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Wednesday, 10 August 2011
Syvret arrest: ‘We could have acted differently’

Superintendent André Bonjour

A SENIOR States police officer has admitted that with hindsight, the force could have done things differently when they arrested former Health Minister Stuart Syvret.

Head of operations Superintendent André Bonjour said that officers ‘may have taken a different course of action’.

At a hearing this week in which Mr Syvret’s appeals against convictions for data protection, contempt and motoring offences were rejected, Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers said that the Royal Court believed the police should not have raided the former Senator’s house, arrested him and kept him in custody.

Instead, he said, they should have invited Mr Syvret to police headquarters for questioning, and if he failed to co-operate, then arrest him.

Article posted on 10th August, 2011 - 2.57pm

01 July 2011
André Bonjour, one of Jersey’s longest serving police officers, has been promoted to become the new Superintendent, Uniformed Operations for States of Jersey Police. His new role is one of two superintendent posts in the senior management structure of States of Jersey Police, giving him strategic responsibility for response and reassurance policing in the Island.

Superintendent Bonjour joined the States of Jersey Police in March 1981 and during more than 30 years of service he has acquired experience in almost every aspect of policing. He was promoted to sergeant in 1989, inspector in 1994 and chief inspector in 2000. During his service, he has broadened his experience and specialist expertise on several deployments outside the Island:

In 1998, he was selected to attend the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Course and spent 11 weeks at the FBI training academy at Quantico, Virginia, studying various aspects of police management including leadership, ethics and decision making; forensic science for police administrators; stress management; comparative U.S. Government institutions and contemporary issues in drugs law enforcement.

From September 1999 to February 2000, Superintendent Bonjour was seconded to the National Operations Faculty, Bramshill, where he worked with the critical incident team. He was tasked with becoming the Faculty’s representative on a human rights review of the 'ACPO Manual of Guidance on the Police Use of Firearms' and had exposure to critical incident training ahead of the millennium event.

Since 2000, he has also been seconded to Kent, Greater Manchester and the Metropolitan Police Forces. He is trained in the management of firearms incidents, disaster and civil emergency and major incident rooms. He has been Acting Superintendent since June 2010.

Superintendent Bonjour said, "I am delighted to have been appointed to the post of Superintendent Operations and I look forward to working as part of a cohesive management team providing leadership and support to officers and staff so they can continue to deliver an excellent policing service to the public. Working with our honorary police colleagues and other partner agencies I welcome the opportunity to improve visibility and reassurance to the public whilst also seeking to reduce crime further. There are undoubtedly going to be challenges ahead but there are also opportunities for us to change the way we police for the better.”
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Head of Operations

André Bonjour is the Superintendent - Head of Uniformed Operations at the States of Jersey Police.

Uniformed Operations covers the 5 uniformed shifts at the States of Jersey Police, as well as the Operational Support Unit, which supports community events.

Both areas are the responsibility of a Chief Inspector, with the Superintendent taking the strategic lead on the uniformed operational resources available throughout the organisation all year round.

The Superintendent for Uniformed Operations, with his counterpart in Crime Services, sits on the Strategic Tasking and Co-ordinating Group, is a Gold Commander for major incidents and events and the Force lead member of Jersey's Community Safety Partnership along with many other responsibilities.


Zoompad said...

I am not a politician, but I did read Howards End and in that book Ruth Wilcox said this "My idea has always been that if we could bring the mothers of the various nations together, then there would be no more war."

Well, right now people seem to be running round and round in circles, theres a good man taking up a jail cell that ought to occupied by someone who has committed a proper crime, rather than been pout in there for political reasons, because of him saying awkward things that other people didnt want to hear.

This is my idea. Why can't all the people who are fed up with a few really bad people getting away with terrible things all the time just say, Right. I'm not going to cover anyones back any more, I'm just going to do the job I was paid to do, and no more. Go and get Stuart out of prison, and apologise to him, and start putting all the things that are wrong right? Because it's obvious to me that a lot of the people doing all this covering up aren't actually child abusers themselves, so goodness knows why they are covering up for the very few wicked people who are doing bad things to children!

Can't something be done before the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ? Can't we honour His birthday by getting this terrible mess sorted out, before things get even worse than they have?

There was child abuse, possibly even murder at Haut de la Garenne. People pannicked when this horrible stuff came into the public arena, and tried to conceal it, and that was the wrong thing to do.

