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The Lying Archbishops Who Are Destined For HELL!

FACT: Thousands of Child Victims consigned to sexual torture and abuse in order to preserve the reputation of 'Mother Church'.
FACT: Paedophile Priests whitewashed and transferred to other parishes where they preyed on little children again and again and again.

FACT: Government and Police colluded with the Bishops to hide the epidemic of abuse from public gaze.

FACT?: Ryan report exposes a network of 40,000 Paedophile Priests World-Wide

Any right-thinking individual who has been held to account by the church for his minor sins will find it hard to believe that their pious Archbishops and Bishops Lied and Cheated to save abusing priests from the law - yet that is exactly what they knowingly did.

We here at the SAFF warned the government, the media and the public of this fact twenty years ago and we were accused of being reactionary radicals with an axe to grind. Now you don't have to take our word for it - the Government's two extensive enquiries The Ryan Report and the equally high profile Murphy Report were published within months of each other to totally expose the cess-pool of child abuse which was being covered up not only by the Church but also by the police and the government itself.

Judge Yvonne Murphy and Mr Justice Sean Ryan are to be commended for their candour about the Irish government's collusion with the Church and how that caused the abuse of thousands of child victims over many decades. Yet the central problem still remains. How can a government and a judiciary which has developed in tandem with the power of the Church and which has so many links within it ever be objective about the actions of the latter.

It said there was "no doubt" that clerical child sexual abuse "was tolerated and covered up by the Archdiocese of Dublin and other Church authorities", adding that the focus of those authorities "was on the avoidance of scandal for the Church and the preservation of the good name, status and assets of the institution, rather than on the welfare of children." Source
There are areas beyond which even Murphy and Ryan dared not go. They focussed their separate investigations on the period 1970 to 2000 because there were just SO many complaints that they said the commission would be bogged down with cases and would take too many years to complete! Although they found incontrovertible evidence of collusion between the State and The Church which involved the abuse of thousands of children, including enforced adoption, transportation and violent physical abuse in the child care institutions of the church over 50% of the evidence concerned thousands of child sexual abuse cases which the State knowingly allowed the Church itself to handle.

In total, the commission received information about complaints, suspicions or knowledge of child sex abuse in respect of 172 priests just 11 (eleven) have been named. The others have been given pseudonyms to protect their anonymity! Thus even in the consciously scaled down scope of the report out of 172 paedophile [pedophile] priests only ELEVEN have been named.

Conveniently most of them are already dead, already in prison or in their dotage and it does not look as though any prosections will follow.

Thus the church has admitted only what it has had to in a cynical attempt to appear to be cooperating. The other 161 sex perverts appear to have simply got away with it! Source

Even during the time the Ryan commission was sitting in evidence the Church was not contrite, it strove hard to retain its powerbase and use its influence at high level to disrupt proceedings to its benefit....

No real names, of perpetrators, appeared in the Ryan report after the Christian Brothers took legal action in 2004 to keep the identities of all of its members, dead or alive, out of the report. Source
Can you imagine how a paedophile [pedophile] would be able to keep his name out of the public domain if it were not for the immense influence and overwhelming power of the Catholic Church? Well we're not going to let them get away with it so here's just a few cases the Christian Brothers couldn't hush up...
Stephen Allen (77) with an address at Christian Brothers Provincial, Griffith Avenue, Marino, Dublin, was sentenced to one year in prison in March of this year, for sexually abusing four boys 45 years ago. In interviews with gardai, Stephen Allen described the abuse as "an affection that went out of control".

In 2003, retired Christian Brother Maurice Tobin received a 12-year sentence for the abuse of 25 boys at Letterfrack school, Co Galway, over a 15-year period up to 1974. During the garda investigation, investigating officers took complaints from at least 100 former residents who said they were sexually abused by Tobin.

Former Christian Brother John McKenna was given a three-year suspended sentence in 2002 for abusing boys at Letterfrack between 1968 and 1970. McKenna (then 59) of Wood Dale Green, Ballycullen, Dublin, pleaded guilty to 15 counts of indecently assaulting three boys during that period.

Christian Brother Patrick John Kelly, known as Brother Jack Kelly, was jailed for eight years in 1999 for sexual assaults on 11 boys over a 12-year period. After his sentencing, the order apologised to his victims, acknowledging "extreme pain, hurt and trauma that have been suffered by the people who were abused by Brother Jack Kelly".

Former school principal and Christian Brother Donal Dunne, who died in 2003, was jailed for two years at Tullamore Circuit Court in 1999 after a lifetime of abuse which spanned his entire 45-year teaching career. Dunne, who left the order following sexual abuse allegations, acknowledged numerous sexual offences against children over several decades but did not feel regret, a court report stated.

In June of this year, former Christian Brother Sean Drummond (61) pleaded guilty to 36 counts of indecent assault on pupils at Creagh Lane National School in Limerick city in the 1960s. He is due to be sentenced early next month. Source

The Catholic hierarchy in Ireland was granted immunity to cover up child sex abuse among paedophile [pedophile] priests in Dublin, a damning report has revealed.
Authorities enjoyed a cosy relationship with the Church and did not enforce the law as four archbishops, obsessed with secrecy and avoiding scandal, protected abusers and reputations at all costs.

Hundreds of crimes against defenceless children from the 1960s to the 1990s were not reported while gardai treated clergy as though they were above the law. Source

The Police involved in these cases should have applied the same criteria to cases of sexual abuse by priests as they were doing in cases of child sexual abuse by other men but instead they turned a blind-eye and deferred to the power of the Archbishops creating a long precedence where virtually all and every instance of child sexual abuse was covered up by them.
In many cases the paedophile [pedophile] priests were simply transferred to other parishes where they continued to offend repetitively and when caught out they were moved again, only to abuse a new set of children whose parents did not know they were at risk.

