Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Yesterday, I received this comment on one of my blogposts. I decided not to publish it straight away, as I have had my social networking messed around with to such an extent that I wanted to contact Brian Gerrish before posting this.

"Roger Hayes stood up on stage at the end of Sunday 23 October Child Stealing Conference and invited everyone to the next British Constitution Group Conference in London on 5th November to hear the about the Lien process that they were using and to offer their help. The UK Column Newspaper need your information and evidence , the more evidence they have the more it can be exposed for what it is CHILD ABUSE/CHILD TRAFFICKING these are their details Call 01752 - 478050 ask to speak to Pat or Brian (if you are lucky enough to get him )You can also email Pat who is absolutely wonderful at or Post a letter address to Brian Gerrish / Pat Johnston The UK COLUMN The Annexe, Scott Lodge , Scott Road , Plymouth PL2 3DU "

Now, I have a problem with Brian Gerrish. I do not really understand what his agenda is.

He claims to care about stopping institutional child abuse, and that all sounds fine and dandy, as that is also something I want to stop.

Brian Gerrish is well aware that I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse survivors. He knows that 40 years ago I was taken into "care" for behavioural problems, due to my being abused by a family member, I was locking myself in a room and screaming, and playing truant, running away ect, so I was put into Chadswell Assessment Centre, where children were being "looked after" by some very dubious people. Children were being raped at that place. I was not sexually assaulted myself whilst I was there, but I was physically attacked by the man in charge, for weeping in the night, he came in and dragged the bedcovers off me and hit me in the face, so I hit him back, and he dragged me out of bed, got other people to help him, there was a big scuffle and they locked me in a cell, and kept me there for I don't know how long, because they kept the lights on all day and night, so I got disorientated. I was then drugged with Valium and taken to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital, and left there for almost a year, on a mixed sex adult ward - which hardly seems a suitable place for a 14 year old child abuse victim!

Brian Gerrish has some of my documents concerning this - he has them because I trusted him and gave them to him. Wether I have been foolish to trust him, I'm not sure yet.

I gave these papers to him, because he asked all us who were abused by the state to do so, so that he could stop further institutional abuse. But Brian Gerrish and his team have treated me in such a strange - I would say creepy way, that I am making this blog post and Brian Gerrish, who has been given my telephone number on at least 3 occasions, has my home postal address, has my email address, my Facebook address, my Youtube address and knows where my blog is, can get in touch with me, and explain to me why he and his team have treated me in such a weird way, should he choose to do so, and he will; find me more than willing to listen to any explanation he has to give.

A few months ago, I told Brian Gerrish all about the vile treatment I received from John Hemming and his friends, Paul Randle Jolliffe, Ian Josephs, Nigel Oldfield and co, on the Mothers for Justice forum, where I had been posting the source of two non scientifically approved syndromes which are being used in the secret family courts all over the UK, PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME (PAS) and FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME (FMS) I discovered that these syndromes were invented by two American paedophiles, Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. As many of the women on the Mothers for Justice forum, myself included, were being falsely labelled as suffering from PAS, I was posting information about the background of PAS and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and quotations from both these men, in which they clearly advocated paedophilia as a lifestyle choice. I was shocked at the response I got on the forum. I was called all sorts of horrible names, a nutter, a broken record, a lesbian, a man hater, Zoomfreak, ect ect ect, and the people who were calling me these bad names turned out to be members of Fathers Rights organisations, all known to John Hemming, and John Hemming witnessed me being thus abused for TWO YEARS and said not a single word or lifted a finger to stop the abuse of myself.

These men also wormed their way onto the Admin, by offering to help run the site - as they have done with other grass roots anti abuse sites. They ended up throwing me off the site, for being "a broken record" and "a religious bigot", but when the lady who set up the site - who has had 5 computers hacked and made unusable - found out, she reinstated me and read the riot act to all of them and most of them slunk off, though some changed their identities and crept back on, to create more subversive mischief.

