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When I was 11 years old, I was being raped and punched about by my brother. I didn't have anyone I could tell, how could I talk to my parents about what he was doing? A teacher at my school did try to draw me out, I know now that he realised something was not right at home, but I was too scared of the teacher to talk to him about anything like that.

So I was locking myself in the bedroom and screaming, playing truant from school, and basically behaving in such a weird way that my mum and dad called Social Services, because they didn't know what else to do.

It ended up with me being put into Chadswell Assessment Centre, a Pindown home, similar to Haut de la Garenne but much smaller. They used the same cruel system at the home though, locking children up in a cell to "discipline" them, and there was sexual and physical abuse going on. They were letting people into the home to have sex with the children.

I had a nervous breakdown while I was there, because of what they did to me, and they transferred me to St Georges Psychiatric Hospital. I was 14 years old, and was kept there for a year. They kept me on a mixed adult ward, and one of my most vivid memories was seeing old men shuffling down the long corridor between the ward I was on and the art and craft therapy and recreation area. These men could not speak, they just sort of mumbled and groaned, and shuffled about. I was told by the other patients that they had been lobotomised. The other patients told me lots of things - because I was only 14 some of the older women called me "The Baby". They told me what a lobotomy was, and I was horrified. I remember it all so well, because the horror of it has made it stick in my mind, like a video. I can remember so well seeing those poor old men shuffling and mumbling down that long corridor.

My medical notes clearly show that I was not mentally ill while I was incarcerated in St Georges. I have the psychiatric assessment for proof. They kept me there because they did not know what else to do with me. They knew I had been abused, but they just didn't know what to do. That is why I have said that I can forgive the people who let me down so badly. I know that some of the people, although they let me down, didn't do it out of sheer maliciousness.

However, the abuse has gone on and on and on. I have been treated in a strange way so many times. It was as if someone had a secret file on me, with malicious things written in it. I won't go into details here, but I think other Pindown survivors will understand exactly what I am talking about.

I was dragged through the Secret Family Courts in such an aggressive and malicious way. It went on for 7 years, and for two of those years I was being attacked on the Mothers for Justice site, where some friends of John Hemming had tricked the Christian lady who has set up the site to allow them to run the Admin. They attacked me for 2 years, because I was posting the truth about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, who were paedophile psychologists who set up the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, and Gardner invented Parental Alienation Syndrome, which is being used all over the UK in the Secret Family Courts. So while I was going through this dreadful illegal torture in the secret courts I was also being bullied on a website set up to help people who were being tormented in the secret courts! And Nigel Oldfield the paedophile who ran a paedophile ring whilst serving a prison sentence for paedophile activity was one of the people who was persecuting me on MFJ. There were other "Orees" who were persecuting me there as well.

So I have spoken out about this. I have spoken out about this just as I tried to speak out about the abuse I suffered as a child. I did manage to tell my Dad before he died what I had suffered. Dad was really upset. I was not allowed to talk about this stuff, everyone wanted to shove it all under the carpet as if nothing had ever happened, but going through the secret family courts made me so ill that one day I broke down in my parents house, Dad didn't know what to do, and I was just crying and crying, and I was finally able to tell him stuff that ought to have been sorted out decades before. Dad told me a few things that I had not known as well, and I am glad that this happened before he died. My Dad tried to be a good Dad, he told me that he wished he'd been a better Dad to me, and looked after me better, but I told him that I didn't blame him for the abuse, and I had a lot of good memories of my childhood, as well as those awful ones.

I am in my 50's now, a grown woman, some would say a bit past my sell by date. At any rate, after all of this I don't think anyone can seriously expect me to put up with having my character assassinated and not say a word to defend myself.

So when Ian Evans posted this on his blog yesterday I hit the roof.

Anonymous said...
I would love to know what you think of the moral standing of John Hemming Ian.
As his private life has recently been splashed over the newspapers in the last couple of days. And I do believe Zoompad is not to keen on him either .

November 4, 2011 6:50 PM
Ian Evans said...
To be honest, I know nothing of his private life, and furthermore, I couldn't care less about what a man does in private, excepting for rape, child abuse and murder.

The only thing of concern is getting Jersey's criminal administration finished off forever!!!

November 4, 2011 6:57 PM
Anonymous said...
Perhaps you should look at Zoompads comments about the man, on the voice blog. As you profess to be anti child abuse(which I don't doubt by the way) you might find her comments interesting if not disturbing.

