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Sandusky had access to vulnerable kids via charity


Why did Jerry Sandusky's wife call abuse victim weeks before his testimony and how much did Dorothy and six adopted children know about Penn State 'paedophile'?Dorothy Sandusky called Victim 7 before he gave evidence despite him cutting contact with former football coach two years prior
She was major part of Sandusky's life since meeting in 1960s and assisted with his 'Second Mile' charity from which he 'selected his boys'
Couple adopted five sons and one girl, who are now all adults
Abuse allegedly occurred over a number of years in family home
By Laurie Whitwell

Last updated at 7:45 AM on 13th November 2011

Comments (0) Add to My Stories Share What did she know? Dorothy Sandusky has been married to alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky since the 1960s and the indictment says abuse took place in their home
Jerry Sandusky’s wife has been largely absent from the analysis of who knew what about her husband’s alleged sexual abuse of eight boys over a 15-year period.

But Dorothy 'Dottie' Gross Sandusky does make an appearance in the 23-page Grand Jury indictment which graphically details the charges against the 67-year-old former Penn State coach.

Mrs Sandusky, 68, attempted to call one of the victims in the weeks leading up to his testimony, despite the fact the now 26-year-old had cut off all contact with Sandusky two years prior.

She left a message on Victim 7's phone saying the matter was 'very important' but the man, who told the Grand Jury that as a ten-year-old in 1994, Sandusky hugged and inappropriately touched him, did not return the call.

Part of that alleged abuse took place in the Sandusky family’s State College, Pennsylvania, home, in which Dorothy and her husband raised their six adopted children. Sandusky claimed he and his wife could not have any of their own.

Over the years the couple became the parents to Ray, now 46, a businessman living in Nashville, EJ, 41, former Nittany Lions player, and now a football coach at West Chester University, Kara, 38, a Penn State graduate, Jeff, 35, a former Marine, and 33-year-olds Matt, a Penn State graduate and Jon, who is Director of Player Personnel for the Cleveland Browns.

Quite how much any of them knew about the sexual abuse, which occurred between 1994 and 2009 with a number of incidents at the family home, is now under scrutiny.

The former Penn State defensive coordinator and his lawyer, Joe Amendola, have maintained that Sandusky is innocent and publicly denied all allegations. Neither Dorothy Sandusky nor any of her
The Grand Jury indictment states that Sandusky selected his young victims from the 'Second Mile', a charity he started in 1977 devoted to helping troubled boys in the State College area. Mrs Sandusky helped out with the running of the programme.
'After we had taken in some foster children, we saw the opportunities that some kids just hadn't had,' Mrs Sandusky told Sports Illustrated in 1982. 'But we'd gotten to the point where we couldn't take in anymore, so Jerry started thinking about starting a group home.'

In his 2000 autobiography, 'Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story' the onetime heir apparent to Joe Paterno devotes many pages to his relationships with boys he met through the Second Mile.

He also makes reference to his own children during an exchange with some of the boys from the charity.

Sandusky wrote that one night he was talking to two Second Mile boys who had rebelled against their foster parents, with one boy telling how his foster father had 'grabbed me around the back of my shoulders and he made me do something when I didn't want to do it.'

'Do you ever grab your kids like that?' the boy asked Sandusky.
'No, I don't grab my kids like that,' Sandusky answered. 'I grab them like this.' He wrote: 'With that, I put my hands gently around their throat.' It was an apparent jest.

'I could tell they were totally confused,' Sandusky wrote. 'Both boys had a scared look in their eyes.'

The book repeatedly described Sandusky hugging boys and detailing how he was very close to those he met through the charity. Of the photos that line his office walls, he said: 'They are kids that have touched my life and have been a part of me for a long, long time.'
In the book he paints himself as someone who would repeatedly take risks in the hunt for what he refers to as 'mischief.'

'I believe I live a good part of my life in a make-believe world,' Sandusky wrote in one of the final chapters. 'I enjoyed pretending as a kid, and I love doing the same as an adult with these kids.'

Whether Mrs Sandusky was worried by any such behaviour is not yet known. What is established is that she has been by Sandusky’s side since the mid-1960s, when they married.

Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, she had met Sandusky in Washington a few years before. He endearingly called his wife 'Sarge,' because she was in charge in their home, ESPN News

The shocking Grand Jury indictment makes repeated accusations that victims were abused inside the couple’s home.

