Friday, 19 November 2010


Yes, because wicked as he was, even Hitler did not systematically abuse the children of his nation state. But the Jersey Oligarchy have allowed systematic child abuse on their own people, as have the UK Government!

One of the photographs is Kendall House, where Teresa Cooper was incarcerated as a child. Kendall House was owned by the Church of England, who have shares in Glaxo. Kendal House was using it's young captives as human guinea pigs, to test drugs on.

Teresa showed me a photo of herself when she was a young girl, which I found shocking. I could hardly believe that the person in the photo was the same lady. You see, the photo of Teresa Cooper when she was about 14 years old looked much older than she looks now. They had forcefed and injected this poor girl with so much crap that she looks like a middle aged woman!

I don't go to church any more. The churches are complicit in child abuse, not just the Catholic church, but also the C of E, who will not say boo to a goose, the whole establishment of the church is full of stinking rotten moral cowards.

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