Sunday, 13 November 2011


"Anonymous said...
I would like to put Zoompad right on a couple of points. The Grand Prix system was never used at HDLG. It was only ever used at a young offenders unit which by the nature of its name tells you that they were dealing with thugs not nice innocent kids.

As for Stuart being very kind to you, well yes because he always told you what you wanted to hear but never actually practiced what he preached. I have sat at the same table as syvret and can assure you the only thing he is interested in is himself and believing he should have what everybody else has without working for it.

November 13, 2011 "

They failed to publish my origional reply to the post above, so I am going to reply to it here. I was too trusting of that blog, I usually save all my posts in advance, but failed to do so that time, so I am responding again. I won't be submitting any more comments onto that blog, as you can never be sure if they will actually be published. I don't mind people not publishing comments that I submit usually, I know sometimes people have good reasons for not doing so, but with that blog the reasons are never for the good, so I won't post there any more. They will be forced into going back to their naughty ways of inventing their own posts and publishing them in my name!


I have also sat at the same table as Stuart, and he certainly did not sugar talk to me. In fact, he gave me a telling off, be mistakenly thought I was having a swipe at Susan Boyle while we were talking, and he rounded on me about that. I wasn't upset though, I was actually really touched by his gallentry. He's a nice man.

As for Grand Prix/Pindown only being used on thugs, that's not true. They were putting runaways into Pindown homes, and some of the kids were very young, not thugs, runaways. I was put into a Pindown home, for trying to run away from being raped and punched. I was a Grammer school student, and I won my entry to the same High school that the poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy attended, (she was there while I was there) through merit. But Staffordshire County Council tried to blacken my character, by falsely and maliciously claiming that I had been expelled by the headmistress Miss Dawson for bad behaviour. In fact, Miss Dawson was the person who tried to persuade me to stay at that school, when I was allowed out of the psychiatric hospital Social Services had kept me in, as a "place of safety". I was too afraid to face all the other girls, I was terrified they would call me a "nutter" so I wanted to change schools, and Miss Dawson tried to persuade me not to. Miss Dawson was a very nice Quaker lady.

But I found out she was still alive, and wrote to her, and we exchanged some letters, she remembered me. Staffordshire Social Services tried to blacken my character, to cover up their dismal failure to protect me, they had taken me out of the frying pan and into the fire, they put me in a Pindown home that was being run by child abusers, and then into a psychiatric hospital even though I was not mentally ill.

So they were using that awful system on children who were certainly not thugs.


Zoompad said...

I shouldn't have let my guard down for a second on that site - that will teach me!

I suppose I was just so amazed that they had published my blog posts, because normally the only posts supposedly from me are ones they have made up themselves.

Zoompad said...

I can't resist replying to this comment though ...

"Anonymous said...
Syvret has been asked to give his evidence about cover ups yet fails to ever deliver anything so why be surprised one of his followers still uses the same nonsense to desperately prove a non argument?

I have children of my own, I do not live with my folks and I have a reasonbly well paid job through hard work and I don't take this stupid single guy's warnings about dangers to my children seriously and never will.

Your first point of call to discuss a subject like this should always be a parent. "


Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
Some of the statements rs makes on his blog about past states members would be enough for libel. He is accusing well known people in Jersey of covering up child abuse which is a very serious accusation and Harper appears to have him like a puppet on a string. If Syvret is being taken to court for these kind of posts then why not rs?

November 14, 2011 "

It's not libel if it is the truth!

Zoompad said...

The Grand Prix system used at Haut de la Garenne was exactly the same as the Pindown system used at other children's "homes". They punished children by locking themn up in cells, and some of the homes they were letting people in to have sex with the children, they were doing that at Chadswell and at Haut de la Garenne, and many other Pindown homes.

I got the impression that the people who were supposed to be looking after me forgot all about me once I was in St Georges Psychiatric Hospital. I think they were just dumping kids into those places without making any great effort to ensure the kids were ok.

Stuart Syvret deserves a medal for what he has done, exposing this abuse, and what has he got instead - a prison cell!

The times of gagging us Pindown survivors is over for ever. We are going to have our say, wether you people like it or not. You can try to pull off every nasty trick you can think of, but nothing will conceal the shame of what was done to us any more, God help us!

Zoompad said...

Stuart HAS made mistakes, the biggest one was being taken in by John Hemming.

I tried to warn Stuart again and again and again about Hemming's duplicity. Hemmings F4J friends made my life a misery for 2 years on the MFJ site, because I kept posting about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I was shocked that they wanted to cover all that up. I had a 2 year battle of words on that site, and they had wangled themselves into the admin by trickery, so they actually threw me off the site! All that was going on while I was going through a 7 year secret family courts battle.


Stuart Syvret isn't God, but he is a blooming hero in my eyes. He's stood like a rock and refused to let all the abuse be pushed under the carpet. Why the heck is that man in prison?

Zoompad said...

"I have posted on this blog before and felt absolutely enraged by the comments that other blog sites accuse anyone that has anything to do with this site are poadophiles . "

The problem is, that the Jersey Haut de la Garenne Murder Farce Blog has had Jersey politicians posting on it, attacking whistleblowers like Stuart syvret, and researchers like VFC and Rico and honest policemen like Lenny and Graham and even survivors of the abuse. Thats how far that blog has stooped - right into the muck in the gutter.

Of course its wrong to assume that just because someone posts onto a particular blog that they are a paedophile. But anyone who can feel happy about the vile and malicious things that have been posted on that blog cannot be right in the head!