Victim 1 spent many nights there sleeping in a basement bedroom. The report states that Sandusky would come down to the basement to check on him at bedtime.
The report found that Sandusky 'indecently fondled Victim 1 on a number of occasions, performed oral sex on Victim 1 on a number of occasions and had Victim 1 perform oral sex on him on at least one occasion.'

Phone records also confirm that Sandusky made 61 phone calls from his home phone to Victim 1's home phone between January 2008 and July 2009 despite Victim 1 expressing a wish that he no longer wanted to see the football coach.

The defensive coordinator also made 57 calls from his personal cell phone to Victim 1's home phone.
Despite these actions, there is no suggestion whatsoever in the indictment that Mrs Sandusky was aware of her husband's sexual relations with Victim 1 or any of the other seven victims.
Experts have suggested that she and her children could well have been kept in the dark.

'[Abusers are] very good at hiding it from everyone,' clinical social worker Farlie Chastain told WRCB TV. 'Very good at seducing the child and manipulating the child not to tell.'
However, Chastain, who counsels sexually abused children and teenagers at Parkridge Valley, Tennesee and at Foxus Psychiatric Services in Tennessee Valley, adds: 'I've seen it both ways, in which the family knows and is in denial.'

Meanwhile State College police have reported that someone threw two cinder blocks through a bedroom window at Sandusky’s house on Thursday night.

The news came as it emerged that the accused child rapist, who is out on bail, lives close to an elementary school and playground.

..STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) — Over the past 30 years, politicians, sports stars and community leaders heaped praise on Jerry Sandusky and the charity he founded for troubled youngsters, The Second Mile. It was a model program, and the acclaimed football coach was its driving force.

Now, prosecutors say that very success enabled Sandusky to find boys and sexually assault them.

Sandusky, 67, was charged last weekend with molesting eight boys over a 15-year period in a scandal that rocked the Penn State campus and brought down the university's beloved football coach, Joe Paterno.

In the aftermath, some are wondering if The Second Mile can survive amid questions about its role in the alleged cover-up.

Sandusky was a star assistant coach at Penn State from the 1970s to the 1990s, and many assumed he would lead the team one day, or even head to pro football. He founded The Second Mile in 1977 for youngsters from broken homes and troubled backgrounds, building it into an organization that helped as many as 100,000 children a year through camps and fundraisers.

Among the big-time athletic figures listed as honorary directors were Cal Ripken Jr., Arnold Palmer, former Pittsburgh Steeler Franco Harris and Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid. President George W. Bush praised the group as a "shining example" of charity work in a 1990 letter. (Sandusky's reaction: "It's about time, George! This is long overdue," he recalled in his autobiography, "Touched.")

But prosecutors said that running the charity gave Sandusky "access to hundreds of boys, many of whom were vulnerable due to their social situations."

He invited youngsters for overnight sleepovers at his home and took them to restaurants and bowl games. He wrestled in the swimming pool with kids who craved the attention. And he gave them gifts: golf clubs, sneakers, dress clothes, a computer and money, according to the indictment from the Pennsylvania attorney general.

The good-guy aura around Sandusky was so great that when some children questioned behavior that didn't seem right, no one took the complaints seriously.

Troy Craig recalled attending a weeklong sleep-away camp run by The Second Mile on the Penn State campus in the early 1990s. He was never sexually abused, but in other ways the coach's behavior seemed inappropriate at the time, said Craig, 33, who is now a disc jockey in State College.

Sandusky "had a way of, whether it was a hug or a hand on the leg in the car as we were driving, or just a way of putting his arm around you," Craig said. "I said this back then to people I knew. Everybody found it hard to believe, or that I was overreacting. I remember feeling as if I was the only one that thought anything was amiss."

Through his attorney, Sandusky has maintained his innocence.

Experts on pedophiles aren't surprised by the stories that have shocked so many people.

Richard J. Gelles, dean of the school of Social Policy & Practice at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and author of several books on abuse and violence in families, said pedophiles typically engage in a "grooming" process in which they select a potential victim and proceed to "break down the inhibitions and establish trust." Gelles said it is no accident so many people saw a "good" Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky "covered himself by being so beloved that nobody would think he would do something as awful as this," Gelles said.

The mother of one alleged victim told the Centre Daily Times that that disconnect enraged her.

"I just lived with this for so long, and it killed me when people talked about him like he was a god, and I knew he was a monster," said the woman, whose name has not been released.

