyone who she does not agree with a paedophile and has attacked many victims of abuse by mistake.

Zoompad said...

The anonymous bullying jerk who wrote the above comment is apparently going from blog to blog leaving nasty comments about me.

He's picked himself an easy enough target to bully, as I am not really a strong person, inside of me, I am fragile, I break down far too easily. All my strength is from God. Any strength that I have is from the Lord Jesus Christ, who makes weak things strong.

I just wanted people to see the vile bullying I am having thrown at me. People can judge for themselves wether this anonymous poster has any good intentions or otherwise.

Zoompad said...

As for the accusation he has levelled at me, of picking on victims of child abuse by mistake, all I can say is that so far not a single one of these alleged victims of abuse has come forward to remonstrate with me for that. It's just more malicious trolling by a nasty anonymous serial cyber bully.

Zoompad said...

I suppose the Brian Clare incident is being referred to. I have blocked Brian Clare because he told me lies, and he was putting pressure on a lot of women to commit perjury in a secret family court case.

One of the lies he told me was that David Cameron is holding a conference for child abuse survivors. He told me to keep it secret, and I couldnt, because its everyoines business if such a conference is taking place, he wouldnt tell me when it was, so I wrote to David Cameron to enquire. I got a letter back a few days ago, from Shelley Stewart Murray of the Department for Education, which states that no such conference has been arranged.

I don't like being lied to by anyone, wether they are victims of child abuse or otherwise. I don't think being a victim of child abuse gives a person the right to tell deliberate lies to another victim of child abuse.

So I expect that is what the anonymous troll is referring to.

Zoompad said...

I am sick of all this malicious backbiting. I don't like being lied to, I don't like being called "Babs" and I don't like when Chinese whispers are floating about me and people haven't got the bottle to say the things they whisper behind my back directly to me. I may be fragile and cry too easily but I have got a lot more bottle than the cowards who hide behind anonymity to throw stones at me.

Anonymous said...

When you don't post certain replies and questions that people send into your blog then you too are lying or at the very best attemting to hide the truth or manipulate both sides of the discussions.

Anonymous said...

Just like that! You see you have not posted the other things i sent you! Why is that?

Zoompad said...

I'm neither lying nor manipulating. I am simply keeping myself safe. After all, I think I have sud=ffered quite enough abuse already.

You don't have any rights on this blog, this is MY blog. You can post on the Blog of Doom, if you want to get stuff about me or about Stuart Syvret published. You can even call either of us "Arsehole" or "Nutter" if you like on that blog. But you can't do it here, because I won't let you. I won't let you bully me and I won't let anyone post any negative crap about Stuart either, because he is a nice man, who blew the whistle on Pindown child abuse at Haut de la Garenne, and I am a victim of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse.

I don't care what sex you are, you could be a Duck Billed Platypus for all I care. You can't post negative crap about me on this blog, and that's that! If you don't think that's very fair, or very "Christian" of me, that's tough.

Zoompad said...

If you actually had a name then I might consider posting your comments. You calling Stuart Syvret an "Arsehole" made me see red. If you really are a victim of Pindown then you need to stop being so bastard rude!

Zoompad said...

I think I am strating to figure out who you are. If you are who I think you are, you were the person who blocked me from Facebook. If you are who I think you are, then we need to talk, because if it's you I certainly would not want to do anything at all to hurt you. But if you call that man who has been so kind and good to all of us Pindown survivors "Arsehole" how can you expect me not to see red, and to assume that you are one of the paedoscum?

Zoompad said...

If I am right, thyen unblock me, and message me.

Sammy Price said...

Please Please show me where i called stuart an Arsehole. Stuart is the best thing to ever happen in Jersey and he is doing the proper job of a politician i would not refer to him as an Arsehole .

Sammy Price said...

I can see how so many anonymous posts can get mixed up but i can assure my post was a single post asking the same question twice and that was it.

Zoompad said...

Then you're not the anonymous person who left the comment on Stuart's blog calling him an Arsehole? I thought that was youn and I assumed you were one of the Blog of Doom paedotrolls. I get so many disgusting messages left on this blog, they attack me all the time. They attack me for surviving Pindown. Were you at Haut de la Garenne then? I didn't know who Sammy Price was, and when I clicked on your name it led me to Stuarts blog, and really confused me, because I assumed Stuart had been hacked. I was hacked by the Farce bloggers, they openly boasted about it on their website.

That question you asked, none of us can answer it, because none of us can have full access to all the records. So many things are being hidden, records, the names of the staff in charge of the Pindown homes. All these things ought to be freely available for all the people who were abused, but they are not.

