Thursday, 18 November 2010


Thursday 18th November 2010

Dear Mr Millar,
I am one of the Staffordshire Pindown institutional child abuse survivors and I am writing to you about a man who was taken to La Moye prison yesterday, Stuart Syvret.
Mr Syvret has been helping the victims of the child abuse at Haut de la Garenne.
It is very difficult for people who are unfortunate enough to suffer institutional abuse as children, because of the tendency of those in authority to attempt to cover up the abuse, and to persecute whistleblowers, such as Mr Syvret.
Mr Millar, I know that you have to do your job, and your duty is to detain the people who are sent to your prison by the courts. I just want to make you aware of the fact that Mr Syvret is a political prisoner, I am sure that he will have made an application to you to be so regarded at La Moye by now, and I would urge you to be particular to pay attention to the international humanitarian law with regard to this issue.
I will be writing to the Prime Minister on this issue, and enclosing a copy of this letter, and I will also be writing to Amnesty International.

Yours faithfully
Barbara Richards aka Zoompad author of “Tip”


Stuart said...

I've just dropped the soap.

Anonymous said...

You can write to wheover you want but the law is the law and he broke it. If you think Contempt of Court is a forgivable offence then you are dangerous.

Jill Gracia said...

I would be contemptuous of the Court that I saw and listened to Stuart facing over the last few weeks!!

Zoompad said...

I am posting these comments, no prizes for guessing which pig sty they came from.

As for contempt of court, I have nothing but contempt for a court that can commit such a wicked act of jailing a man who has done nothing to deserve such harsh punishment, whilst protecting paedophiles and murderers so that they are free to prey on other vulnerable children. So it looks like I am guilty of the same "crime".

Zoompad said...

Its YOU who are dangerous, you are shielding paedophiles and murderers. You are the guilty one.

Anonymous said...

And what about the nurse in question?

Zoompad said...

The secret family courts have threatened thousands of mothers for trying to protect their own chuildren, and I was repeatedly threatened with jail IF (note the IF) I committed "Contempt of Court" by Judge Anthony Cleary at Stafford Court. Now this judge allowed two lawyers to illegally detain me against my will in order to try to force me to sign documents on 29th November 2005 with the man I have formally accused of raping me stationed directly outside the door, and Penkridge Victim Support barred from being in the room to support me. I cried and screamed so loudly for TWO HOURS that in the end the security guards came in with a glass of water. All this happened at Stafford Court, as Judge Anthony Cleary was well aware, and it was a criminal offence carrying a 15 year term for the people who did this, yet it was me who was repeatedly threatened with jail by Cleary.

So I know all about "Contempt of Court"

Zoompad said...

Re the nurse in question:

It's a bad idea to assume that everyone who puts on a nurses uniform is an angel. Many are, but, sadly, there are some who are prepared to murder their patients.

I was at the Stafford Hospital Abuse enquiry yesterday. You know, the one that was vusing the Liverpool Care Pathway, same as Ward 87, North Staffs Hospital. Dr Rita Pal knows all about that fiasco, they tried to get her committed to a lunatic asylum for blowing the whistle on the systematic abuse of elderly patients there.

I suppose Stuart is lucky in that sense, because it is easier to get out of jail than the nuthouse.

Zoompad said...

Stuart is in La Moye Prison again. He will be coming out in a few days time.

I wrote to Amnesty and to Liberty, both said they couldn't do anything. Well, I will remember that, when they come it, sending begging letters. Sick of these so called charities that never want to help anyone.

Zoompad said...

Stuart is only in prison because he wanted to help people like me. He's a very kind man, and a credit to his calling. I wish there were more politicians like him.