November 4, 2011 7:07 PM
Ian Evans said...
Zoompad tends to drift into alternate realities from week to week and falls out with many many people over the course and duration of her rants.

Indeed, things have gotten so bad that I have (reluctantly) had to disassociate from her.

November 4, 2011 7:26 PM

This is my reply to that blog post comment he made about me. I note that, just as I suspected, he has not got the gumption and integrity to post my reply on his blog. I knew he wouldn't, so I took the precaution of posting it onto my own blog


Ian Evans, I doubt very much that you will print this so I will also be posting it onto my own blog.

Don't you dare try to portray me as a ranting lunatic. You never replied to my question about Brian Clare, and that is the real reason you have had to "dissassociate yourself" from me, as you so delicately put it.



4 November 2011 13:05

Anyone who is interested in this saga can look through my past posts to see what happened at the Trafalger Square rally, as it's all been recorded.

The accusation that I fall out "with many many people over the course and duration of her rants" is a particularly nasty one. Yes, I am well known for my blunt no nonsense way of talking. But the point Ian Evans is making about me is that I am some sort of a demented woman that falls out with people without good reason, and that is a character assassination and I will not allow anyone to do that to me.

Ian Evans could have replied to my many queries about the Brian Clare mystery, but he chose to try to shove it all under the carpet, and treat me like an idiot.

I am worried about John Hemming's involvement with Stuart Syvret's campaign to help the HDLG survivors, because of my own personal experience of how John Hemmings "helps" victims of abuse. I was really worried when Stuart went to stay with him at his London flat - if indeed it is John Hemmings London flat, and not, as has been said, TREVOR Hemmings London flat.

I would still like to know how the Farce bloggers knew that Stuart was sleeping on a sofa. That might seem to be very unimportant, but if indeed Stuart did sleep on a sofa (I have asked him but he won't tell me) how did they know? Who told them?

It is all a big mystery, but as a Christian I know the Lord will make all things known in the end. At any rate, I am not going to allow people to pull me apart on an Internet blog and not try to defend myself!


Zoompad said...


"Anonymous said...
Yes I totally agree with anon at 20.00.Stuart needs all the support he can get at this time.Thank you also Jill for giving an update on the situation.As a supporter it is very frustrating to have no input from the media as usual.Also zoompad's comments on another site I am sure they are not from her.I made a comment but was not posted.Camelia. "

Camilia, would you please post a link to the comments that have been made in my name? If they are in any way criticising Stuart Syvret then I can tell you without seeing them that they are not from me.As I have said before, he is the most upright man I have ever known, and that is why I am do determined that the crafty vultures are not going to discredit him!

Zoompad said...

If anyone sees any out of character posts SUPPOSEDLY from me please would you be kind enough to send me a link, thanks.

If there are any posts criticising Stuart Syvret I will tell you in advance that they will not be from me. Neither will there be any posts criticising Rico VFC, or any of the HDLG survivors, or advocating vilolence ect ect. I think people know me well enough by now to know what I would not post.

I am determined that I am not going to let the usual suspects get away with the usual tricks they like to play.

Zoompad said...

How quiet the Blog of Doom has gone all of a sudden! You could hear a pin drop there now!

I wonder why? (not!)

Zoompad said...

I suppose they are all so busy in their little secret meetings, plotting mischief.

Well, as long as it doesn't involve any more big lumps of rock and 80 year old peoples windows and dustbins, that sort of thing, I don't think I care.

The ones who tried to burn up those three men of God in a fiery furnace, Daniel's friends, they ended up falling into their own trap. The Lord takes care of his own. It's a very bad idea to make God angry, by persecuting those he loves! I wouldn't dare do anything like that myself, you would have to be a bit stupid to take on the Lord God Almighty!

Zoompad said...


1 Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer:
preserve my life from fear of the enemy.

2 Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked;
from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:

3 who whet their tongue like a sword,
and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words:

4 that they may shoot in secret at the perfect:
suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.

5 They encourage themselves in an evil matter:
they commune of laying snares privily;
they say, Who shall see them?

6 They search out iniquities;
they accomplish a diligent search:
both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.

7 But God shall shoot at them with an arrow;
suddenly shall they be wounded.

8 So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves:
all that see them shall flee away.

9 And all men shall fear,
and shall declare the work of God;
for they shall wisely consider of his doing.

10 The righteous shall be glad in the LORD,
and shall trust in him;
and all the upright in heart shall glory.

Zoompad said...

thank you Lord Jesus. It's good to know that King David also went through this very same persecution.