Any decent man would have not allowed a victim of child abuse like myself to be treated in such a despicable way. I also found out that John Hemming is friendly pally with Oliver Cyriax. Oliver Cyriax is the computer expert who defended the Operation Ore "Orees", one of whom is Nigel Oldfield, the convicted paedophile who ran a paedophile forum from his jail cell, while he was serving a prison sentence for paedophilia! He also did an interview on Newsnight, trying to justify overweight creeps like himself having sexual relationships with children.

I told Brian what had happened, because I knew Hemming and his friends were smarming round Brian.

Brian Gerrish had a conference in Stoke on Trent, and he asked us to bring a short summery of what had happened to us, plus some proof in the shape of documentation. But I heard a rumour on Facebook the night before the conference that John Hemming was going to attend, and I was furious, as might be expected given the disgusting way I had been treated by him and his friends.

Imagine my shock and disgust to see Hemming not only was there, but with the full approval of Brian Gerrish! I was late getting to the Conference, as I went by train, and Hemming was in full flow when I arrived, Brian sitting on the stage to the left of him. I walked to the front and just stood there for about a Minuit, in disgust. Someone tried to grab me, to force me to sit down, and I stood my ground and the pair of them a good piece of my mind, which was all caught on camera, though the UK Forum has decided to edit some of what was said out.

Brian started bleating something about "This is typical, this is why the groups cant work with each other", and Hemming stood with a nauseating smirk on his mug, which its a pity his poor long suffering wife didn't knock that off with her rolling pin a few years ago. Brian told me to sit down, and I told him I certainly would not sit down and that I felt betrayed by him.

I stormed out, followed by a lady called Pat, and a man, I cant remember his name, a biggish man, soft spoken with a bit of a beard, and she explained to me that Brian didn't like Hemming either, and that Hemming had only been invited in order to trick him, to make him fall into a hole. So I decided to trust Brian, though I did say he should have told me what his plan was. So I handed in my summery and documents, and also a generous donation to fund Brian Gerrish's work - which I assumed at that time to be to stop institutional child abuse.

Now I have not heard a peep from Brian Gerrish or any of his team. So yesterday when I received the comment I posted above, I decided to contact him, so I phoned the number and the man I spoke to was called MIKE. (I should have asked his surname) I told him I was Zoompad - and Mike did not seem over enthusiastic about that, he said he had met me before, at conferences, but I could not remember him, unless it was the man at the conference who was with Pat, but I could not remember what his name was. I asked for Brian, was told Brian was in Stafford. I was so surprised, and said that as I lived near Stafford perhaps we could meet up, and asked whereabouts in Stafford? Mike said he didnt know. It is at that point that the telephone conversation descended into farce. Mike said "I cant hear you any more, I am going to have to put the phone down", but as he was saying it, I shouted WAIT! WAIT! and I distinctly heard him hesitate - he heard me, he hesitated, and then he repeated it again, and the phone went dead. Now why would a man pretend to not hear someone and put the phone down?

I am posting this onto my blog, and inviting Brian Gerrish to respond to this post. I would appreciate it if anyone who knows Brian Gerrish would alert him to this blog post, so that we can sort out this confusion. I shouldn't be being treated like this, I am straight with people and expect them to be straightforward with me. I would like to know, what was Brian Gerrish doing in Stafford yesterday, was it anything at all to do with the Stoke conference? What is he doing with the paperwork I entrusted to him? Why did he not contact me to explain to me about the reason he had invited John Hemming, when it was clear how upset I was? Who is "Mike" and why did he try to play mind games with me, by pretending not to hear me over the telephone yesterday? Who is "The Welsh Messenger"?

I would like some answers now please.


Zoompad said...

I will be blocking Brian Gerrish and his associates off Facebook, as I have been hacked too many times, and cannot risk being subjected to any more illegal nonsense.

I will be sending Brian an email with a link to this blog, also I will write to his postal address, to give him a chance to reply to this blogpost. Brian is also entitled to make a blogpost or Youtube video reply to these questions himself, should he wish to do so.

I need answers to these questions.

Zoompad said...

This is odd. I have just noticed that the time on my blog post is wrong.