Again, in chapter after chapter, the Murphy report reveals bishops misleading medical professionals about what they knew about abusing priests referred for assessment, using "useless" medical reports to justify reassigning those priests, ignoring other medical reports advising against reappointing priests and giving other paedophile [pedophile] priests glowing references when they were leaving the Dublin Archdiocese to join other dioceses. Source
The Ryan report shows clearly that the police knew what was going on but they and the government sidestepped the normal rules and refused to prosecute priests preferring instead for the Archbishops themselves to deal with it!

There was a Masonic-style ring operating at the highest echelons in the Church and the State. But there was serious planning involved in covering up the scandal, in moving deviant priests from one parish to the next, in sending them abroad, in organising secret compensation for their victims. And it is this cover-up that needs further investigation.
The cynical leaders of the Catholic Church took a decision that how they were seen in the eyes of the faithful was more important than the innocence of children. Priests were told not to ask the names of abusers when mothers came to complain; the priest offenders 'disappeared' on the orders of Church leaders, to new parishes where the abuse would start all over again. Source

Thus over decades extensive and despicable paedophile [pedophile] networks developed within the Catholic Church of Ireland and culminated in the Murphy report's announcement of a ring of over 40 (forty) paedophile priests in Dublin alone. Of course the Murphy and Ryan reports feigned shy of using the term paedophile [pedophile] Ring, even though that's what the network of abusing priests obviously was, as can be seen from this extract...

Some boys who were abused by one priest were later passed on to their friends and abused again. In another case, the notorious sex abuser Fr Sean Fortune, who later committed suicide, gave the key of a holiday cottage to another priest who abused a girl there. Source
Priestly Abuse Networks Uncovered Not Unknown
An alleged victim of child sex abuse says a group of men including at least two Catholic priests cheered each other on as they gang-raped another young boy who later committed suicide.

However the Murphy and Ryan reports were inevitably partial because in continuing their programme of censorship and collusion the church had, like the watergate villains, adopted the practice of shredding the documentation on abusing priests and how they had dealt with them. Thus there was no evidence other than the re-tendered complaints from children (now adults) who had for years been trying to gain justice and stop this conspiracy of abuse from happening.

So arrogant and powerful did the Irish Church feel itself to be that the cover-up went right through the Vatican. When the report's authors contacted the Vatican a cover-up began:

Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza, the Irish papal nuncio failed to respond to a request from the Murphy inquiry because...wait for it....

' the government-ordered inquiry did not go through the appropriate diplomatic channels.'
But this fine example of priestly double-talk was not the only one. In 2006, the commission wrote to the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith asking for reports about clerical sexual abuse that had been sent to it from the Dublin archdiocese over a 30-year period. The congregation did not respond.

A year later the inquiry wrote to Archbishop Giuseppe Lanzzarotto, asking him to forward any documents in his possession relating to clerical abuse in the Dublin diocese, or to confirm that he had no such material. The archbishop did not reply.

This is typical of the way that the Church stonewalled the report's investigators, the police and the government over paedophile priests. It sacrificed children for the sake of the reputation of the church.

Yet the Vatican has been more bullish when it's head wasn't on the block in the way it was with the Murphy report.
In September 2009 Archbishop Tomasi, The Holy See’s permanent observer to the United Nations, responded to a submission made to the Human Rights Council by the International Humanist and Ethical Union who raised some grave concerns they had in relation to the Holy See’s apparent disregard for the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) .

In particular they felt the Holy See, and by extension the Catholic Church as a whole, had contravened the CRC in numerous ways when it came to its reaction to the child abuse scandal of paedophile priests.

In a generally strident reply Tomasi admitted that:

Of all priests involved in the abuses, 80 to 90% belong to the homosexual orientation minority which is sexually engaged with adolescent boys between the age of 11 and 17 years old. From available research we now know that in the last fifty years somewhere between 1.5% and 5% of the catholic clergy has been involved in sexual abuse cases. [Source]
Holy See's Propaganda To Blame Homosexuality is Questioned
One of the obfuscatory ways that the Vatican has dealt with the world-wide network of paedophile priests within their ranks is to try to throw the blame onto homosexuality and infer that homosexuality is caused by possession. ('The Devil Made Me Do it!')
Is this a cynical attempt to evade the responsibility for their wayward priests' actions?

Even the statistics they have put forward, which seem to show a preponderance of male victims, is questioned by recent research which inists that there is a mountain of as yet uncovered abuse by priests of little girls, mostly under the age of 8 years old.

Research suggests that there are approximately 400,000 priest world wide. So, in his formal, written reply, the Archbishop seems to be confirming that there are approximately 6,000 to 20,000 paedophiles active in the church at any one time. Six thousand is an absolutely terrifying number; to think it might be 20,000 goes some way to answering the question as to why the Vatican would rather bury details of the cases and have their bishops quash or deflect any local cases which occur. [Source]

In the same piece of 'black-propaganda' which tries to spin the blame for priestly abuse away from the Catholic Church Tomasi repeats the recently established Vatican line that:

"Despite headlines focusing on the priest paedophile problem in the Roman Catholic Church, most American churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant" and that 'Sexual abuses within the Jewish communities approximate that found among the Protestant clergy'.
Well, well well. The Vatican admit to having a cadre of abusing priests within their church but try to gloss-over it by pointing the finger of guilt at other religions!
Isn't that what they did when they blamed Satanists for abusing children during the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth of the 1990s?

SAFF researches show that there is miniscule child abuse within the Jewish community but as far as the Protestants go there is some truth in Tomasi's figures. Cases indicate that an equal number of children are abused by Protestant vicars and ministers. See here for hundreds of Stateside cases. And see here for our groundbreaking Black Museum of Clergy Abuse.

Additional pespective on the massive networks of Priestly abusers within the church came from the U.S. where the unearthing of priestly abuse is well-advanced and statistics for actual victims can be co-related. These figures (produced by the church itself) show that the percentage figure of priestly abusers within their ranks is in the order of 4%.

