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Another One Bites the Dust

by Robert Green and Team

The Hollie Greig campaign had yet another stunning victory last [Monday] night in Shropshire, where Robert Green and other constitutional activists, backed by local villagers, were set to take on Parish Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden, whose remit in the full Council is bizarrely described as Child Protection, for her prominent role in the issuing of threats against Hollie and Anne and the disgraceful and uncalled-for ransacking of their home on 3rd June.

It should be noted that Shropshire Social Services have chosen to demean Hollie as a minor, she is very angry at this as she is a 30 year-old woman with an NVQ and exercises her right to vote.

As the meeting hall filled up and extra chairs were provided for the unexpected multitude of attendees, of Councillor Caesar-Homden there was no sign. It was then announced she had unexpectedly resigned!

One of the local residents immediately challenged the Chairman (Colin Case), asking him if it was to do with the leaflet campaign in the village (Ruyton Xl Towns), on behalf of Hollie, in which the Councillor was named. The Chairman felt he could not comment.

The Chairman of the meeting refused to allow the issue of Hollie’s safety to be raised. Robert had written to him prior to the meeting asking for this to be put on the agenda. The Chairman, when challenged, refused to give an explanation as to why it had not been done and tersely insisted that "standing orders" for Parish Councils were that only items on the agenda were allowed to be to be raised by members of the public. He then threatened to have anybody who objected to this removed from the meeting.

After lengthy discussions of planning matters, the subject of dog-fouling was raised by a member of the public and the Chairman took it upon himself to "lift" standing orders to allow that subject to be discussed. This shows a perverse set of priorities with child safety being of lesser importance than dog poo to him.

Mr Case was seen being briefed before the meeting by Social Services official Stephen Chandler. This may be why he took the unprecedented step of reading out the Council's Standing Orders at the beginning of the meeting. It would appear that the Chairman breached his responsibilities under Section 137 Local Government Act 1972, quoted to him but he chose to ignore it.

Local residents speculated after the meeting as to how much the surviving members of the Parish Council knew about the corruption involving Social Services in the dealings with Hollie. They were aggrieved by the clumsy and obvious cover-up that they had witnessed. There were new recruits to Hollie's army from the village that night.

The local PC being unfortunately on leave, his deputy was present and gave a short presentation on local crime trends. He should have had a working knowledge of the case and a brief to give support to Hollie and her mother. Also, he might have been able to provide clarification as to why the Police found it necessary to break into Anne and Hollie's home whilst they were away on holiday. The Chairman again refused to allow questions from the public to the PC.

The sudden but not unexpected resignation from the Parish Council of Aggie Caesar-Homden is another triumph. It must call into to question her position as Portfolio Holder from Shropshire Council’s Cabinet (notwithstanding frantic attempts at damage limitation) against the odds, for truth, justice and compassion, underpinned by the extraordinary courage and tenacity of Hollie and Anne Greig. Well done, ladies, on another successful exposure against the forces of darkness.

As in the case of Mrs Angiolini in Scotland, this resignation should be the beginning of the end for a cabal of individuals, both in England and Scotland, who must be held to account for their support of paedophile crime.

Aggie Caesar-Homden


Portfolio Holder for Children and Young Peoples Services

01743 252600 01743 252600

c/o Shirehall Abbey Foregate Shrewsbury

Aggie Caesar-Homden, is not just on a parish council committee she is part of Shropshire's Council's cabinet member for children and young people's services, she has stated: "Adoptive parents can make all the difference for children who cannot live with their birth families common pupose is involved in stealing children from their families. See the agenda behind this woman. :

Common purpose-by Brian Gerrish

Common Pupose Partnership: West Mercia Partnership Board

Common Purpose is part of Agenda 21 see UN Depopulation Plan Agenda 21 Video by Joan Veon

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Zoompad said...

Q: When is breaking into a Down's Syndrome woman and her mother's home legal?

A: Apparently, when the order comes under the directive of the S S Child Protection team.

Q: Why are the BBC and the press not falling over each other in a big scramble to interview this brave Downs Syndrome lady and her mother who have refused to put up with being raped, illegally sectioned, persecuted and bullied by a big gang of well connected thugs?

A: I don't know.

Q: What are all the Special Needs charities doing to help this brave Downs Syndrome lady in her quest not to be persecuted by a gang of paedophiles and thugs?

A: Nothing as far as I can see.