Thomas Day was 15 when he began a Second Mile fitness program in 1996. Scrawny and not doing that well in school, he was suddenly getting one-on-one encouragement from big college football players who helped run the program. Day met Sandusky only a few times but remembers him as a mythical figure around The Second Mile.

"I remember being kind of envious of kids who got to spend more time around him," said Day, who never witnessed any abuse.

Day said he has trouble sleeping this week because of the scandal.

"These guys took me in and made me in to the man I am today," Day said. He went on to work as a mentor with the program, served with the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq, and is working on his second master's degree at the University of Chicago.

Sandusky also had the support of many other powerful figures in the community. The group's current board includes state Sen. Jake Corman, and attorneys, prominent business leaders, and community volunteers. Corman didn't respond to a message seeking comment.

The grand jury said that Penn State officials in 2002 told Jack Raykovitz, executive director of The Second Mile, that there had been an issue with Sandusky and a minor. But the charity took no action against Sandusky because, it said this week, Penn State did not find any wrongdoing.

And in 1998, Sandusky was investigated after he was accused of "behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner" with a boy in a shower at the football team's facilities, the grand jury said. The report said an attorney for Second Mile who was also university counsel, Wendell Courtney, was aware of the allegations.

Phone calls seeking comment from Courtney on Saturday rang unanswered, and emails sent to him were returned as undeliverable.

The Second Mile said that Sandusky told the organization in 2008 he was being investigated, and that from then on the charity separated him from programs involving youths.

But the word about Sandusky may not have reached other youth programs he was involved with.

Sandusky held summer football camps — both at Penn State satellite campuses and at other Pennsylvania schools — for years after he was banned from taking youths onto the main campus by the school's athletics director and senior vice president. Both officials have now been charged with failing to tell police about a 2002 allegation that Sandusky had sexually assaulted a boy in the showers of the football building.

Sandusky held the football camps through his Sandusky Associates company from 2000 to 2008 at Penn State's Behrend satellite campus near Erie. There were never any complaints, according to a spokesman. Still, Behrend's athletics director said he wishes someone had told him about the 2002 allegation.

"You definitely would know that person doesn't belong here on the campus," Brian Streeter said. "It's a sick feeling even to think about it."

The very success of The Second Mile meant there was plenty of money for Sandusky to lavish on boys. A review of tax forms filed by The Second Mile shows that out of almost $3.3 million in revenue during the 2008-09 year, salaries, wages, and payments to directors totaled almost $1.4 million, along with $190,000 for "camp food" and $288,000 for "other expenses."

Sandusky is no longer on the payroll; his last payment was $57,000 in 2007-08, according to tax records. Over the years the payments to Sandusky totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Records from The Second Mile show that the organization asks staff members and volunteers to sign a statement affirming they have never been suspected of child abuse. They must also submit a criminal background check. Officials from the Second Mile didn't respond to a question about whether any such checks were ever done on Sandusky.

The Second Mile said in a statement that it has done "everything in our power to cooperate with law-enforcement officials." But Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly said that during the grand jury investigation there was an "uncooperative atmosphere" from some officials at Penn State and The Second Mile. And Gov. Tom Corbett said he believes there will be an investigation into what Second Mile officials knew.

Deborah Small, an associate professor of marketing and psychology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said she doesn't think The Second Mile will survive the scandal.

"There's too much moral hypocrisy going on," she said. "No one's going to want to be associated with them."

Late last week, The Second Mile removed the list of honorary directors from its website.


Associated Press researcher Judith Ausuebel in New York and writer Michael Rubinkam in Allentown contributed to this report.