The most detailed statistics on child abuse for the Catholic clergy comes from the special report based on a national survey of victimization conducted for the 2004 American Catholic bishops’ conference. The findings reveal that the frequency of child abuse among Catholic priests is around 4 % of priests and deacons who served in the U.S. Source

On this basis the sickening estimate for religious abusers could double to between 12,000 to 40,000 (forty thousand) paedophiles ensconsed within Christian churches worldwide!

Whilst we ponder the shocking implications of a world-wide network of forty thousand paedophiles hidden within the institutions of established religions, a statement reverberates to us faintly from the distant past.
"The one thing I would like to say very briefly is that if you have children round the world saying this goes on extremely bizarre phenomenon; extremely bizarre abuse of children of Two or Three; you either have an international conspiracy of toddlers which is extremely unlikely or some rather more intelligent adult (Satanic) organisation doing it'
This statement was made by Tim Tate (The Co-Producer of The Cook Report) on BBC Radio Leeds' John Hammond Show (18.07.89) The Day after The Cook Report Broadcast their watershed documentary on Satanic Ritual Abuse [SRA, SRCA, SRAM] to the British Public.
Despite the headline-grabbing hysteria created by that programme and the five years of Satan Hunting by gullible people within the Child Scare Industry which followed there has not been one proven case of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.

We now know that during this wild-goose-chase, which Tate and his colleagues had helped start, THOUSANDS of children were being terribly sexually abused by the priests in the churches who were telling Tate and Cook about the supposed horrors of Satanic Child Abusers!

The governments' own definitive report (The Extent and Nature of Satanic Abuse [La Fontaine - 1994 ISBN 0113217978]) squarely blamed British Christian activists for importing the scare from the U.S.A.

Astonishingly, in that Radio Leeds interview Tate actually admitted that he knew of the campaign by Christian fundamentalists against the occult bookshop Cook 'doorstepped' on camera yet went ahead with their programme which resulted in the bookshop being firebombed!

Tim Tate and The Cook Report simply would not listen and shoved through their now discredited programme regardless of our findings and the opinions of other researchers.

Yet four of the six experts Tate used on the Cook Report for his Research were Christian fundamentalists!

Years later we find Tate pontificating in the Guardian Letters column about the 'moral cowardice' of TV executives and the poor quality of British Television, making us wonder what his defintion of 'quality television' might be and whether he will match his book CHILDREN FOR THE DEVILwith a sequel titled CHILDREN ABUSED IN THE NAME OF GOD?

The Leeds Bookshop Owner took Take and Cook to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission and won his case. A rare instance of Cook's programmes being overturned.

We have to ask whether Priests who preyed upon children at that time and since, could have been detected earlier and little children saved from harm if the Cook Report had listened to what the SAFF was saying and had not set-off the the authorities and the media chasing phantom satanists instead?

In fact, unlike the discredited and dishonourable Cook Report, other documentary makers DID listen to what the SAFF was saying and unearthed a veritable hell of child abuse on earth in West Africa where Protestant Christian Ministers were ritually abusing and even killing small children who had been accused of being in league with the Devil.

Saving Africa's Witch Children (Despatches C4 12th November 2008) and its follow-up Return To The Witch Children (23rd November 2009) showed heart-rending film of little black children who had been beaten, starved, outcast, cut with razors, burned, stabbed, blinded, had their flesh eaten away with acid, and even included footage of one poor child so severely tortured in the name of Christianity that he suffered for days before dying. We warned of this in our critical response to the Stobart Report (see here) and our Witch-child Review

And there wasn't a satanist in sight Mr Tate. Just wicked, misled, opportunist fanatical Christian preachers denouncing children as witches in a mediaeval witch-hunt of the type which backed up the Cook Report's despicable programme.

I suppose it never occurred to Roger Cook and Tim Tate that children's tales of bizzare abuse by mysterious strangers was a last-ditch cry for help after their complaints of abuse by priests fell on deaf ears and added to their suffering? A 'conspiracy of toddlers'. May the words forever stick in his throat.

But welcome as the Murphy and Ryan reports are in their hard-hitting conclusions about the epidemic of child sexual abuse within the priesthood and the attendant cover-up by the Irish police, the facts still remain that there is no recommendation for punishment of the known abusers who have not faced trial.

There are no recommendations for punishing individual policeman who derelicted their duty by deferring to the church.

There are no plans in place for an overhaul of the policing system in relation to investigations of priestly abuse and, in the ultimate insult to the thousands of child victims....

There are no intended prosecutions of the bishops who knowingly lied to save thier abusing priests at the expense of the child victims.
The people who run the church are so much in a state of denial that the Archbishops who were involved in the cover up have actually tried to get away without resigning their positions, but public opinion in Ireland is outraged with demonstrations occurring outside churches and calls for a boycott of the collection plates. Resignations must follow.


First Bishop Falls!
An Irish bishop has resigned, weeks after his handling of child sex abuse allegations was severely criticised. A report on abuse by priests in the Dublin Archdiocese found Donal Murray's handling of one case while an auxiliary bishop in the 1980s was "inexcusable". The report said many bishops were more concerned with preserving the reputation of the church rather than protecting children and found that during Dr Murray's time as an auxiliary bishop in Dublin from 1982 to 1996, he was dismissive of complaints about a priest who went on to abuse again. [source]

The extent to which these all-powerful prelates interfere with the law and get away with it is nothing short of amazing, look at this...