So glad that people thought to write down these words, uttered so very long ago. I expect he sang them to you, on his harp. David had a harp, I have a guitar!

Zoompad said...


"Anonymous said...
Poor Stuart and after Monday its only going to get worse.....sob sob sob.

November 05, 2011 "

For a while, maybe. Yes, you have had your little emergency discussion, and decided what to do. Haha, the Lord was watching and listening to everything, as he always is. You can't shut Him out, he can see through walls, and human hearts!

And I know who you are now, Anon!

Zoompad said...

The people mocked me on MFJ. They mockingly called me Prophet of God.

Do any of you God haters know what a prophet is?

You should be very careful how far you push the Lord God Almighty. The Lord really does not like child abuse.

Anon said...

When this sort of thing happens sometimes it helps to remember (a) YOU are on the side of the angels (b) THEY have their own big problems too.

Keep up the good work.



Zoompad said...


"Anonymous said...
Keep on googling the great SS story but nobody in the the UK seems remotely interested in his story. Poor SS forgotton already, once put away never heard of again...."


Thanks Doom Bloggers for that tip off!

Zoompad said...

Yes, that all ties in with that conference that Peter Bazalgette (from RTS) and Tom Watson MP attended. I did a blog post on that a while ago.


Zoompad said...

Now, we just need to confirm the real identity of David Rotherham.

Zoompad said...


David Rotherham

11th November, 2011

1.03 pm

Syvret has not been imprisoned for his political activities, though, but for multiple and calculated contempts of court. While he has taken up serious causes in the days when he was a politician himself, his puerile naughtiness since the end of his political career has tended to reflect discredit on those causes, to the despair of those whose commitment is to progressive politics rather than to Syvret himself.
Nick Shaxson

11th November, 2011

6.45 am

Yes, I’ve heard from various people, including some who I might have imagined would be on his side, that he doesn’t help himself with some of his positions, such as not doing his community service, and his being something of a lone wolf. This is one reason why I called him ‘complex and controversial.’ But at the end of the day, I come down on his side as someone who has fought hard against the Jersey establishment, at great cost to himself. I can’t think of anyone in Jersey who is as outspoken as he is.

Zoompad said...


Anonymous said...

i-will-not-allow-ian-evans-to assassinate my character.

Oh you don't need anyone to do that, you are allready doing a great job of that yourself.

Christian my arse!

Zoompad said...

Oh, it's gloves off now, is it?

You are a nasty person. You know what I have been through, and still you persecute me.

I think you should apologise to God for what you have done, and are still doing.

Zoompad said...

How can you be so wicked? How can you live with yourself? I used to think you were nice and trusted you. I don't know how you can do what you have done.

Anonymous said...

"You are a nasty person. You know what I have been through,"

Yes I am well aware of the things you say happened to you and I have no (listen) No doubt that these things did indeed happen to you and I feel dreadful for your plight, however that does not give you the right to rant on at everyone and think that they are all against you in some kind of vendetta when they are not.

So start to be a christian and turn the other cheek, laugh it off! dont sit there whimpering into your blog, because people who have also been through many torturous times dont attack all those around them and actually know who is to blame for what happened to them and they restrict their attentions to the people who are to blame, Not like you who appears willing to have a go at most of those who wish to fight the good fight.

( read this properly and dont just fly off the handle. Think! Reflect! and Be that christian you claim to be.

Zoompad said...

Hmmmm. Got any more advice for me?

Zoompad said...

Ok then, it's my turn to dole out some good advice for you.

You need to get a pen and paper and write a letter of apology to Stuart Syvret - you know the address - for leading a double life.

After you have done that - or before, I don't think it really matters, you had better get on your knees and beg God to forgive you.

You don't need to apologise to me, as I already forgive you. I figure you don't really need any more enemies, as you are already your own worst enemy. I actually feel dead sorry for you.

Zoompad said...

I'll be writing to Stuart again this morning, as I have done every day since he was sent to prison.

Hateful as Stuart's being a political prisoner in La Moye is, there will be good coming out of all this, because Stuart will meet people he would never have met had he not been incarcerated.

All sorts of people have ended up in La Moye. People who were abused as children, drug dealers ect. I understand even "Cocky" Warren was locked up at La Moye at one time.

I;m sure Stuart is having a really interesting time talking to the other inmates, and the staff.

Zoompad said...