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With memberships in a variety of human service agency networks, referrals can be
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Wilmer Humphrey
E.Z. and Arlene Jackson
John and Jennifer Farrell
James J. Gory Mechanical
Contracting, Inc.
JEB Environmental Technologies, Inc.
John Yurconic Agency
Richard and Patricia Johnson
Nancy Jones
John Judge
The Junior League of Reading
Yi and Marianne Kao
Karns Food
King Printing
William and Staci Kirchhoff
Alice Kirchner
Kissinger, Bigatel & Brower
Meridian Bank
Dave and Cookie Metzler
Mid Penn Bank
Mid-Atlantic Fire & Air, Inc.
Jamie Modge
Robert Moran
Mountain Dog Construction LLC
Mountville Lions Club
Kevin Mullar Key
Mary Mulligan
Dean and Ellen Musser
David and Jennifer Myers
National Penn Bancshares, Inc.
New Enterprise Stone and Lime
John O’Dea
Gloria Ohs
Terry Padden
Dick Panagacos
D. Brent and Cynthia Pasquinelli
Michele and Gary Peck
Penn National Employees’
Penn State Alumni Association –
Lake Erie Chapter
Michael Pillion
Carol Pioli
Martin and Nichol Sheridan
Thomas Sherk
Nikki Silvis
Ski & Company
Harry and Jeanne Smith
Jeffrey and Laura Smith
Melissa Snyder
Randy Southern
Sovereign Bank
Kevin and Elizabeth Splaine
Angela Sprock
SPS Associates
Steamfitters’ Local Union 420
Stephenson Equipment, Inc.
Lorin Stough
Bill and Julie Straub
Elliot Jay Sussman
Perry Swanson
David Sweetland
Ten Sent Corp. / Ten Fold Vending
Texas Roadhouse – Camp Hill
Thompson Masonry
Tire Town
Torron Group
Tray-Pak Corporation
Timothy and Caroline Twardzik
“Your foster family event was a wonderful, positive family-oriented
day that created a lot of pleasant memories for the children in
foster care. Thanks again for including Lancaster County resource
families in this very favorite event.”
—Lancaster County Children and Youth Services
“Thank you very much for the special day that was
given to our family. We would never have been able
to have such a fun day without the hard work that
The Second Mile did for us. Our 5 children, 3 adopted
and 2 foster, had a great time, and we, as parents,
enjoyed the smiles and laughter that were given to
us that day. Thanks again for all your hard work.”
—Foster Parents from York County
This family takes a moment
to pause from eating lunch
and have their picture taken
during the foster family event
at HersheyPark.

Zoompad said...

Andrew and Laura Zimmerman
Calvin and Pamela Zimmerman
All4 Inc.
Kurt and Kimberly Allerman
D. Reed Anderson
William Asbury
The Ashland Foundation
Automated Records Centre
Joseph and Sherry Baird
Baker’s Group LLC
William and Dorothy Barnes
Elsie Bedwell
Mark Bedwell
Charles and Sharon Bell
Ruth Benns Suter
R. Clifford Berg
Berks County Chapter of PSAA
Frederick and Polly Beste
Andrew and Beverly Biddle
Patrick and Paula Bisbey
Todd and Cherie Blackledge
Bon Ton Stores Foundation
Bradford Coal Company
Kirsten Braley
Marty and Joan Duff
Douglas and Pam Dyer
E.J. Breneman, LP
Robert and Judith Ecker
Ecowater Systems
The Ellis Group, LLC CPAs
Robert Emert
Art Entz and Leslie Dutchcot
Kenneth and Susan Ewing
Fasnacht Family Foundation
Jeremy Fegert
Michael and Clare Fitzgerald
Scott and Traci Frey
Adam and Linda Frye
William and Kitty Lou Gamber
Frank and Corinne Genovese
Louis and Judy Geschwindner
Grand Street Boys’ Foundation
Roger and Valerie Grimes
Gary and Christine Groff
Tom and Sandy Hood
Brian and Nina Hand
Kevin and Karen Hand
Robert Harbison
Harold Greaney Charitable Trust
Dan and Suzie Hawbaker
Samuel and Janice Hawbaker
Kleinbard Bell & Brecker LLP
Robert and Karen Klock
Richard and Susan Knowlton
Kohl’s Unit 970
Ronald and Sandy Koldjeski
Cathy Kornfield
Marc Kuster
KW Gas & Oil
Aimee Latta and Shane Markley
Art Leach and Sophie Penney
Brian Lee
Lehigh Valley Hearing, LLC
Christopher Leitzell
Matt Leitzell
M. John and JoAnn Lew
Lock Haven University Foundation
Jeff and Vikki Long
Richard Maguire
Stephen Mahood
Karl Martin
Keith and Marilyn Martin
Andrew and Sarah McIntyre
McKonly & Asbury, LLP
McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
McQuaide Blasko
Jodi McWhirter
Virginia Meadows
Jim Plessinger