Archbishop Rembert Weakland shredded reports about sexual abuse by priests during his tenure as head of the Milwaukee archdiocese. In depositions taken in the 1990s, the former archbishop admitted that he regularly destroyed documentation of abuse complaints.
Weakland resigned in 2002 after revelations that he had paid over $400,000 to a man who claimed to be his former lover. Weaklands 25-year tenure as archbishop of Milwaukee ended only after the revelation that he had used $450,000 in archdiocesan funds to settle a man’s sexual assault claim, Source Source

Or this.....
Ottawa police have issued an arrest warrant for Raymond Lahey, former bishop of the diocese of Antigonish in Nova Scotia, a Roman Catholic bishop who is facing child pornography charges. Lahey, who was with the Antigonish diocese until his sudden resignation on Saturday, currently can't be found, A spokeswoman for Anthony Mancini, the archbishop of Halifax who is overseeing the situation said the police spoke briefly with Lahey by phone, but he did not know Lahey's whereabouts. Source
Men who were abused by Christian Brothers in St. John's Mount Cashel orphanage decades ago say they told police about Bishop Raymond Lahey's possession of child pornography in the 1980s. Billy Earle, of St. John's, told CBC News Thursday. "Senior officers on the job right now dropped the ball on this big time." Lahey is now facing charges of possessing and importing child pornography. He eventually turned himself in to Ottawa police and was released on $9,000 bail. Source
Oh yes dear reader, the Irish situation, appalling though it is, is only a small part of the overall revelations of a World-Wide Network of Priestly Abuse because the cover-ups go like this:
Priests who are accused are moved to other parishes incognito (that is, parents in the new parish are unaware of the allegations or their past history). If they abuse again the paedophile [pedophile] priests are moved out of the country so their offences cannot be tracked.

This now-you-see-him-now-you-don't trick is not an occasional occurrence, it happens in MOST cases.

It's an easy way for one of the largest organisations on the face of the earth to 'launder' it's dirty washing. Only decades later are some of these evil priests being brought to book, not, mind, through the efforts of the Church, but through the efforts of victims who are striving for justice.

Astonishingly there is even the allegation that the church covered up the murder of a 10 year old girl in Sligo. The little girl was abducted, raped and murdered in 1970.

Detectives involved in the case said they met a wall of silence when they tried to interview clergy, and later discovered that a copy of the murder file which named two priests as suspects was handed over to the Catholic hierarchy of the time.
A suspect in the 1970 case, Fr Columba from the Passionist Order, which had a house in the area, was sent to a mission in Africa during the early stages of the investigation and detectives were ordered to drop inquiries into possible clerical involvement in the rape and murder of the girl. Source

I wonder if Mr Tim Tate and Roger Cook are hearing these cries of REAL suffering from REAL victims and when they are going to do a TV special on the way that Paedophile Priest Rings repetitively abuse children who are in their care? Don't hold your breath!
. These cases of repetitive and serious abuse are stacking up into multi-million pound damages claims and, true to form, the Churches are responding with the same duplicity and deceit which hallmarks their habitual protection of child abusing priests.

Let us reiterate what we mean here to make it absolutely clear. We are not talking about Archbishops who inadvertently make mistakes, who are ill-informed, or otherwise get the wrong end of the stick. We are talking about systematic lying and cheating by Prelates in powerful positions in order to cover up the tracks of paedophile [pedophile] priests using obfuscation, censorship, and delaying tactics like these...

The Supreme Court refused on Monday to block the release of documents generated by lawsuits against priests in Connecticut for alleged sexual abuse. The justices turned down a request by the Roman Catholic diocese in Bridgeport. Several newspapers are seeking the release of more than 12,000 pages from 23 lawsuits against six priests. The records have been under seal since the diocese settled the cases in 2001. Courts in Connecticut have ruled that the papers should be made public. The decision ends a legal battle that dragged on for years and could shed light on how recently retired New York Cardinal Edward Egan handled the allegations when he was Bridgeport bishop. Source
Or hit and run tactics to stymie victims like these........
A Catholic diocese in Delaware has filed for bankruptcy on the eve of a high-profile sex abuse case. The diocese - which covers the state of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland - was accused of 'a desperate effort to hide the truth', with more than 100 claimants facing an indefinite delay to their sex abuse lawsuits. The bankruptcy filing automatically delays the case in Kent County Superior Court, the first of eight consecutive abuse trials scheduled in Delaware... Source
And what about this:
A Canadian judge has determined that retired Bishop GĂ©rard Dionne thwarted a 1983 police investigation into Father Bernard Cloutier’s sexual abuse of five teenage boys. Source
Is this what was meant when they said 'suffer little children to come unto me'?
Eamonn McCann of the Belfast Telegraph is just as angry as we are and outlined a typical and despicable true case....

A priest is transferred from the south to a parish in the north. The night before he arrives, the priests in the parochial house are visited by an emissary from the bishop, who tells them to "keep an eye" on their new colleague and specifically to ensure that he is not left alone with children.
Over the next few months, he rapes two little girls.

The family of one of his victims informs the bishop what's happened. He does nothing.

The family then writes to the cardinal, describing their daughter's experience in heart-rending terms and the effect, both on her, and her family. The cardinal acknowledges the letter, but says only that he will pray for them.

The rapist is then moved out of the parish to a monastery in the south. When he is traced there and exposed, the bishop lies in public that the Church had earlier informed the civil authorities of the allegations. The priest is eventually jailed.

The bishop concerned has been among those seen in the past week explaining that the situation in his diocese regarding the handling of allegations of child sex abuse has always been above board. [Source]

The official conclusions of the Murphy and Ryan reports were absolutely damning...
Instead of reporting the allegations, Church leaders shifted the accused from parish to parish, allowing them to prey on new victims. The report, by the Commission of Investigation, said: 'The Dublin archdiocese's preoccupations in dealing with cases of child sexual abuse, at least until the mid 1990s, were the maintenance of secrecy, the avoidance of scandal, the protection of the reputation of the Church, and the preservation of its assets.' The archdiocese 'did its best to avoid any application of the law of the state', it added. Source
Of course this analysis of the sins and crimes of these Church protected paedophiles appears starkly clinical and does not carry home the suffering that the victim's went through; so we will offer just one evil case in detail to bring the readers' mind back to what these poor children had to suffer at the hands of these carping evil priests whose interests the church protects regardless of guilt.
There is one searing, indelible image to be found in the pages of the Dublin diocesan report on clerical child abuse. It is of Fr Noel Reynolds, who admitted sexually abusing dozens of children, towering over a small girl as he brutally inserts an object into her vagina and then her back passage. That object was his crucifix.
The report details how this man was left as parish priest of Glendalough (and in charge of the local primary school) for almost three years after parents had complained about him to former archbishop of Dublin Desmond Connell during the 1990s. Source

If this wasn't enough there's the tragic case of the poor girl who was raped and infected with gonorrhoea when she was just 8 years old, then shortly afterwards, seized and sentenced to eight years in a notorious children’s institute run by sadistic nuns where she was regularly beaten, Source
The Church has absolutely NO defence or excuses for these appalling cases......and not a Satanist in Sight.

