Saturday, 26 November 2011


I need a rest, and am enjoying watching some scenes of one of my favourite ballets, LA FILLE MAL GARDEE. I was fortunate enough to see Brenda Last playing the role of Lise with the Royal Ballet, she was great in the role amd a great comedianne as well as an excellent dancer.


Zoompad said...

Ballet cheers me up after all the horrible abuse I have suffered. It's nice to have lovely music and dancinhg to take your mind off all the horrible stuff.

I am still waiting for an apology. Just a simple apology for what was done to me. How hard is that?

Am I asking too much?

Zoompad said...

It's very sad, because too many Pindown abuse victims have died. I can't help feeling sad about all the ones who have ended up in prison, on drugs, in mental hospitals or in a coffin.

An apology would mean so much to so many people, just a simple sincere apology.

Why not? Why won't anyone just give me that?

Zoompad said...

But the ballet cheers me up, and so does listening to nice music. The Jesus People said God didnt like us listening to "worldly" music, and they wouldnt even let us listen to Handals Messiah.

Jesus just loves to see us happy though. David danced before the Lord. God loves to see people happy, he is not a big misery guts in the sky, as some people seem to think, he is lovely!