I was angry with you because I thought you were mucking me about, using a phony name, hacking Stuart (because of your name link leading to his blog) and calling him an arsehole. I thought it was you leaving all the anonymous nasty posts.

Zoompad said...

I had a row a few weeks ago, a man called Brian Clare was targetting us women abuse survivors to try to get us to commit perjury for him, and he told me some lies. I didnt realise I was being lied to at the time, he told me that there was a conference in Parliament, that David Cameron had called a conference for survivors of child abuse, and he told me some politicians and a dodgy journalist had been arrested, and to keep it secret. But I couldnt keep it secret, as I thought Stuart ought to know, so I told Stuart, and he asked me for sources, so I wennt back to Brian to ask him how he knew, and he was upset that I had told Stuart, and said "I can always do a deal with MI5", and him saying that really upset me, because I could not understand why a child abuse survivor would be doing deals with MI5, especially now we know that David Rose was employed by MI5. I dont want anything to do with MI5 at all, I think MI5 is corrupt and ought to be closed down.

Zoompad said...

So I was very upset, and told some other people, and I was really upset because the first person I told seemed to think I was making a big deal out of it. Another thing about Brian Clare was that he knew I was at Trafalger Square standing next to someone, and he phoned this other person, that I had never met before in my life, and asked him to pass the phone to me, and I wanted to know how Brian Clare knew I was standing right next to him. But I was treated like a jerk, he said he was too busy to answer my question. I was so upset, because of what Brian Clare had said about doing a deal with MI5, and wondered why Brian Clare would say that. So I posted what had happened onto Facebook, and some other women messaged me, they told me Brian Clare had also contacted them, he had been very pushy and asked them also to commit perjury for him, by writing to a judge to say they knew him, when they didnt.

Zoompad said...

So then Chris Wittwer contacted me, and told me that he had also had several complaints from other women about Brian Clare doing creepy things, claiming he knew them, when they had never met him before, and asking them to write letters to a judge and asking for their phone numbers. So I felt better, relieved, that at last people were not treating me as if it was all in my imagination. I get really upset when people play mind games with me, as you can imagine.

Zoompad said...

So, you see, I am feeling quite fragile. I have vile comments left anonymously all the time,. on my social networking channels, and its just so upsetting. I would never knowingly or deliberatly hurt anyone else, but I have had to fight back very hard and be very tough, or I would have sunk under ages ago.

Sammy Price said...

We all have our own cross to carry through life, some bigger, some smaller and some so much stranger than our own. I tend to help those carry the heavy one’s if I can.

I see your anger and reason for it however you do yourself no favours when you start fabricating words people may write but have not.

I notice lots of gaps where posters posts should be, then you answering, however there is no posts that correspond to what you have written.

It got me confused too.

As to this Brian! I don’t really discuss other people or choose not to hear witness where both sides are not present.

Personally I don’t believe in GOD! In the same way that you do as a Christian as I don’t need the carrot or stick to guide me in the ways of good, I have my own conscience to do that and the eternal consciousness to go to when I die and that’s good enough for me.

I apologise for any hurt hard or perceived bad feeling that was not my intention.

Stay free…

Zoompad said...

I can see you are a very persistant person, and thats a good thing, for any of us who have been through the Pindown system, you don't survive that unless you have a pretty determined streak inside you.

I am sorry I mistook you for the Farce scum. Those missing posts, I have to run this blog my own way, I get a lot of really nasty people on here. I have to look after myself, I am a SURVIVOR and won't let paedophiles and corrupt politicians smash me into smithereens.

I know I am doing a good job on this blog, because I was the one who persisted in exposing the dodgy journalists David Rose Richard Webster and Bob Woffingden when no-one else was looking. Its all on my blog, you should have a look at some of the posts I have done. With Gods help of course! Sorry if that sounds boastful, I don't mean to be, but I worked long and hard reading through lots of stuff and did a lot of serious nagging to get other people to have a look at David Rose. Rico has, and look at what he has uncovered!

I am really very sorry if I hurt you, I would never want to hurt anyone - except the vile bullies who persecute me and cover up child abuse, I would like to kick all of their butts to kingdom come, as I am sure you would too. My agenda is to stop child abuse, like I state on the home page of my blog, anyone else with the same mission is a friend, as far as I am concerned, athiest agnostic, thats none of my business. I am a Christian, but I hope I am not a bigot!

Zoompad said...

But how do you do that link thing? I had someone try to explain to me once, but I tried and tried and could not do it.