When the Christian churches began jumping on the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Bandwagon in 1989 certain of their number must have smiled sardonically at the way their disinformation was taken up and portrayed by the Rabid British Media - particularly The Cook Report. This network of priest-paedophiles must have been grinning ear-to-ear to find all those authorities who should have been bringing THEM to book, chasing after phantom satanists instead!

They Told You This....
INTERVIEWER: Can we start first with the facts? What evidence are you putting forward that ritual or satanic abuse actually exists?
TIM TATE producer of the Cook Report: "I Think the easiest evidence is that there have been six successful prosecutions for child sexual abuse in satanic rituals. Explicit prosecutions. In Britain between 1982 and 1990. All that evidence was introduced in court. The jury accepted it and convicted the adults responsible." [ BBC Radio 4 'SUNDAY' religious affairs programme 1.9.91]

Six Prosecutions between 1982 and 1990?


During the same period THOUSANDS
of instances of Priestly Abuse occurred yet Tate's programme The Devil's Work helped caused a massive witch-hunt for imagined Satanists which we believe drew the attention away from the very real problem of Priestly Abuse and caused more children to suffer.
See SAFF in-depth research here which totally discredits the Six cases Tate claimed as Satanic.

In the end there weren't six cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse - there were NONE.

Fatty Cook Answering Questions. Unfortunately he didn't seem to want to answer ours when we doorstepped him. But This Is What Was Really Going on..
One priest admitted abusing more than 100 children. Another said he had abused every two weeks for over 25 years. Source
After years of legal wrangling and after unsuccessfully taking its argument all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, on Dec. 1 the Bridgeport, Conn., diocese unsealed nearly 12,600 pages of documents dealing with three decades of child molestation accusations against diocesan priests. Source


Some £18million in cash will be transferred to a trust for former residents of homes run by Irish Catholic orders while properties valued at £98 million will be divided between the trust, the Irish government and charities.
The announcement came six months after 2,000 people gave evidence of horrific physical and sexual abuse while in the care of Catholic run institutions. The Ryan Report concluded that church leaders knew sexual abuse was 'endemic' in boys' institutions.

The order has already paid out £30 million and pledged a further £1.6 million to its victims. Last week a damning report condemned the Roman Catholic Church for covering up 30 years of horrific sex abuse by Irish priests. Source

Are we being too hard on poor folk who are only human and erred? We again underline the fact that these cases are NOT accidental and they were not mistakes. They were AVOIDABLE. The case that follows is a classic example of the way the churches usually soft-peddle their approach to paedophiles [pedophiles] regardless of the chance of causing further children to suffer.

In 1995, Cardinal Connell was in a dilemma -- young Andrew Madden was pursuing his abuser, Fr Ivan Payne, through the courts. Payne needed money to try to kill the case, so Connell gave it to him, from church funds. Questioned by Joe Little of RTE, Connell denied church funds were used for that purpose.
The Ryan report describes how Cardinal Connell told Andrew Madden "that when he was asked by journalists about the use of diocesan funds for the compensation of complainants of child sexual abuse, he. . . had responded that diocesan funds are not used for such a purpose; that he had not said that diocesan funds were not used for such a purpose. By using the present tense, he had not excluded the possibility that diocesan funds had been used for such purpose in the past." Who's a clever boy?

Even by the lights of his own theology, Connell was lying. Source

Of course these priests and bishops are trained in the arrogance of their positions. There is always some theological or philosophical conundrum they can blame for not taking responsibility for their actions; particulary when communicating with untutored non-clergy.
The doctrine of 'Sacrificium intellectus' is one which enables them to nicely look the truth in the eye and blank it. The Sacrificium Intellectus rule says that it is part of the duty owed by ordained Christians to 'silence their reason'.

Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits made Sacrificium Intellectus compulsory. He said
'What seems white to my eyes is black if the Church so decides'
and this eventually gave rise to the concept of Papal Infallibility.

So it is no surprise that cases like the following occur;

Father Francis Markey is accused of raping a 15-year-old boy during a pilgrimage to Lough Derg, Co Donegal, and again in Co Galway, both in 1968.
The retired cleric had been treated in a top Dublin mental health hospital following an allegation of abuse four years earlier.

Fr Markey, who was ordained in 1952, has been treated four times in mental health facilities after concerns were raised about his behaviour. He was first suspended and sent for treatment in 1964. The following year he became curate in Threemilehouse, Co Monaghan, where an accusation was reported to gardai in 1973. He was again suspended and sent for treatment.

Within two years Fr Markey was suspended from another position at Inniskeen parish and sent to a rehabilitation clinic known as Stroud in Brownshill, Gloucestershire. He then had five years supervision in Clifden diocese in England before he went to a treatment centre run by a religious congregation in New Mexico in 1981. Source

These sneaky attempts to pretend to rehabilitate paedophile priests are the usual response from the church to silence complainees and criticism; but they often backfire - witness the case below of a priest who was abusing a schoolboy whilst he was attending a Child Protection Course!
An Ulster priest and former hospital chaplain has been jailed for five years. Michael Molloy (44) pleaded guilty to two counts of defilement of the boy and to a count of possessing child pornography. He sent the boy sexually explicit mobile phone text messages and showed him pornographic DVDs. Prosecution counsel Monica Lawlor said that Molloy went on a child protection course at the time he was abusing the boy. He also tried to say the boy had emotional control over him and that he (the boy) had initiated things. Source
In this plethora of official criticism let's not lose sight of the real victims in all this. They haven't really had the chance to explain what they went through. Their stories are heart-rending as the sample below shows...
'All I got was lies and deceit, I was bullied and threatened. If only they had stopped him then. But I was surprised to find out how much was known about my abuser. The auxiliary bishop at the time wanted him reported to gardai because he considered child sexual abuse one of the worst crimes a priest could commit. John Charles McQuaid overruled him. I was staggered that the church hierarchy knew so much. And that here was an opportunity within a year or two of my abuse in 1960 to have reported him to the gardai.
We know that others were abused in the years afterwards and it is just appalling to me that a known abuser was allowed to continue. I am horrified by the fact that the gardai knew about it at the time and did nothing. In fact, the gardai took the case to Archbishop McQuaid instead of dealing with it themselves. They abdicated their responsibilities, handing it back to the Church to deal with it. Why? I am disgusted to think that someone else could have been spared abuse at the hands of my abuser.

