Sunday, 7 November 2010


I am going to the Stafford Hospital Enquiry today.

I had a letter last week from Robert Francis QC, the Chairman of the public enquiry - he is also the man who told me that my case is not "cost effective". What the heck he means by that is anyone's guess, as all along I have said over and over and over ...and over and over again that what I want is:

1) A proper apology for the dreadful way I was treated at Stafford Hospital - thrown off a hospital trolley by staff in a busy A and E, laughed at, stepped over, shouted at and threatened with the police for crying after they had done that to me, because they were so angry that I was not a road traffic accident victim but only a nutter who had collapsed in the street after being turned inside out mentally by child abuse therapy at the place where I had been abused as a child. So what is so costly about getting an apology for that?

2) A reassurance that it is safe for me to use NHS services.

So why can't I have an apology? Why am I having to work so hard to get a simple apology? Why am I in this position of having to constantly battle for a simple apology for the way I was treated?

I expect I will get more grief from certain twisted individuals who think it is ok for someone with mental health issues to be physically assaulted for no reason at all by medical staff (unless it happened to them, of course) I'm hardened to the fact that all I can expect is more nastiness, more of a kicking, you get used to it eventually.

Anyway, I am going to the public enquiry. I want to ask Christine Dalziel face to face why she told me that I was not allowed to join "Cure the NHS" and why she tried to block me from meeting other people who were not treated properly at Stafford Hospital. I also want to ask her if she is the same Christine Dalziel who works for Sefton County Council, in Ed Balls Children Schools and Families department. I want to see if I am going to be snubbed and sidelined again, as I usually am. Anyway, I expect one way or another it will be an interesting morning.


Zoompad said...

Well, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday. I was able to get in to the enquiry, they did have a system in place to ensure that the people who were involved in the investigation could get in.

It was very traumatic for me, as I have had so many barriers put up, and I got a bit weepy, I was not the only person to get upset, as before I arrived apparently a man had been shouting, the police were there, I am not sure if they were thyere because of the shouting man. Anyway, it was a bit overwhelming for me to simply be there, as I had worked myself into0 a bit of a state, expecting further abuse and door slamming. It is very very hard to force yourself to go to a place where you know damned well there are going to be people who do not want you there, and have got up to all kinds of dirty tricks to stop you being there.

I met people who told me some things which ought to have shocked me, but didn't. I now know that I am not the only one who has had special funny treatment, that other people involved in the Stafford Hospital abuse investigation have had blocking attempts, the same old "divide and conquer" tactics, to try to isolate people who try to complain about institutional abuse.

I still don't know exactly what has been going on, but the truth will come out.

Thank heaven for people like Julie Bailey. I met some very brave and determined people yesterday. The truth will come out.

Zoompad said...

One thing that surprised me was that there was not, as far as I could see, a single politician at the enquiry. Even David (5 Kidney Beans for an old cow) WhatHimDone and his Mangy Spinning Broomriding Cat did not try to poke their carcasses into the reportage, as they usually do.

Now, with all the jostling and elbowing to get their mug shots into the local rags over the years in relation to the Stafford Hospital scandal, I am gobsmacked that they have all of a sudden gone into hiding! I suppose they must have seen the Cure the NHS placards and decided not to make an exhibition of themselves!

Zoompad said...

I feel very unwelcome at that enquiry. I have been made to feel like a waste of space. I have been denied the chance top give evidence at that enquiry. "NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNES=D" he said in the opening speech. WHAT UTTER CRAP! Big stones and rocks and bloody great boulders have been left unturned, because some of us have been refused the right to give evidence.

Once again, a massive great gag.

I will give evidence one day though, the day that we all come face to face with the Lord our God and Creator. It looks like then and only then will all the little voices have their say. They always do this, they did it to me as a child and are still doing it now, they would not let me speak then and they still wont let me say anything now.

The Lord has told me to bide my time.

Zoompad said...

And before anyone throws more accusations at me, of the reason for my spelling mistakes, no I have not been drinking, except for Tetleys Tea, the spelling mistakes are due to catteracts!

Zoompad said...

And now Julie Bailey is being attacked.

Julie, I wish she had not listened to the rubbish that has been said about me. They warned her off. They tell people I am a loose cannon, that I have had mental health problems ect ect ect.

Julie Bailey took on a Herculean task, she was fighting the Liverpool Care Pathway. But the vultures infiltrate all the grass roots anti abuse organisations. Julie is getting criticised for the A and E at Stafford Hospital closing, but it's not her fault - all she was doing was campaigning about the disgusting and lethal treatment given to the patients at Stafford Hospital.

The moles got to her, they try to shut up all the campaigners, they try to smear them, to make them look bad.

They have done to Julie Bailey exactly the same tactic they have pulled on other grass root anti abuse/corruption organisations.

God help all of us!

Zoompad said...

One man who was at the enquiry showed me a diagram of all the organisations surrounding Stafford Hospital, who are creaming off all the money. I wish I had copied his diagram, as there were an astonishing number of these parasites, all crammed round the little Stafford Hospital he had drawn in the middle.

Thats where all the money is going.

As for the enquiry, well, its made a lot of fat cats rich.

The trouble is, people are too easily swayed by cowards who call other people names and smear their characters behind their backs. People ought to check stuff out for themselves, and if a person is found to be doing dodgy stuff dissassociate from them straight away.

I was not allowed to join CURE THE NHS. I was told that I was not allowed to be a member of that group by the person who answered the phone for Julie.

Moles are very very clever. We had paedophiles moling on Mothers for Justice. Even Nigel Oldfield wormed his way on there!!!!!

God, please help us. Please expose all the moles and wicked people.

Zoompad said...

Yes, as I was saying, moles are cunning. There were a lot of moles who had multiple identities. You thought you were talking to a mother who had suffered DV, then found out that "she" was a blinking secret family court lawyer! They hated me, because I kept praying, so they called me a bigot and a nutter. It didnt stop me praying though, them calling me bad names. It just made me more determined, and made me pray even more!

The Lord God sees everything. Wicked people ought to remember that, so ought those who love the Lord, as we can ask Him to show us stuff! He is always ready to talk to us!