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Mark and Carol Pollard
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Brenda Probst
The Prudential Foundation
Gregory and Patricia Purcell
Gregory and Rosalie Radio
Jeffrey Ratner
Razor’s Edge, Inc.
RBC Dain Rauscher, Inc.
John and Jillian Reese
N. David and Karen Rinehart
Clyde Robbins
Rosa Rosa Ristorante Italiano
David Rossi
Rotary Club of Colonial Park
Ruth Roush
John and Janice Sain
Robert and Susan Sands
Jon and Kia Sandusky
Scalise Industries
SCI Houtzdale
Ivan and Julie Segal
Neil and Lauren Shank
Jeff and Marsha Sharp
Grace Shatto
Tyrone Shopping Center, Inc.
W.E. Yoder, Inc.
Donald ‘Woozy’ Walker
Ed Walker and Akemi Benton
West Pharmaceutical Services
Julie Dietz-Wheeler and
Michael Wheeler
Karen Wheeler
Alan Whitaker
Jack and Dorothy White
Lurene Wiest
John Wilchek, Sr.
Ben and Shelley Williams
John and Arlene Witmer
Edward Wojdylak
Quentin and Louise Wood
Alan and Kathryn Woolslare
World Marketing of America
Worley and Obetz, Inc.
Karen and Paul Yarrish
William and Joanne Yoder
Harold “Bud” Yost
Karen Zawitkowski
John and Janet Zerbe
Jane Zimmerman
Advanced Color Graphics
Allenberry Playhouse
American Music Theatre
Automated Records Centre/Mike
Barton Associates
Bellefonte Lanes
Best Event Rental
Best Western of Lock Haven
Blue White Illustrated/Phil Grosz
Borders Express
Chester County Council on
Addictive Diseases
CMT Laboratories
Conestoga High School
Cradles to Crayons
Damon’s Grill
Fitness Unlimited
Billy Gilchrist
Heritage Hills Golf Resort
Hoss’s Steak and Sea House
Idlewild and SoakZone
Keller Engineers
Keystone Real Estate Group
KVF/Taco Bell
Lakemont Park
LionHeart Fitness
Lock Haven University
Lock Haven YMCA
Louis Pantages
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M. John Lew Architects
Millersville University
Rob and Kathy Moir
Muhlenberg College
North American Communications
Olive Garden
Outback Steakhouse
Penn State Altoona
Penn State NROTC
Penn Terra Engineering, Inc.
Penncara Energy
Poole Anderson Construction
Reading Phillies Baseball Club
Nancy and Dan Ring
Snavely Associates, Ltd.
SPACES Design Center/
Susan Brown
Springfield School District,
Delaware County
State College Area Jaycees
Super 8, State College/HAMCO
Susquehanna Transit
Texas Roadhouse
Toys for Tots
Upper Main Line YMCA
Villanova University
Water World
Many opportunities

Zoompad said...

Many opportunities for Pennsylvania children and families are made
possible through the support of in-kind donations. Some in-kind
donations, such as event tickets, supplies for program activities, and
transportation of participants, extend directly to the children and
families served by The Second Mile. Other donations offset operating
costs of programs and special events, which allows a larger percentage
of money raised to go to Second Mile programs. Donations have
included anything from equipment storage space and printing services
to special event prizes and meals. In-kind sponsors who contributed to
special events were acknowledged previously in conjunction with those
events. Here, we would like to highlight additional in-kind donors who
contributed goods or services valued at $1,000 or more this past fiscal
year. In 2009, The Second Mile received $419,359 in in-kind donations

Zoompad said...

State Board of
Robert Poole
Chairman of the Board
Jack Raykovitz, Ph.D.
President, Ex-Officio
Dave Woodle
Clyde Shuman
William Martin
Cliff Benson
Don Carlino
Jake Corman
Neal DeAngelo
Eddie Dunklebarger
Ken Ewing
Mike Fiaschetti
Michael Fiore
Linda Gall
Anne Deeter Gallaher
Bruce Heim
Dottie Huck
Dick Kile
Tom Knepley
Mike Kuntz
Matt Millen
Heidi Nicholas
Mike O’Donnell
Kim Ortenzio-Nielsen
Chuck Pearson
Eric Peterson
Al Pringle
Nancy Ring
DrueAnne Schreyer
Steve Seltzer
Lauren Shank
Louie Sheetz
Fred Strouse
Ric Struthers
Mike Sullivan

Zoompad said...