What should have happened is that the Jersey Senate ought to have called a day of repentance in Jersey, for the dreadful things that had happened in that sad place to children. There should have been repentance, and a yearning to God to help show the Senate what to do.

It's not too late, even now. Wrongs can be righted, if there's a will to do it.

There are child abusers in Jersey, just like there are all over the UK. But I do not think that many of those senators are child abusers at all, and certainly not Philip Bailhache. Why can't you proud arrogant men put things right? Why can't you go to each other and admit you made mistakes?

I don't want Stuart Syvret to be wearing any more of his precious life out by taking years to bring a case to the European Courts of Human Rights. I care too much for him to want him to be toiling in such a task, when things could be put right so easily. I am so grateful to that man for helping me, by giving me a voice, so that my cries for help could be heard, when I was being persecuted.

Some of the people who have been "helping" him are wicked men. I know there are very bad things going on in Birmingham for example. I also know that Stuart has upset some of the people who certainly are not child abusers.

Can something be done here? Can you men act like men, and put aside any hurt feelings you have had, and put aside personal fears of what might happen to you, stop covering up for wicked people, learn to trust each other a bit more, pray together?

I don't know, I am thinking like a woman, because thats what I am. But that bit in Howards End made me think, and also I read what Andre Bonjour said, and wondered, what if he was being sincere in this regret?

Zoompad said...

I am going to pray about this.

Dear Lord Jesus,

This big awful mess that is hanging like a dark cloud over the beautiful island of Jersey, I pray about this terrible dark cloud and ask You to remove it dear Lord. I ask you to remove it by the beautiful words that you told the people who sat gathered round you as they listened to you, as you spoke about repentance and forgiveness.

Please can you put it into these peoples hearts seeds of hope and show them the way forward? Can you please guide them to a way out of this terrible mess?

People are frightened, Lord. They are terrified of simply trusting you, and letting you lead them into the light. They are terrified of owning up to their mistakes. Covering up wrong things is never right, and totally pointless, as you see everything we do.

I am so glad that you led me to this article about Andre Bonjour tonight, dear Lord. It gives me hope that a way can be found out of this terrible situation that will be a blessing instead of causing more misery.

Please will you lift this dark cloud dear Lord Jesus?

Love Barbara xx

Zoompad said...

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2ShareFacebookTwitter.Jersey's Stuart Syvret loses appeal against prison sentence Stuart Syvret did not complete any of the 80 hours of community service he was originally given Continue reading the main story
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Syvret jailed for service breach
MPs condemn Stuart Syvret jailing

The former health minister Stuart Syvret has lost his appeal against his prison sentence.

The former senator was jailed last Wednesday for eight weeks for failing to do his community service.

Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers heard his appeal in Jersey's Royal Court on Monday.

Syvret took the opportunity to argue he was justified in leaving Jersey during a previous court case, which led to his conviction for contempt of court.

But Commissioner Pitchers rejected his argument.

He said the Magistrate Bridget Shaw had no option but to give him an eight-week prison sentence when he refused to do his community service.

Commissioner Pitchers also rejected that Syvret was too unwell to do his community service, saying he had been fit enough to fight an election campaign and could easily have done the work.

He said Syvret had brought himself to this position and rejected his appeal.

'Entrenched oligarchy'

Syvret returned to prison, but said he would try to bring another appeal based on unlawful detention back to the court.

Meanwhile on Friday, the UK Lib Dem MP John Hemming tabled a Commons motion, accusing the island's legislature, executive and judiciary of "political repression".

He is urging the UK Government to order an investigation into the running of Jersey's public authorities.

The MP is claiming that "ordinary people" on the island are being "oppressed" by what he calls "an entrenched oligarchy".

In his motion he said there had been "political repression of former Chief Police Officer, Graham Power and former senator Stuart Syvret".

He is calling for action to be taken to ensure that European Human Rights laws are enforced in Jersey.

But Jersey's Chief Minister, Senator Terry Le Sueur, said in a statement: "Mr Syvret is able to exercise a right of appeal because Jersey's judicial system is compliant with the European Convention of Human Rights."

Zoompad said...

Stuart Syvret should not be in prison. But Mr Pitchers is wrong about the state of his health.

