Tuesday, 2 November 2010


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Zoompad said...

Forgiveness is a deliberate act of mercy. It is an acknowledgement that there is divine judgement, and one day we will all have to stand before that court and give an account of ourselves.

I am not watering down my constant refrain that child abuse is wicked. I am earnestly hoping that the people who have persecuted me and other people will understand that it is not too late to repent and be saved from the wrath to come, because God will surely punish without mercy those who abuse the weakest and most vulnerable members of society and the only way to avoid that just punishment is to ask Jesus for forgiveness.

Jesus Christ was also persecuted, taunted, spat on, whipped, called a nutter and murdered. Just like me, he went through an illegal kangaroo court, to stitch him up. So God was murdered. Of all the dreadful crimes that have ever been done on this planet, this is the worst. Jesus never did a single thing wrong to anyone at all, and yet he was murdered. THAT is the crime the whole human race will be accused of on Judgement Day.

The only way to escape the dreadful punishment for this crime against God is to humbly repent and ask God's forgiveness and salvation. It won't be any use trying to say that all this happened 2000 years ago, and is nothing to do with people living today, don't you see - we are the ancestors and the circle of abuse is within us all. The only way to break it is to seek the Lord God who our race murdered. There is no other way.