Central Board
of Directors
Linda Gall
William Martin
Vice President
Steven Seltzer
Ralph Licastro
Dan Bright, Esq.
Linda Brown
Jennifer Chambers-Nicholson
Todd Erdley
John Farrell
Dana Fonash
Drew Garban
Ginny Glickman
David Goodman
Brian Hand
Michael Hawbaker
Benjamin Heim, Esq.
Carol Herrmann
Dorothy Huck
Jack Infield
Laurene Keck
Alan Kirk, Esq.
John Lieb Jr.
Renee Marks
Ted McDowell
Heidi Nicholas
Alec Pringle
Suren Rao
Bob Ricketts
Nancy Ring
DrueAnne Schreyer
John Sheridan, Ed.D.
Harry Sickler
Jeffrey Smith
Lewis Steinberg, Esq.
Fred Strouse
Michael Sullivan
James Swistock
Michael Trombley, Esq.

Zoompad said...

Region Board
of Directors
Michael Fiaschetti
Eddie L. Dunklebarger
Vice President
Daniel A. Gifford, CLU
Dennis Pyers
Marion Alexander
Kasey Angstadt
Joseph Baird
Douglas L. Byers
Barbara Conklin
JoAnn DeRose
Douglas C. Dyer
Mark Everest
Kenneth Ewing
Anne Deeter Gallaher
Jeffrey S. Gelburd
Michael Gillespie
Gary Groff
James Hare
Scott A. Heintzelman
Ricki Hevner
Steven Hevner
Michael Huegel
Patricia Husic
Jack J. Jaroh
Kurt M. Malick
John O’Dea
Kimberly Ortenzio-Nielsen
Kelly Pallis
Michele Peck
Eric Peterson
Dennis Pyers
Neal Rhoads
Michael Smith
Mark Snyder
Kevin Splaine
Angela Tatum
Karen Yarrish

Zoompad said...

Region Board
of Directors
Don Carlino
Lauren Shank
Vice President
Terrance Bowman
Gregory Elinsky
Dawn Holden
John Judge
Tom Knepley
George J. Lavin III
Tom Law
Barry Lott
Jacqueline Martin
Stephen J. O’Connor
Joseph O’Neil, Jr.
Beasley Reece
Randy Southern
Doug Strang
Tara L. Weiner
Jenell Wunsch

Zoompad said...


I remember Lord Falconer - the man who kept the secret family court secret and who I kept writing to asking why the secret family courts were allowing syndromes which were invented by American paedophiles to be used in their secret triels.

I remember Falconer having something to do with this company, so this is very interesting!

Zoompad said...

30 Nov 2000 : Column WA155

Written Answers
Thursday, 30th November 2000.
NMEC: Solvency

Baroness Seccombe asked Her Majesty's Government:

What action has been taken by the Lord Falconer of Thoroton in his capacity as Minister and as shadow director of the New Millennium Experience Company to comply with the advice given by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) at page 39 of their Project Mozart presentation that shadow directors "must be on notice and need to take urgent action to address the position after taking appropriate legal and commercial advice" in light of the PWC's statement at page 39 that "There is clear evidence to suggest that NMEC is currently insolvent."[HL4134]

The Minister of State, Cabinet Office (Lord Falconer of Thoroton): Any action I may take in relation to the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC) I take in my role as shareholder, and I am not on the board of directors. As shareholder I have been kept informed of issues as they have arisen. The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report was submitted to the Board of NMEC on 22 August. The board noted the PwC view, and took expert advice about the company's solvency position at the end of August. As a result they considered that there was a real prospect of further funding to enable the company to ensure ongoing solvency. This was found to be the correct course of action as on 5 September the commission approved a grant of £47 million to the NMEC which secured NMEC's ongoing solvency.

Baroness Blatch asked Her Majesty's Government:

Whether the Millennium Dome's New Millennium Experience Company has, at any time, traded while insolvent; and, if so, which periods.[HL4159]

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report, which was presented to the NMEC board on 22 August and is now in the Libraries of the House, costed the liabilities of the company and indicated that there were periods of insolvency throughout the year.

The effect of Section 214 of the Insolvency Act 1986 can be to make it proper for a company's directors to continue to trade, even though the company may technically be insolvent at a given time, if there is a reasonable prospect that they may be able to introduce sufficient funds to correct the insolvency and thereby eliminate any risk to creditors.

Zoompad said...

The NMEC board and its directors secured additional grant from the Millennium Commission in February, May, August and September 2000.

