Tuesday, 20 December 2011


I think it is always very interesting to examine why certain people are chosen for these radio discussions. It's good to listen to these discussions very carefully. Sean Gabb is certainly coming accross as someone standing very high upon a moral pedestal. It's worth bearing in mind that the media is not always particularly interested in enlightning the listeners, but to get their key people plenty of exposured in the public arena.

I was cut off from George Galloways radio show, for talking about the Secret Family Courts and blacklisted by Talk Sport. There are certain subjects that are an absolute taboo on any mainstream media channel, the Pindown abuse is one of them. When they do make programs on that subject, they take great care not to invite certain people to talk about their experiences!

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Zoompad said...

Peter Tatchell had that smug smirk wiped off his face by Stephen Green, of Christian Voice.

Tatchell claims to be a campaigner for human rights, but presumably that does not involve the right of a child to have protection by law not to be sexually abused by an adult.