Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Don't subscribe to‏

I was tricked by some very bad men into registering onto this site, and have been inundated with unwanted offers of a date, and photographs, some of them being very vulgar. Whats worse, is that my email contact list has been sent invitations to join, supposedly coming from me.

So if anyone gets a message from this horrible site informing them that a message has been left and that they have to register onto the site in order to open it, be warned - it is all a sham. Mark it as spam and delete.


Anonymous said...

I received same email but ignored it. I hope you dont think that someone sent it to you in particular to get you.

Sites like this get you email addresses in many numbers of ways, unfortunately people earn money by obtaining email addresses to give to websites to use.

You should never answer them or sign up at least without doing a search on the net to find out a bit first. Too late for you though unofrtunately, I am only posting this so you dont get paranoid that someone particularly targetted you.

Zoompad said...

Thanks, but I'm not being paranoid, I know who was responsible for sending it, it does not take many brain cells to work that one out.

Good advice though, alas, too late for me, I have had to learn by experience. Will know better next time though.

Zoompad said...

One of the vulgar pictures I recieved was meant to be a man's crotch, though I could be wrong, as it was very small.