30 Nov 2000 : Column WA156

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the statement by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 5 October (H.L. Deb., col. 1684) that "discussions are taking place to finalise how the other pre-condition will be achieved, but they are almost there", whether those discussions have now been completed; and whether, as a consequence, the pre-condition imposed by the Millennium Commission on a grant of £47 million on 4 September that that amount represented the last draw-down from the Millennium Commission is now in place.[HL4237]

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The Government are currently considering the best process and vehicle to deal with any potential residual and contingent liabilities arising from the Millennium Experience. However, the grant of £47 million awarded by the Millennium Commission to the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC) was to ensure an orderly wind-down of the company. The board of NMEC are confident that a solvent solution will be achieved within the current level of grant.

Millennium Dome Site: Sale

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), whether any request has been made to Legacy plc by the Government for a portion of the sale price of the Dome site to be paid prior to the signing of the contracts; whether Legacy plc has agreed to such a request; and whether there is an agreement that such a sum will be repaid to Legacy plc in the event that outstanding contractual issues cannot be resolved satisfactorily within an agreed timetable.[HL4745]

Zoompad said...

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The details of contractual issues are being pursued in negotiations between the competition team and Legacy plc. Details of the proposed overall financial consideration for the sale of the Dome to Legacy plc must remain commercially confidential at this stage. The arrangements for Legacy plc to acquire the Dome will include a cash consideration on exchange of contracts and a further cash consideration on completion of the sale.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), what is the sum offered by Legacy plc for the purchase of the Dome site and accepted by the Government as the basis for the award to Legacy plc of the preferred bidder status; and[HL4744]

30 Nov 2000 : Column WA157

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), what are the outstanding contractual issues which must be resolved before contracts can be signed with Legacy plc for the sale of the Dome site.[HL4746]

Zoompad said...

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: There are a number of contractual issues, including purchase price, which will form part of the current negotiations currently taking place between Legacy plc and the competition team. The details of these negotiations are commercially confidential.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), which body or bodies will regularly monitor the progress of the negotiations for the sale of the Dome site to Legacy plc; and to which Minister or Ministers the reports on such progress will be made.[HL4747]

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The negotiations with Legacy plc will be undertaken by the competition team, and overseen by officials from the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR), the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Cabinet Office and HM Treasury. Regular reports will be made to the ministerial team, which includes the Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Falconer, Minister of State at Cabinet Office and Shareholder of the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC), Andrew Smith, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Hilary Armstrong, Minister for Local Government and the Regions, and Janet Anderson, Minister for Tourism, Film and Broadcasting.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

What assessment they have made of the impact of the development of the Excel site in Docklands upon the viability of the Legacy plc offer to develop the Dome site; and whether they will publish the results of that impact assessment.[HL4749]

Zoompad said...

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The Excel centre in the Royal Docks and Legacy plc's proposals for the Dome are of a very different nature, one being an exhibition centre, the other a high-technology business park. The commercial and financial viability of Legacy's proposals has been evaluated by the Government's advisers. The evaluation is commercially confidential. Further development of evidence of commercial demand will be important in continued negotiations with Legacy plc.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), what action they propose to take in order to sell the Dome site in the event that the outstanding issues with Legacy plc cannot be resolved by mid-February.[HL4748]

30 Nov 2000 : Column WA158

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: English Partnerships undertook a review of alternative options for the Millennium Dome and its site while discussions were taking place between the competition team and Legacy plc. Ministers will wish to revisit that work should negotiations with Legacy plc fall.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), what advice they received that Legacy plc should not be named as the preferred bidder for the Millennium Dome; and why they rejected that advice.[HL4782]

Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The professional advisers to the competition team provided comprehensive advice to Ministers. This detailed advice is commercially confidential, but it concluded that Legacy plc could be awarded preferred bidder status while recommending that a number of issues should be vigorously pursued as part of any future negotiations with Legacy plc. These negotiations will continue over the coming months and the Government hope to be in a position to exchange contracts in February.

Baroness Anelay of St Johns asked Her Majesty's Government:

Further to the Written Answer by Lord Falconer of Thoroton on 20 November (WA 61), what will be the cost of clearing attraction zones from the Millennium Dome after 31 December: and what sum has been allocated for this work within the budget of the New Millennium Experience Company as at 22 November. [HL4783]
Lord Falconer of Thoroton: The New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC) is in discussion with Legacy plc with regard to the level of decommissioning required. NMEC has a budget of £7.5 million for the decommissioning. This sum is sufficient to deal with decommissioning which NMEC is obliged to undertake.