Thursday, 17 November 2011


I fell for Brian Gerrish hook line and sinker. I thought he was a good man who hated injustice and abuse.

I thought he was a Christian who loved the Lord Jesus and who hated persecution of the weak and vulnerable.

I am finding out a lot of things about the UK Column that I was blinded to.

The John Hemming fiasco in Stoke on Trent was a horrible shock to me. I left that conference, and sat completly silent at Stoke Station for about an hour, unable to read, unable to move, in shock. I felt numb with the shock of seeing John Hemming sharing the same stage as the man I had trusted so much.

Brian Gerrish knew how Hemming and his friends had treated me on the Mothers for Justice website. Brian Gerrish knew how Hemming had responded to my repeated and urgent pleas for him to do something about the secret family courts using syndromes that were invented by paedophiles against mothers and children. He knew how the Fathers Rights groups (led by big law firms) had infiltrated grass roots sites like Mothers for Justice, pretending to help run the Admin for nefarious purposes.

Two days ago, Brian Gerrish came to Stafford, all the way from Plymouth to Stafford. He did not tell me he was coming, even though I could easily have met up with him in Stafford. He is always telling us abuse survivors to communicate ect, so why did he not make the most of the opportunity? And who did he see in Stafford? I think I already know the answer to that question, but I want the UK Column to confirm it.

Brian Gerrish had no right to invite John Hemming to that Stoke conference, knowing full well that I would be there, and knowing full well how I had been abused for two years. He had no right to do that to me at all. Does Brian Gerrish think that I am some sort of insignificant insect that he can stamp on? Brian Gerrish acted in a wicked and cruel way to me. He could so easily have warned me that he was inviting that man to the conference, instead, there he was on the stage when I arrived, and I felt sick as hell when I saw him there on that stage with Brian by his side. And I felt sick when all those people in the audience heckled me, for telling it as it is, trying to maul me, to shut me up, to force me to sit down or get out! And there were people in that audience who witnessed the 2 years of constant abuse I was subjected to SHAME ON YOU!

I am not an insect, I am a child of God and I wont be gagged!

Brian Gerrish, I hope that money (that I can ill afford but gave you because I thought you were genuinly a child protector) rots your wallet. May the Lord deal with you as you lot dealt with me, a fourfold portion!


Zoompad said...

I want those documents back that I entrusted to you. Use some of that money to buy a stamp and an envelope so you can give me back my property.

Zoompad said...

That person you drove from Plymouth to Stafford to see "on business" Brian - will you confirm or deny that it is the same woman who worked with an MI5 agent and set the police on me last year, making malicious and untrue claims that I had sent her malicious email?

Is that why you didn't want to tell me Brian?


Zoompad said...





Zoompad said...

I know they're all reading this, I can see the ratings whooshing up!

Zoompad said...


I know you keep accusing me of being aggressive, but there's no need to be so scared!

I really don't bite! (much)

Anyway, even if I were this aggressive insane monster that I am being falsely portayed as, I can hardly do anything from the inside of a computer screen, can I?

Zoompad said...

Blimy! I thought an ex Navy officer would be made of sterner stuff that that! He's PETRIFIED of little old me!

I suppose you can't expect them all to be like good brave old Norman Scarth though!

Zoompad said...

Put them in an envelope, lick the back, put a stamp on and post it back to me Brian. I want my documents back.