Friday, 19 November 2010


Report: zoompass
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United States of America
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Category: Credit Card Fraud

Submitted: Sunday, July 11, 2010
Posted: Sunday, July 11, 2010
I have complained how zoompass has been robbing me from my money and the numerous times I had to call customer service to try and rectify the matter and would get no where! They would make me wait for days, even when it was clearly there own issue, before I would be reimbursed partially for the funds removed from my account. I believe they do this as with all prepaid mastercards, the funds a customer deposits in any prepaid credit card account are accruing interest, and in this case zoompass, will try to make arrangments in pinching from there customers, that way they make there money! But with all there crooked ways, I have had another issue where I had deposied 200 dollars into my account and they removed 116.99 the same day I deposited the funds, and I made numerous contacts to customer service, where they began refering to me as my family name everytime I phoned in and explained to me that yes the issue is on there end and the matter would be rectified asap! I waited almost a week before I got to speak to the account manager at zoompass, Yolanda, and had her explain I would be receiving a refund within the next 24 hour period, and I said fine as I have already waited a week because of there mistake, even though it sounds shady, because what kind of bank does this if it's a 'mistake' so i waited for the next day, checked my account in the morning, it still wasn't there, so I waited until later in the day and I still didn't have any money, that is when I phoned in to ask why my funds haven't been deposited in my account and I spoke with customer service where she was trying to brush me off, saying that my money was owed due to a transaction I made back in march, even though it was a different amount, which zoompass then again, went and double charged me and was more than the transaction amount anyway, I mean of course, what can you expect from a free bank found online, so I was outraged how they were telling me they were keeping my money, so I spoke to a different rep and didn't even have to explain the situation, they all know me at zoompass, so you can tell it's a small organization, and she apologized to me and I was informed I would need to send in a fax with my name, acct# and signature in order for me to be reimbursed any monies owed and I would finally receive my funds within 48 hours. I was in awe and couldn't believe this was happening, so I gave zoompass the fax they wanted, just to give me a inconvenience I guess and accrue more interest on my money, and I decided to complain to the minister of consumer services, as well as the mastercard branch, as well as the better business bearau on my situation and to file a complaint on the irregular operation of zoompass. I filed the complaint just yesterday, July/8/2010 and I informed zoompass of my complaint filed as it is a requirment by the complaint service to have any complaint finalized, and today zoompass had locked me from my account and I was not able to access it. Right away I knew it was because of my complaint. I called customer service once again, knowing that by now they will all know me for sure, and I spoke to Michael, one of the regular CSR's I would always get when I called in, and he mentioned I would have to be transfered to the district manager regarding this issue and that he would conference me in. Was it actually a conference with more than one person listening in?? I don't know, but I spoke to Ryan and he said my account was locked for security purposes and that he would unlock it for me. He unlocked it and I had 114.88in my account. Not to mention they owe me 116.99 and I still had some change left in the account before this, so they totally still screwed me again! I swear it's like they insist in screwing me around, like aren't your customers suppose to be valuable, or something? Atleast that's what I thought! So I immediately transferred my money that I was finally reimbursed for and transferred it to my bank before they could screw me again, which I think is only fair after what I went through ;)
As for me, I am done with zoompass. I will be using paypal and my own credit card. As for you other people looking for prepaid mastercard, Bank of montreal in canada offers the service for 8.95 every three years and that is the only fee, and you are with a real bank,so you can be assured you are in good hands. zoompass isn't even a bank as said in the terms of service and they are not affiliated under the national bank organization. Bmo is probably the best bet looking for a safer alternative to online banking and prepaid services!


Zoompad said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now this is going to come up every time someone does a google search on Zoompass.

Sick of these shyster scum, ripping people off all the ruddy time.

I am going to try to leave this on the front page for at least a week!

Zoompad said...

Well, that might teach them not to try to tag on to decent folk in order to rip people off.