I posted this post about an hour ago, so why is it registering it as if it were in the early hors of the morning? It used to show the correct UK time!

There are all sorts of peculiar things going on with all my social networking.

Zoompad said...

Well, he's just rang me, and I am not satisfied at all with what he had to tell me.

He would not tell me who "Mike" was, he would not allow me to speak to "Mike" to ask him why he pretended not to be able to hear me before he hung up on me yesterday.

He accused me of "picking fights".

He would not tell me who the Welsh Messanger is - he gave me his first name, but would not give me his surname - he accused me of only wanting to "pick a fight" with him.

He has my documents, and I wanht them back. He can use some of the generous donation I gave him to post them back to me.

He told me that he didnt invite John Hemming, that John Hemming invited himself. Well, that's different to what the lady who followed me out of the meeting told me? Who's telling the truth?

I told him I was astonished at the way I had been treated by the UK Column forum, for posting the truth about two American paedophiles Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, who have influenced the family courts all over the western world. He kept interrupting me, and used that sort of slow patronising talk on me, and kept trying to change the subject. He seems just as determined as Hemming and co to keep shhh! about Gardner and Underwager!

I want nothing whatsoever to do with Brian Gerrish or any of his UK Column team. I don't trust him one whit!

Zoompad said...

PRAISE THE LORD! He always looks after his beloved children.

It's horrible to be taken for a mug, but at least I know now.

He's be well advised not to oprganise any more conferences round Staffordshire, especially if he's planning on inviting toerags like John Hemming again, lest he wants me coming along to heckle.

Zoompad said...

I expect I will get that other two faced idiot moaning about me being aggressive now.

I am a pussycat to decent people. I just don't like tricksters.

Zoompad said...

Well, Brian, would you like to have your say? I promise that I will publish any post you make in its entirity, and you can verify that by making a copy and posting it elsewhere, ie on your Facebook account.

Surely you would like to have your say?

Zoompad said...

Hmmm. How very interesting!

BRASS Advisory Board
BRASS has an Advisory Board to assist in its program towards success in achieving its aims and objectives. The Board acts as a link between key UK and international Research centres and stakeholders, which serves as a quality assurance for BRASS research.

Peter Davies |Sue Essex |Owen Evans |Helen Nelson |Morgan Parry Matthew Quinn |Steve Wearne

Zoompad said...

Oh, isn't it quiet on this blog - it seems than noone from the UK Column has anything they want to say about this matter!

I find that really strange. I think if I were a member of the UK Column I would be wanting to defend Brian, because I am accusing him of being a charlaton!

Is noone going to challenge me on this?

Zoompad said...

Well, looks like thats that then. Looks like noone has anything to say.

Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus for opening my eyes.

Christians are not anarchists, the Lord Jesus was not an anarchist, he was just good. His agenda was never to subvert, to hurt, to destroy other people. His agenda was to heal and to bless, and to bring joy.

I didnt feel comfortable with those David Cameron pictures in the UK Column. I am hardly a member of the David Cameron fan club, but at least everyone can see who his father was, and where he was educated, his entire CV, which is more than one can say about John Hemming!

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes!

Zoompad said...

The Lord has given a Christian friend of mine a word for me, 2 CHRONICLES 20, and I know it is from the Lord because I have felt the Lord telling me something in my own heart.

These words jumped out at me

"This is what the LORD says to you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s."

I know that I can trust the Lord. People can plot and trick all they like, but the Lord sees everything, and the Lord will not let his beloved children be overcome.

Zoompad said...

Dear Lord, all the enemies surround us, and Robert Green is so surrounded, but we ask you dear Lord to cause confusion amongst all that persecute him, and keep him, Hollie and Anne safe in your loving arms love Barbara xx

Zoompad said...

WOW! Over 200 people have read it already, yet not a single comment!


Come on, UK Columners, has the cat got all your tongues?

Sarah said...

okay i'll be the first to comment - calm down woman ffs lol Give the man a break he can't do everything.

Peace and love.

(waits for the ear-bashing)lol

Zoompad said...


Ok then Sarah, let's begin with question number 1.