Stuart has had a relentless battering from a gang of very wicked people who absolutly hate him. These people are like shadows, they are like those who were bullying me on the Mothers for Justice site, when I was exposing those two American paedophiles Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. It turned out that those horrible people were people involved in the Operation Ore investigation - Orees, as they called themselves. They had found the site when it first became set up by a nice Christian lady and offered to help run the admin. She had no idea they werfe bad people, she just assumed they were being kind.

These same wicked people keep turning up again and again. I believe Stuart has been tricked by some of them.

Zoompad said...

The shame of what has been done to Stuart will never go away by itself. He was helping us Pindown survivors, so even if someone had us all done away with, the memory of what happened would not be erased, and it would be like a big dark blot.

Can't all you other politicians do something? I'm obviously talking about the ones who haven't abused children here, not the Pin Ball Wizard. Can you not get together before God and ash Him to show you what to do? You do still have prayers before the sessions I hope - I know some people have been trying to get rid of that time of prayer. Can you not simply put this before God?

We Pindown survivors, we've been deliberatly isolated from each other. We've been kept apart. For me, it has been such a lonely time, and I have had to lean on God. I didn't get help in my own town and when the Jersey investigation started I contacted Jersey police, when they gave the helpline number on TV. Jersey Police, under Lenny Harper, were kind to me, it was a massive step for me to trust the police because of what happened to me when I was 13. But Stafford Police, they would not help me, they kept promising Jersey police they would contact me but they never did. I was being persecuted in the Secret Family Courts and also being bullied online by the Orees at the time, it was a readdy dreadful time for me, I was always feeling so ill, it wears you down physically, relentless bullying, so I know Stuart must have been shattered before he went to prison.

Zoompad said...

I just had my eyes operated on, and had to go to an eye hospital that used to be a Children's home.

I have been so frightened, not just because of the operations, but I have been so scared because of the way I was treated when I was going through the Secret Family Courts, I actually thought that someone might sabotage the eye operations and make me perminantly blind. That has been going through my head, and I know some people will just read that and think "What a paranoid nutter", but when you have been subjected to cruel and weird treatment you get frightened and don't know who or what to trust any more. The only way I could overcome that fear was by praying to God, I asked the Lord to look after me, to keep me safe.

I haven't blogged about my upcoming eye operations because I was so fearful that the people who hate me would sabotage it somehow. I told a few people who I trust, and asked them to pray for me.

The eye operations were a success, and I can now see, praise the Lord!

I pray that there will be clear sight in Jersey. The Lord has led me into this Jersey situation, I was only wanting the persecution to stop. I just wanted not to be persecuted any more, and it led to me finding Stuart Syvret's blog. Why would an obscure 52 year old woman like me become to know a senator of Jersey, the Lord is in this situation, I don't exactly know how, but perhaps the politicians need to look at things from Gods perspective, to try to see how things could be done better for everyone? Stop seeing problems as things to cover up, but see them instead as opportunities for change for the better?

Zoompad said...

No-one can put back the clock. All the people who were abused in "care", they will always remember those bad things that happened. I remember all the bad stuff that happened to me. But I can't cry for ever. I want to live, I want to be part of the human race. Child abuse is taboo, and we who were abused in Pindown homes have been treated just as lepers were in Biblical times. We have even been told it is our own fault we were abused. Some of us believed it too, I did, for decades I hated myself. I got fat, because of my self loathing. I ate to cover up my pain.

Once I had figured out that it was not my fault I had been abused I turned on God. I blamed God for the abuse, I shouted at him, I stamped and kicked the Bible, I destroyed several Bibles at that time. I did the Harvey Smith V sign to God and said "I'm better than you, because I wouldn't hurt people like you have hurt me". But God spoke to me through my pain, not in an angry way, but a still small voice. He quietly reminded me that he had died for the human race. He also reminded me of people I have hurt, he brought up things I had forgotten. He stilled my soul, and reminded me that he came to this earth to show the people what love is, and how to live in peace with one another. He reminded me that the sad things in this world have been going on for a long time. He spoke to me, and showed me things, from his point of view.

Zoompad said...

One thing I would definatly do, straight away, if I were Philip Bailhache, is that if that horrible statue of the devil is still at Devils Hole, I would get it removed straight away, and get it broken up. I would also rename that place, call it something else, something that doesn't glorify the deciever and enemy of of men, and the enemy of God.

If I didn't do any other thing I would do that, at least. It would be a gesture of good will to to God which God would bless.

Zoompad said...

Hell is for the devil, and God really doesn't want any human beings to end up there at all.