Friday, 5 November 2010


Stuart Syvret, the Senator of Jersey (Father of the House) who alerted the world to the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal is in court this week.

He is being charged with a minor paperwork ommission offence, and for dislosing information on his blogsite for reasons of public interest some information that the authorities of Jersey wanted to keep secret. In short, Stuart Syvret is Being Made An Example Of.

There is a BBC strike at the moment. So it looks as though none of the shocking details of Mr Syvret's case is going to be reported by the BBC. How Very Convenient!

Now, as someone who was persecuted by the Secret Family Courts I understand very well this system of Silencing Loose Cannons. I was persecuted in those torture chamber courts over a 7 year period, and the police (orders came from higher authority than my local bobbies, who were sympathetic but helpless) turned a blind eye to the illegal treatment I recieved during that time, which included kidnapping in the actual court building for two hours in an attempt to try to force me against my will to sign papers I did not understand, constant threats of imprisonment and having my son taken away, a break in to my house to steal a folder of papers, stalking, cyber hacking, a threat to have me put injected and put into a psychiatric hospital, religion persecution, slander, fraud and embezzlement. All these crimes have been swept under the carpet, and the orders to do so came from up high.

There is a higher authority. I know this, because I could never have survived all this persecution for so many years without His help. There is a higher authority, and there will be justice. The carpet is getting so lumpy now that the fabric is starting to fray.


Zoompad said...

I STILL have had no answer from Stuart as to wether he recieved the 5 letters I sent to him while he was at La Moye prison last year.

I've asked him several times if he recieved the letters or not, he hasn't responded, Rico Sorda asked if Stuart had contacted me about it, 21st February 16:17, what the hell is going on?

Zoompad said...

It's making me wonder, is Stuart Syvret still alive? Because I'm absolutly sure he would never treat me like this, I just can't understand why he won't just tell me if he got those letters I sent him!