1) Who did Brian drive all the way from Plymouth to Stafford to see?

Zoompad said...

Sarah! Come back!

You forgot to answer the question!

Zoompad said...

Shall I name the woman?

Perhaps not. After all, I don't want two more Stafford police officers banging on my door falsely accusing me of stuff I haven't done, without a scrap of evidence do I?

I have to be very wary of MI5 associates these days, as I already suffer from PTSD, due the the abuse and the reabuse and the reabuse and the (hours later) reabuse, I need to look after myself, I don't want to end up like so many of the other poor Pindown victims whose bodies have been returned back to the Earth, do I? Harrassed and mythered into an early grave, to keep the nasty little secret of the Pindown scandal safe!

I don't want to end up like those, and by God's grace I won't!

Come back "Sarah" and answer the question, or, better still, ask Brian to!

Zoompad said...

Brian will have read my autobiographical book "TIP" by now, and I am sure he will have realised that I am a FIGHTER!

God is not a loser, and he doesn't let his children be losers either.

Anyone who persecutes the Lords children will be brought to shame!You chose the wrong victim this time!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Bark lmfao! Lay off the prozac Zoompad ;)

Zoompad said...

More abuse and more slander. Just what I have come to expect though from some first rate fraudsters.

Zoompad said...

You people call me a nutter but at least I don't squeeze money out of poor people.

Zoompad said...

A fitting song dedicated to the BG Gravytrain

Nigel said...

I also had a similar experience with Gerrish!

Zoompad said...

Hi Nigel,

Feel free to post about it here

Nigel said...

Hi Zoompad. I did one better, I did a radio show. If you wish to chat please let me know.

Nigel said...

Let me know how to contact you and we can talk. If you wish. I am on facebook and there is more and more coming out there about him and people who have worked with him and find he is not kosher.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoompad

I have been sent your article and have grave doubts about Brian Gerrish.

He has let me down in my fight to get my baby infant back time after time.

I live in Wales and am very interested, concerned in "The Welsh Messenger"?

What was said about him and how did he come into your coversation ? What is his role ?


CorshamCrusader said...

Hi Zoompad,

I read your article with interest as there seems to be a bit of doubt floating around about Brian Gerrish. I'm not sure what to think at the moment but for me the Jury is definitely out where he's concerned.

The 'Welsh Messenger' referred to above could well be the lunatic and psychiatric patient called 'Tim Rogers' who is working closely with Brian as one of his researchers. Tim also claims that Brian stays at his house on a regular basis and that they are good friends.

Brian is a poor judge of character and extremely naive on this issue as I can confirm that he has been provided with a wealth of evidence by a few people now, inc ex Councillor Kevin Edwards of the 'Justice for Linda Lewis Campaign' concerning the violent nature of Tim Rogers and the many threats he has issued (inc death threats) to various people inc myself.

I don't know what's going on but I until Brian makes an official statement clarifying a few things and terminates his association with Tim Rogers, then one must treat him with caution.

Deputy Editor of the British Resistance

CorshamCrusader said...

I just noticed this comment, Zoompad.

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy Bark lmfao! Lay off the prozac Zoompad ;)

6 February 2012 13:50"

I guarantee that this is 'Tim Rogers' who I refer to in my comment above. It has his hallmark all over it. (I should know as he's sent hundreds to our site too)


Anonymous said...


You will be interested in this article.

Look at the comments section a lot of people are deeply distrustful of BG.

Please feel free to leave your own comments


Zoompad said...

Thanks for all this info. I have been on holiday, am catching up on all the news and mail, and am very interested to read all this, sorry for being a bit slow getting back to people.

Zoompad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoompad said...

Nigel, just listening to your radio broadcast now - had to delete earlier comment as I got muddled and called you Brian, sorry. So much to catch up on while I have been on holiday.

Anonymous said...


Do you have a link to Nigels interview many would love to hear what he had to say.


Zoompad said...

Hi Emma,

This is what I am listening to

Haven't got to Nigels bit yet, as it's quite long so I am listening to it in sections

Zoompad said...

Nigel comes in at 31:25