That the gardai did nothing at the time about it; that the archbishop did nothing about it and when he (McQuaid) did nothing -- the gardai did not follow it up. It was all brushed under the carpet and my abuser left free to go on abusing children in the future. I was so naive when I reported my abuse to the diocese in 1995. I thought at the time this concern about whether I should proceed with my complaint was kindness on their part -- that they were worried about me. But all I got was lies and deceit from the archdiocese. I was bullied and threatened. Their legalistic approach was devoid of humanity, Morality and justice didn't come into it.

All that simply because I wanted a man, who I knew was a danger to children, to be taken out of contact with them. I didn't care if he went to jail or got a long or a short sentence. I could not believe that the men at the very top of the diocese were fighting me and looking on me as the enemy. I had to go public because, if children were to be safe, other people had to know what the reality was.

How could they sleep at night knowing they left so many abusers on the loose? It was like putting a wolf into a chicken coop.

I would like the men at the top who did all of this covering up to actually come out and speak for themselves. They committed, in my view, equally criminal acts by protecting the abusers. They knew what these men were doing and they knew what child abuse was. There is no escape for them now.

- Marie Collins - [Marie Collins was abused by a cleric identified by the pseudonym Fr Edmondus in the report.] Source

The psychological damage done to victims of these evil priests can only be fully appreciated by reading the awful story of the suicide of poor Peter McCloskey. If the Roman Catholic church was not responsible for denying Peter 'closure' I don't know who is.

THIS is the second time in recent years that Bishop of Limerick Donal Murray has been at the centre of a controversy over clerical sex abuse.
Priest Abuse victim Peter McCloskey took his own life in 2006 after he unsuccessfully attempted to seek redress from Bishop Murray over the sexual abuse he suffered on numerous occasions at the hands of a priest in the diocese in the 1980s.

Since the shocking revelations in the Murphy report, McCloskey family members have called on Bishop Murray to resign. Peter's father Aidan had said "a criminal would have been treated better by the bishop". The deceased man's brother, Joseph, accused the bishop of treating his brother "disgracefully" and supported his father's call for the prelate's resignation.

In 2002, Peter McCloskey approached Dr Murray and reported that he had been raped by a priest who previously served in his diocese.

Peter, then aged 33, had that year summoned the courage to inform his family of the torment he had suffered as a child.

While serving as an altar boy in Caherdavin parish in 1980 to 1981, Peter was raped on numerous occasions in the church sacristy by Fr Denis Daly from Ogonnelloe, Co Clare.

Fr Daly had worked in Sydney, but was banished by police because of what was recorded in his diocesan file as "a moral lapse". He served in Limerick from 1980 until his death in 1987.

The priest, who was often moved between parishes across the world, was never brought to justice.

In 2004, Peter went to Australia to examine the file held on Fr Daly by his former diocese. It contained documents covering 30 years of sexual abuse by the priest and included correspondence between the Australian Church and their Irish counterparts.

Upon returning home, Peter, a married father of three children, tried to take the matter up with Bishop Murray again, but was rebutted and met with legal threats from the clergy.

Peter became depressed after Bishop Murray's dismissal. In March 2006, he attended what was described as a 'mediation conference' with the Limerick diocese. However, these talks failed Peter, and he took his own life on April 1, 2006.

- Barry Duggan, Irish Independent Source


Now you dear reader may be wondering how the Churches could have got away with this epidemic of Abuse over so many years without being found out by the child care charities who are constantly bleating in the media about the incidence of child abuse.

Keep in mind that the outcome of the Ryan and Murphy reports prove beyond doubt that prosecutions for child abuse by members of a child's family and dangerous strangers combined are far exceeded by the number of abuses of paedohpile priests.

The harrowing fact emerging from this secret form of abuse is that it is probably the BIGGEST form of abuse of children.

The 'At Risk' Register of children, the official list of children throughout the U.K.who have been found susceptible from ALL forms of abuse, is more or less stable at around 3800 children per year. A few thousand children a year are removed and a few thousand unfortunates are listed.

The 2,000 individual complaints which the Ryan report investigated showed that above all other forms of recognised abuse (Parent abuse, sibling abuse, relative abuse, teacher abuse, dangerous strangers etc.) Priestly Abuse is the major contributor to that appalling bloc of suffering. And of course those known complaints are only the tip of the iceberg.

You may ask why the NSPCC spends millions of pounds on TV advertisements showing the abuse of children by people in their families but not by the world-wide network of 40,000 paedophile Priests? Good question, and it is one that we had already charged them with TWELVE YEARS BEFORE as you will see...

The NSPCC scoops up millions of pounds from the public on the promise of attenuating the abuse of children.

It was very quick to jump on the Satanic Ritual Abuse [SRA, SRCA, SRAM] Bandwagon.

They liaised with the Cook Report for their sensationalist programme and published a shocking press release prior to the broadcasting of it in which they claimed there was a serious threat of Satanists sexually abusing and killing children.

Together this kicked-off a hysteria which lasted five years before all the suspected cases failed and the public realised that it was a myth.