Yes, Curtis Warren was at La Moye. I am so glad that Stuart has been recieved so well in La Moye. It's a mistake to assume that only nasty people work as prison officers. I once lived next door to a very nice man who happened to be a prison officer at Stafford Prison. I got on really well with him and his wife, and it was him who brought me a pair of baby hedgehogs to look after when he saw their mother had been killed by a car on his way home from work one night. They were lovely people, animal lovers, like myself.

Now I know that Stuart is not being treated in an unkind way I am sure that tongues will wag in that prison. I should think Stuart is finding out all sorts of surprising things right now.

Anonymous said...

All copies both Questions and replies from and to your blog have been retained and will be posted on a seperate blog to show people that you just make stuff up and fail to put some posts on your blog even though there is nothing wrong said in the post, just like the last one I posted and reposted.

Two faces are not better than one, Babs

Zoompad said...

That's fine by me, "do as thou wilt", you will anyway, regardless of how "nutjob" Christians like myself warn against the dangers of doing so.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force him to drink. Some people just do not want the water of life.

By the way (and I have mentioned this many meny times before, as well you know), my name is not Babs. it is Barbara. So if you are going to address me by my Christian name, can you have the courtesy to get it right?

Anonymous said...

There is now little wonder as to why you are the only contributer to your blog.

You are so filled with hate and loathing for any opinion that is a possible counter to your way of thinking.

Jesus would cast you down for such intolerance. Christian my arse.

Is it Barbara or Barabus?

My last post to your blog. Bye Bye

Zoompad said...

I don't know why you are in such a bad mood with me when it's you that's in the wrong. You've got such a massive chip on your shoulder.

And you don't know how to speak to a lady either. I don't want to hear about your backside.

Zoompad said...

Well that's another letter sent to Stuart. I am sure he will be really interested about what is in this one.

Zoompad said...


Mored funny business - someone has (again) been mucking about with my social networking.

I don't need three guesses to know who is responsible.

Zoompad said...


By the way, my name is not "Babs" - it is BARBARA

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

HooRayGun, girl. I'm glad SOMEBUDDY put their pic on it. I was beginning to get a lil' worried - I was starting to think it was a taaad effiminate. But, HooRayGun, girl! Once more, you proved me wrong. Meet me in Heaven, miss gorgeous. I reeeeelly wanna tok with you, k? God bless you. See ya soon (as soon as God sez).

Zoompad said...

Hahaha, I would hardly call myself Miss Georgeous, (I don't mind someone calling me that though, it's a heck of a lot nicer than some of the names people mostly call me round here!) I am a bit frazzled round the edges these days, must be all this fighting with dragons and trolls that I am doing, they are always mythering me, as you can see, but yes, I know where I'm going, and you do as well, PRAISE THE LORD! xx

Zoompad said...

Not that I'm too bothered about names. It's just that creep keeps calling me "Babs" and I have told him about a zillion times not to do it. I didn't mind too much before I rumbled him as a backstabbing pig, it was actually because of him mocking me that I realised who he was.

I'm afraid you have walked into the middle of a big row, please don't mind me, it's not about you brother xx

David Rotherham said...

I just came across your request to confirm my identity. Not being one of your readers, it took some time to come to my attention. Despite your unpleasant insinuation, David Rotherham is my given and registered name, unlike "Zoompad". I have been standing up and being counted for or against one thing and another since the 1980's, always in my own name, and don't need to take slurs from cyber-hoodies hiding under nicknames. A little bit of googling and a flick through a phone book, and you will know as much as anyone has any business to about who I am, where I am and even what I look and sound like.
David Rotherham

Zoompad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zoompad said...

I am going to be very careful what I say here, which is why I have deleted the comment I made above, because I have not forgotten the disgraceful way that Stafford Police responded the last two times I have been subjected to cyber bullying.

David Rotherham, if you look very carefully at my blog you will see that I have been subjected to the most horrendous abuse, and have been valiantly fighting my corner, and for the right of children not to be abused.

Zoompad is my pen name, as you well know, you already know my given and registered name. Calling me a "cyber hoodie" is very offensive, but what can I do to stop you? I have no power, I have no power to stop anyone doing what they damned well like to me, to call me any name they like, as Stafford Police are never going to do anything about the horrible regime of bullying I have already been subjected to, I don't have any human rights, the victims of Pindown are the modern day lepers.

You say you are not one of my readers. I don't happen to believe you, but lets take your word for it, lets give you the benefit of the doubt. Why did you come to this blog then in that case?

I want to know who is calling me Babs. I think I know the identity of that person, but the wicked ones are so very very crafty.

Richard Abbey. said...

Two of my granddaughters were raped, one murdered in 1995 Australia.