Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I have just recieved this interesting video on the workings of the maritime courts, under which catagory the secret family courts come under. I would like other people to have a listen to what this man is saying, especially the point raised at 4;26  "If they leave again and they return, they come back as a High Priest of the religion of Baal"

My jaw dropped when he said this. As a Bible reading Christian I am very familiar with the religion of Baal. It is the very same religion that Moses was outraged to find that the Hebrews God had rescued from enslavement to the Egyptians had reverted back to, as he stood before God on Mount Sinai recieving the Ten Commandments. It is the same religion Elijah mocked when he challenged 450 of the priests of Baal to a contest at Mount Carmel.

Baal is Satan.

So according to this video, the secret family court judges can come to judge us as the Priests of Baal!

Well, if this is true, then these men have absolutly no authority to judge anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ, because Satan does not have authority over God!

I would like other people to check this video. If this is true, these secret family courts have no authority at all over Christian folk. If this is true, I can understand why Christianity has been under so much attack in this country!

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