There wasn't a problem with children being abused by Satanists but SAFF research meantime showed that there WAS a serious problem with the abuse of children by priests and clergy. So we looked into the NSPCC's activities to see if they were doing anything about it.

One of the main planks of their strategy is to inform the public about the risk of child abuse from various people and to achieve this they produced a very widely distributed leaflet headed 'Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse In The Community' which contained a pie-chart showing in percentage terms who had been found to abuse children most.

The idea was a good one - to bring a sense of proportion to the risk and inform parents so they could watch out and protect their kids.

The pie-chart had sections for Fathers, Mothers, Siblings, Strangers, Uncle-Johns etc. But it made no reference whatsoever to the very real threat of child-abuse from the Clergy. It was as though the NSPCC was avoiding the issue. Perhaps they didn't know? We therefore sent them our seminal 1992 research entitled The Black Museum Of Priestly Abuse (which you can read here)

Then we arranged a meeting about the issue between our Kate Harrigan and the Director of the NSPCC Gordon Ratcliffe. Kate is a local council candidate, mother of three, and owns and runs a nursery - so she knows a thing or two about how to take care of children. An SAFF observer went along to take notes at the meeting which took place in May 1997.

The crux of the meeting was that we wanted the NSPCC to recognise and acknowledge the threat to children from paedophile priests, include it in their leaflets and warn parents.

The notes of the meeting confirm Kate's recollection that Gordon Ratcliffe said he did not agree with the use of the term Clergy Abuse but said he did recognise that some abuse was perpetrated by members of the clergy.

When Kate brought up the matter of the pie-chart leaflet the notes of the meeting show that Gordon Ratcliffe was surprised that it was not mentioned and agreed that it it should have been included.

Kate presented a 10 point plan by the SAFF for the NSPCC to follow to counteract the abuse of children by the Clergy. A copy of that Plan is reproduced in the column alongside (see rightmost column) and it is interesting to note that many of the points we warned about have been confirmed as a danger in the Ryan and Murphy reports.

Kate told Ratcliffe that SAFF research had shown that Clergy Abuse is a hidden problem and that sooner or later everyone must recognise it.

According to Kate's recollection and the observer who was present and the notes of the meeting Gordon Ratcliffe was off the opinion that as soon as you categorise priestly abuse thus most people would just turn and walk away.

S.A.F.F. Ten Point Plan
Because of the immediate need for Clergy Abuse against children to be addressed publicly we have compiled a suggested plan to help the NSPCC counteract clergy abuse:
1. The need for NSPCC to highlight Clergy abuse & not lump it in with all other forms of abuse. '
2. The need for the N.S.P.C.C. to bypass the secrecy of church order, so that known abusers are not put back into the system or simply moved on to different unsuspecting, trusting parishes.
3. For clergy abuse to be acknowledged not portrayed as a few minor mistakes that can be rectified by the abuser being 'told off' and moved. A Clergy-Abuse Helpline placed in schools and libraries would be useful.
4) The need for the N.S.P.C.C. to record and indicate for the public, the extent of priestly abuse.
5. A separate file kept for Clergy Abuse so that NSPCC can access fast information if an abuser is put into a new parish. SAFF can provide printed copies of the BLACK MUSEUM II in volume to the NSPCC on a local or national basis on request.
6. A leaflet for children ( not given out through church) highlighting the dangers that Stranger Danger can also include paedophile-clergy. Cost would be minimal as this information could be simply added to existing leaflets when they are reprinted.
7. Information on Clergy-Abuse made available to those professionals such ,as Therapists and Carers who provide data to the NSPCC.
8. N.S.P.C.C. method of alerting their staff to the special problems of clergy abuse plus guidelines.
9. A local public campaign for children with the special telephone hotline number enabling them to contact N.S.P.C.C. re. clergy abuse.
10. Urgent need for NSPCC investigation into WHY incidents of clergy abuse exist and is such a huge problem in society.
This is simply a brief framework that can be improved upon once the problem of Clergy-Abuse has been fully acknowledged by the NSPCC.

The notes of the meetings report that Mr Ratcliffe said he would see what could be done but in July 1997 his response became much less constructive when he refused a mutual cooperation agreement on Clergy Abuse which the SAFF had provided to him.

Gordon Ratcliffe stated in his letter that 'it was apparent from the meeting that that we had different perspectives.'

Ratcliffe repudiated the notes taken by our Observer during the meeting in respect of the major thrust of there being a much wider problem with paedophile priests who abused children than was currently being acknowledged.

He insisted that they not be used as a statement of the NSPCC's position. His whole letter was antagonistic to further debate.

He remonstrated with Kate for 'misusing' a meeting attended in good faith and distanced himself from any cooperation with the SAFF or PAN ending with the expedient statement

'In the circumstances I do not know how we might take this matter forward'.
Effectively then the NSPCC was alerted to the hidden epidemic of Priestly Abuse 12 years ago and was provided with time-tested research to prove it, but chose not to respond constructively or work with us on the priestly threat to children which we had identified.

Their pie-chart of risk was NOT amended to include Priestly Abuse.

Further investigation or talks were NOT undertaken with the SAFF.

The SAFF's Ten-Point Plan to protect children from paedophile Priests was NOT accepted.

Well, not quite FULL stop perhaps. If the NSPCC's fund-raising slogans are going to be anything other than gingoistic PR statements they should at least apply to ALL abuses of children surely?

As the thousands of victims in Ireland found out, authorities who are part of the Establishment have a tendency to defer to the power of the Christian Churches.

You can see their point. The bedrock of public donations to the NSPCC come from good nominal Christians. Many of their volunteer workers come from Christian backgrounds. Some people at the top of the NSPCC are committed Christians.

We are not tarring ALL priests and clergymen with the suspicion of child abuse. It is undeniable that the vast majority of priests are honourable and good men. We are drawing attention here to the fact that a serious threat exists from paedophile priests within the churches and they should get their act together and sort it.

The church is no stranger to pogroms. In the sixteenth century they massacred tens of thousands of Huguenots and other dissenters for such slight differences in theology as would go un-noticed today.

A blitz on paedophile priests would be an easy move for them. Indeed the current Pope spent many years as head of the Holy Inquisition (yes it still exists!) so knows just how to do it and what it can achieve.

The Church has the experience and the organisational capacity to feret out evil paedophiles and put a stop to this suffering in short order. But it apparently won't.

Perhaps because of the crippling claims for damages that would ensue.

Perhaps because they feel if the truth came out they would lose millions of their faithful.

And so they resist, and it is destroying them little by little because more and more the public are beginning to conclude that they don't practice what they preach and that maybe so many priests are guilty that the church would collapse if they were all brought to book and this is the reason why the Vatican will not take a grip on it.

In such a case it is up to the 'independent' NGOs like the NSPCC to take charge of the problem and use their influence to press the churches, and the government to take action to stop it. To full stop it. But the NSPCC won't even admit Clergy Abuse exists!

Like the Archbishops before them, the NSPCC is in a state of denial.

They are still insisting that child abuse by priests is an occasional abberation when the overwhelming incontrovertible evidence proves that it is not an abberation but a systematic generic form of repetitive abuse perpetrated over long periods of time by priest-rings within a secret society which is a law unto itself and which is intent on hiding these crimes at all costs even if it means more children are abused in the process.

Very much, in fact, like the allegations the NSPCC made against Satanism in the Cook Report.

As long as the NSPCC, which has garnered to itself the top mandate to care for British Children, ignores this problem, innocent children will continue to be sexually and physically abused by priests because, basically, the NSPCC appears to be making the same mistake the Irish Police did - allowing the churches to police themselves.

The NSPCC publish hundreds of high-flown, voluminous publications, reports, enquiries, warnings, press-releases, articles, etc.,

They invest hundreds of thousands of pounds every year in research into child welfare, yet we could only find a dozen or so cursory mentions of the risk from priests in all their thousands of publications aimed at informing the public and professionals.

We could not find one publication or report which discussed the REAL dangers that paedophile priests pose to children. Not one. What on EARTH are these people doing?

The resources and expertise of the NSPCC is ENORMOUS. It makes SAFF resources look like a drop in the ocean. The people at the top of the NSPCC get BIG salaries, they spend literally MILLIONS on fund-raising advertisements and in 2009 spent over a hundred and fourteen million pounds (114 million) on 'projects to make the UK a safer place for young people' yet it has been the SAFF (a voluntary organisation whose workers do their duty without any payment) which has been pressing for a recognition of the dangers of Paedophile Priests and generally doing the job the NSPCC should have done in this area for the past 17 years.

It puts the NSPCC's chest-beating over other kinds of child abuse into perspective, particularly their campaign to combat Satanic Ritual Child Abuse [SRA, SRCA, SRAM] which of course never existed in the first place.

Their reluctance to accept that Clergy Abuse exists lies at odds with their usual bullish approach to child welfare in other areas which is well known enough in the child scare industry for Camilla Cavendish of the Times to have cynically written:

'Meanwhile the NSPCC, the charity that has never knowingly undersold a statistic...,' [source]
and they do seem to be unusually reticent.
Far easier to give the public the same old tired stereotyped images of evil, than the unpalatable truth that some Priests who should be as holy as their brothers have chosen instead to insert their crucifixes into the vaginas of 8 year olds.

Whilst some of their number are, believe it or not, still debating whether Satanic Ritual Child Abuse exists, thousands of children have been abused by paedophile priests. Just what is going on? Why are we having to drag the NSPCC kicking and screaming into this area where there is an increasing demand for action from them by the public?

Over the years the NSPCC has accepted tens of millions of pounds from ordinary people on the promise of protecting children who are at risk yet has refused to accept the problem of Paedophile Priest Rings when we alerted them to it.

Many of those abusing priests are not on the sex-offenders register because their archbishops let them off the hook. They work with children in a way which would be utterly inapplicable for 'ordinary' paedophiles. This is absolutely unacceptable and the supporters of the NSPCC should tell them so.

The reverberations of the Ryan and Murphy reports have still to be felt in the U.K. Almost the entire population of Ireland is in a state of shock at these priestly outrages and the media coverage there has been deep and long lasting. It has caused permanent fault lines in the entire Irish political and social system.
Typically,the British media has reported it only slightly; but be patient dear reader, because already an influential victim's support group in Northern Ireland is demanding a counterpart Ryan report from the Northern Ireland Assembly about the excesses of the Belfast Priesthood. Source

It will happen. Soon. Then the hidden epidemic of Priestly Abuse will come home to roost in Britain where we here at the SAFF predicted it as a hidden threat to children SEVENTEEN years ago.

When it does the NSPCC's pedestrian approach to this issue will be seen for what it is - a failure of their promises to protect all children from harm. Questions will rightly be asked as to why, despite it's wealth, influence, resources and strident strap-lines, the NSPCC was not up to the job of protecting children at risk from Clergy Abuse.

Anger over Stormont’s ‘forgotten promise’ on clerical abuse probe

By Deborah McAleese Saturday, 3 July 2010

Over three months ago the victims of clerical child abuse in Northern Ireland were told the Government would consider ordering an official inquiry into the scandal. Victims have been calling for an inquiry similar to the Ryan Report that uncovered a shocking litany of historic crimes in the Republic.

Following months of campaigning by victims, the Stormont Government agreed in March to consider an official inquiry and proposals on how to bring that forward were presented to OFMDFM. No decision has yet been made on how the issue will be addressed.

“Now that the TV cameras are off and the politicians are out of the spotlight it seems that all the promises have been forgotten,” Ms McGuckin said.

"We really believed what happened to us was being taken seriously but now proposals on how to help us get closure are just gathering dust in OFMDFM. Now it is summer recess, so how long are we going to be forced to wait? This delay is inexcusable.”

Calls for an official inquiry intensified earlier this year after revelations that senior church figures helped to cover up abuse claims against Northern Irish clerics.


John Freedom
December 2009


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